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Location: Sichuan Basin in the central part of the middle reaches of Fujiang, in accordance with the Chuanshan side, are combined with Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle.

Area: 5,325 square kilometers

Population: 3764000

administrative divisions: exempted Suining ship in mountainous areas, housing areas, Shehong County, and the British Peng Xixian County

Suining City in Sichuan Basin in the central part of the middle reaches of Fujiang. Geographical advantages obviously, Nanju Chongqing 146 kilometers, 147 kilometers west of Chengdu, Chengdu-Chongqing and the triangular relationship between the two cities as isometric, economic integration into the economic circle in the Chengdu-Chongqing. Nanchong the east, even the West Deyang, south of Chongqing, Mianyang north. Guchensuizhou, do not fight City said. Has always been to Sichuan in the political, economic and cultural center, a "giant Dongchuan town," "River in the city" and "small Chengdu," said. Suining development has a long history, since the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the calendar for the county, state, government, agency and the county Zhisuo. February 1985 the establishment of provincial cities, currently exempted ship in mountainous areas, housing areas, Peng Xixian, Shehong County and the British county. The city has 105 townships and 2,216 villages, the area of 5,300 square kilometers in size, 257 million mu of cultivated land area. The end of 2003 the city#39;s total population of 3.8082 million, of which urban population of 646,100 non-agricultural, urban area of about 50 square kilometers and a population of about 400,000. The city#39;s labor force total 2.63 million people, including rural laborers 2158700 people. In 2003 the city#39;s gross domestic product (gdp) total 15.919 billion yuan, and the local revenue of 476 million yuan.

mainly in the hilly landscape, the hilly area of 70%. Northwest high terrain southeast low, with wavy alleviate the dumping. The highest elevation 674.4 meters, 215 meters above sea level the lowest; mild climate, less light, with plenty of rainfall, four distinct seasons, the annual average temperature 18 ℃, annual rainfall 907-993 mm. The forest coverage rate reached 30.6 percent in Sichuan Province is the first city greening comprehensive standards. Suitable for all kinds of crop growth, Sichuan grain, cotton, oil-bearing crops, pigs, fruits, vegetables and medicines important production bases from North and South Fujiang Longitudinal throughout, Jiang#39;s wife, Jiang Zi, King#39;s tributaries such as a tree branch - Distribution. Abundant hydropower resources, the development of 173,700 kilowatts, Fujiang on the main stream has been completed and six small and medium-sized hydropower stations. Agriculture effective irrigation area of 164 mu in oil, natural gas, Bittern, Shajin, shale, sand and other resource rich reserves, easy exploitation.

Suining ZHONG Ling Yuxiu, beautiful landscape and rich natural resources. Delicate China and the United States in the Jinhua Hill, Qingbohaomiao the Chicheng Lake, the Millennium ancient temples Lingquan Temple, West Germany to the first-Chan Lin Monastery, Shicheng "Aw painting"-the Vatican frescoes, and other scenic spots, or elegant elegant, sublime or powerful , Has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists. Hailed as the father of world oil drilling in the British mining Zhuo TSUTSUI Bittern technology, known as China#39;s fifth largest invention, so far there are "Dashun stove" 18 well preserved, the Millennium Watch, a witness to ancient history.

Suining gives birth to a multitude of excellence, cultural blend. Early Tang Dynasty poet Chen Zi-ang "heaven and earth long study, however Tixia independence Chuang," a poem wind generation, the Chinese poetry must ring through the ages. Qing Dynasty "the world Lianli second to none" #39;s Famous Official Zhang Peng-he (hé), Liangxiuqingfeng, Mingchuiqingshi achievements remarkable. Li Shu can also famous Ming Dynasty poet Huang Mindanao, the famous poet Zhang Chuanshan the Qing Dynasty, under Bingtang-production techniques, such as the Tang Dynasty monk Zou historical celebrities.

Suining in the textile industry, food, chemicals, machinery as its backbone, industrial pattern begun to take shape, Sichuan Tuopai, star power, Sichuan, Mei Fung, Sichuan Jinhua, Huafang Yinhua five listed companies renowned At home and abroad. Suining commerce and prosperity, tremendous market potential has always been to Sichuan in the region#39;s largest distribution center for goods and materials. Sichuan has built state-level wholesale markets in the centre of goods, Nakano big market. Improve financial services, the strength. Labor, technology, information and real estate markets for factors such as becoming increasingly active. Multi-function and multi-level network market beginning to take shape, big business, big circulation, the market pattern has taken shape.

