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TaiBeiShi - TaiWan

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Jada  Date: 07-22 2008  More Attractions
Taipei basin in central Taipei, the right bank of the Tamsui River, is the province#39;s political, economic, cultural and educational centres, as Taiwan#39;s first major cities. Year 1875 (the first year-Guangxu), Qinchai Minister Shen Bao-ching, to set up the Taipei government, the reunification of Taiwan#39;s administration, from "Taipei" in name. Now a total of the city#39;s Chiang Kai-shek, Datong, Zhongshan, Matsuyama, Taean, 000-, Lutheran, Shihlin, Peitou, Neihu, Nankang and 12 administrative regions of Wenshan. Siwubainian
as early as in the past, here is a swamp forest. Zheng Chenggong after the expulsion of Dutch colonists, the "寓soldiers in the agricultural" policy, sending troops to the area pioneers. Year 1708 (Qing Emperor Kangxi in 1958), to the immigrants from Fujian to set up the village, 15 years after the city. Taipei beginning of Simuliidae big plus, the former Pingpu Ketagalan regional activities, also known as Meng Xia, Mang A, Mang GE, Wen Jia Deng.
Taipei is Taiwan#39;s northern tourist centre, with the exception of Yangmingshan and Peitou scenic areas, there is also the province#39;s largest, into an area of 89,000 square meters earliest Taipei parks and the largest province of Mucha Yun Park. In addition, the private operators of the Garden-star scale is considerable. Sword Lake, the North, Fushoushan, Sungai, such as parks, are also a good place to visit. Taipei City landmarks and many, including Taipei, Shing Mun, Lungshan Temple, security Palace, the Temple of Confucius, the guide Palace, a round-cultural sites, etc., are beautiful scenery, suitable for Tour place.
Taipei to attract many visitors to appreciate, buy and taste characteristics Fengwu, such as the Zhuang-brush, Shihlin Mingdao, Miansu, art pottery, the night market in Taipei sphere "He Zijian Circle" and Tang Yuan, and so on.