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Zip Code: 441300

code: 0722

Population: 2580000

position: Suizhou is located in the Yangtze River Basin and the Huaihe River Valley area of intersection, Hubei Province is opening up the "North Gate."

Suizhou the State Council on June 25, 2000 approved the establishment of the prefecture-level city. Map of the city#39;s area of 9,636 square kilometers, the total population of 2.58 million (including non-agricultural population 500,000) has exempted all areas, water-City, 55 townships, towns, cities (rural) district offices and state-owned farms, two provinces The economic and technological development zones, 1,610 administrative villages, neighborhood committees. 1999, the city#39;s gross national product of 11.96 billion yuan (at current prices), 820 million yuan of fiscal revenue, urban residents and per capita disposable income of 4,333 yuan, per capita net income of farmers 2,430 yuan.
Suizhou is located in the Yangtze River Basin and the Huaihe River Valley area of intersection, Hubei Province is opening up the "North Gate" is the mega-cities of Wuhan to the northwest of radiation important relay stations and transit point, the advantage is obvious, the growing strategic position Prominent. Jing-Guang Railroad, Chinese railway and Dan 107,316,312 State and the upcoming construction of the "Han 10" highway runs through the whole territory, the state is the construction of the Xining Railway through the northern part of Suizhou, Xining Railway and the Han Dan dropped the connection is the building of Suizhou , A Zonghengjiaocuo, ease of access.
Suizhou strong industrial base, wide range, has initially formed a medicine and chemical industry, automobile mechanics, textile and garment, food and beverage, construction materials, cigarettes based industrial system. Wheels, Elevator, gear, pumps, oil Tsui, pump, Taizuan, the lightning rod, and other products in the country are well known. 7240 small canvas, denim, denim clothing is popular in the international market, the Tieshu Tieshu licensing trademarks and licensing Jeans of the third China International Gold amp; Accessories Fair. Wang Lamei, Viagra licensing cigarettes, high-intensity electric porcelain accessories, l-lactic acid, and highly efficient energy-saving fan, pvc pipe fittings, and other products by more than 60 national and provincial excellence, innovation awards. A high-quality rice agriculture, high-quality wheat, high-quality cotton, and other nine national agricultural base; mushrooms, nectarine, ginkgo, jujube, Li Hongmei, grapes, chestnut, sweet fish output ranked the forefront of the province, the Hubei Provincial Forestry, flue-cured tobacco, Garlic sprouts exports and an important base for breeding crocodiles. Other comprehensive progress in all undertakings, has been named state-level historical and cultural city, the municipal science and technology standards, the National Sports advanced city, the National Health City, the National Sports advanced cities.
Suizhou rich products, is the quality of rice, wheat quality, high-quality cotton, cattle commodity base. Has proved a more than 40 kinds of mineral resources, including gold, iron, phosphate rock, marble, barite, potassium feldspar and other 18 kinds of resources have been developed and used many products, tea, mushrooms, ginkgo, candied dates, and other products ? People at home and abroad.
Suizhou is the historical and cultural city, the ancestor of the Chinese nation on the Yan Emperor Shennong born here, a hard-sik, grain, try Baicao, Hing trade, and open the farming civilization of the Chinese nation; Story Leigu pier had unearthed Hou B bells shocked the world, known as a miracle in the history of world music; Suizhou Sui Wendi Yang Jian was feudal, and Suizhou named because of the Sui Dynasty; Suizhou beautiful mountains and rivers, Tai Hongshan, the Tongbai Mountain, in the Huashan, Xu River, scenic spots, such as Jiang#39;s closure Reputation both inside and outside of tourist areas. Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai had the "He-US-East countries, the Sichuan-Tibet-moon," the immortal poems of praise Suizhou. Hailed as "clear skies the first North-" Da Hongshan, set all kinds of the best scenic spots, Feng Jun, Hill show, Lin You-and-surprising-chuen, alcohol, Lake, as a state-level scenic spots; Jiang Feng, Xu River Reservoir shore Liu Yiyi, 100 King Island show, cruising Yuzhou, "Water Park" wins; Jing-ping, loess, Wusheng top three ancient customs danger, unobtrusive standing extraordinary momentum. Jia Jing always fascinating.