Suining use of the unique "two-faced landscape, the middle of a city," the advantage of the natural environment, ecological garden built prominent characteristics of the modern city. Suining in Sichuan Province is becoming a major transportation hub, business centre, the regional central cities and ecological garden city.

built in the past 20 years, successive municipal party committee under the conditions established in line with the actual development of ideas, as laid the foundation for the development of Suining. Since 2000, in accordance with the central speed up the implementation of the western development strategy and the deployment of the provincial party committee set to catch up with, leap-forward development of strategic requirements  , the city party committee formulated the" science and technology as the guide, strengthen infrastructure construction and basic position of agriculture and promote the industrialization And urbanization, information-based process, and city, county economic development of positive interaction, Shi Benji and Shehong County took the lead by leaps and bounds, the rapid growth of the national economy "(three, two basis, a pilot) the development of ideas. Identified in the first decade of this century, should be completed in Suining, "Jingjijiangshi hilly areas of Sichuan, the initial completion of the Sichuan Basin in central transportation hub and commercial centre, the regional ecological environment improved significantly, the coordinated economic and social development, and strive to achieve new leaps forward" The overall goal. The implementation of the past four years, the city#39;s economy gradually accelerate the pace of development, infrastructure construction, industrial restructuring and urban construction significantly speed up the city, opening up and introduced environment improved significantly.

Suining convenient traffic. State Road 318 lines, 205 provincial highway line, a South Highway, Railway reached in this meeting, dense urban and rural highways. Thus, Chongqing express railway, highway construction progressing smoothly, Suining to Mianyang, Neijiang railway and highway has been included in the planning, the future will become a connecting Chongqing, Chengdu and the northeastern Sichuan province#39;s second-largest transportation hub. 2003 opening of the city#39;s highway mileage reached 2,474 kilometers, of which 98 km highway, a secondary road 367 km, the railway traffic mileage of 78 km. Telecommunications industry developed by leaps and bounds, the 2003 urban and rural fixed telephone users reached 283,300, mobile phone users reached 248,400. Cable TV subscribers reached 525,300. Energy construction and the introduction of independent development both electricity and power a total installed capacity of 213,200 kilowatts, Fujiang power development and accelerate the pace of transformation of urban and rural power grids.

rapid urban construction. City, county and a large number of small cities and towns focus on the coordinated development of enhanced services, face rapid change. To strengthen the central city planning, construction and management, completed a number of infrastructure projects, economic and technological development zones, Hedong District, innovative industrial park three new area of rapid development, rapid expansion of the size of the cities, the urban population is increasing rapidly. City resident population of nearly 40 million people, covering about 50 square kilometers. The city#39;s urbanization level of 18%.

the national economy#39;s sustained development. The city#39;s gdp in 2003 amounted to 15.919 billion yuan, 4,180 yuan per capita. The added value of 4.842 billion yuan a middle class, the added value of 5.349 billion yuan production, added value of 5.728 billion yuan-3, 1, 2, 3 middle of the added value of a share of gdp 30.4:33.6:36.0; total fixed asset investment Completion of the total 6.169 billion yuan, a number of key infrastructure projects and technical transformation project is to speed up implementation; city completed 476 million yuan of fiscal revenue, retail sales of consumer goods 6.634 billion yuan; agriculture as the foundation of further consolidation. Restructuring and industrial operations to speed up, 2003#39;s total grain output 1.4546 million tons, 3047500 slaughter of live pigs, vegetables total output 929,900 tons. The establishment of a number of high-quality production base of agricultural and livestock products, industrial enterprises reached 36; textile, food, beverage, machinery, chemical industry as the mainstay of sustainable economic development, Tuopai, Jinhua, Yinhua, Mei Fung, star Five listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets to good performance formed a quite famous "Suining plate," Fei Hong, pearl and other advantages of rapid expansion of enterprises, and significantly enhance the strength, led the city#39;s industrial economic efficiency of speed. 2003 above-scale industrial enterprises realized 6.463 billion yuan output value, added value of 3.781 billion yuan, total profit, 397 million yuan; gradually deepen enterprise reform, the rapid development of private economy, the end of 2003 individual industrial and commercial households 59,542, employing 75,438 people, the private sector 1665, employing 20,749 people.

social undertakings made comprehensive progress. Formed a relatively sound educational system, in 2003 with all kinds of 1,868 schools, 610,800 students in the school people. Primary school enrollment rate of school-age children reached 99.95 percent, 162 for ordinary schools, 99,500 students, 255,600 students in school, high school enrollment rate than the province#39;s high level of 20 percentage points, taking college entrance examination rate of 77 percent, ranked the province The forefront. The city has all kinds of scientific research and development institutions 77, 650 professional and technical personnel more than 10,000 titles, 2003, 50 new patent applications and patents organizations add the output value of the project 269 million yuan, creating profits and taxes 46.67 million yuan; health and culture and sports Continue to improve facilities, to accelerate the pace of industrial development.

people#39;s living standards continue to improve. 2003 urban residents per capita disposable income of 5,404 yuan, per capita net income of farmers 2,187 yuan. Urban residents per capita living space of 20 square meters, farmers living area of 30 square meters per capita. Urban health care, unemployment, old-age insurance coverage to 90 percent, respectively, 100%, 100%. 2003, the city through various channels of re-employment of unemployed persons 25,500 people, the end of the registered urban unemployment 10,324 people, registered urban unemployment rate was 4.92 percent.

in the Pearl River - Suining, excellent investment environment, rich natural resources, huge market potential. We warmly welcome all domestic and foreign merchants and then to study tour, expand cooperation, investment and development, and jointly create a better future Suining.