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SuQian - JiangSu

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Code: 0527

Zip code: 223800

position: in the northern part of Jiangsu Province, the Beijing-Hangzhou Dayun River, and Xu, Huai, and even the center of the total area of 8,555 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 130 square kilometers.

population: the city#39;s total population of 5.15 million, of which the urban population of 240,000.

divisions: exempted places urban and Su Yu, Shuyang, Siyang, four Sihong county.


in the Qin Suqian photos Han culture will be the occasion of the situation, a hot land for a vibrant, that is, the Qing Dynasty emperor Qianlong was praised as "first-Jiangshan benefits" of the Suqian City of Jiangsu Province in China. This young city has a long history, in Jiangsu Province have found the earliest sites of ancient human activities - "Tso Wan cultural sites," the history of China is not only a hero to the success or failure of Lunying Xiong - West King Xiang Yu Chu#39;s hometown.

level Suqian City in 1996 built the city, county administered Su Yu, Shu Yangxian, Siyang County, Sihong county and city places, the total area of 8,555 square kilometers, population 5.15 million. She is emerging and Jiangsu important central city, but also the east bridgehead of the new Eurasian Continental urban agglomeration in a beautiful new Pa, as Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong provinces of Tongqu, Suqian old times, rich resources, developed traffic, is in an obvious advantage .

Suqian is a temperate monsoon climate, four distinct seasons, adequate light, rich rain, frost-free period longer,  Suqian picture , the average temperature 14.2 ℃, the average annual rainfall 910 mm. In flat terrain, fertile land, a total of 675 million mu of arable land, China is well-known commodity grain base. Forestry resources are very rich, known as China#39;s first home poplar.

China#39;s well-known one of the four fresh water lake - China#39;s Hongze Lake and a small number of two water lake - Luoma Hu, like a pair of twin sisters moisture this famous Yumizhixiang. In the river aspect, for aquaculture reached 303 million mu of high-quality water, rich sweet fish, eel, soft-shelled turtles, crabs, more than 50 kinds of aquatic products, such as Oriental River Prawn. Crab production first in the country, the export volume of Jiangsu Province, sweet fish first.

rich human and natural tourism resources in Suqian is another treasure. Hongze Lake, Luoma Hu Yan Bo Hao-miao, Qixiangwanqian, rare birds Biyi, Pan Yu Zhou Ying; Founded in 1681 palace of Emperor Qianlong extraordinary momentum; Chu King Xiang Yu#39;s Memorial Hall - hometown of Wang Majestic;嶂Forest Park beautiful scenery Naturally, the typical.

Suqian picture

Suqian City of mineral resource-rich, quartz sand, clay reserves of 500 million tons Chao, kyanite, Huangsha reserves in the nation#39;s first provincial cities, these rich resources for the economic takeoff in Suqian Provided an excellent foundation. Jianshiyilai, Suqian City in the gross domestic product for a double-digit increase in development, has become the city#39;s food, wine, textiles, building materials, electronics, chemicals, machinery and other industries with local characteristics of the system. Among them, "Yanghe," Shuang#39;gou "Daqu as early as the Ming Dynasty on the prestigious, ranking the list of China#39;s top 10 wines; spcc National Silk Silk exports account for more than half of total exports.