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Zip code: 136000

position: Jilin Province in the southwest, South Reliance Shenyang, capital of Liaoning, Jilin Province will be north of Changchun, west Horqin grassland in Inner Mongolia, east Jilin Liaoyuan City.

Area: 14,080 square km area.

population: more than 300 million population.

administrative divisions: Siping exempted two districts, cities, counties, Tiedong Qu,铁西, Gongzhuling City, Shuangliao city, Iraq-Manchu Autonomous County and Li Shuxian.


Siping City is located in the hinterland of the northeast Songliao Plain, Jilin Province, the southern gateway, the Changbai Mountain Yumai the east, west Horqin grassland in Inner Mongolia. Gongzhuling City jurisdiction, Shuangliao city, Li Shuxian, Iraq-Manchu Autonomous County and the East Rail,铁西two districts. The city#39;s total area of 14,080 square kilometers, the total population of 3.3 million people, the urban area of 407 square kilometers, the population of 450,000 people.

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Siping mountains ZHONG Ling Yuxiu, the Changbai Mountain Ridge clock hada to wear even several mountains, Castle Peak Cuola grievances, complex terrain, abundant rainfall, constitutes a unique animal and plant health and reproduction of the environmental conditions, forest Coverage is 43.9 percent. Natural scenery like artificial garden, Huguangshanse is a green ribbon. The Longhu the vast waters, and the water storage capacity in our province is the second largest artificial lake, dam Majestic, construction Erlongshan hide in the pavilions on the Ching Chung Cuibai between. Yehe to Lake in the upper reaches of the river, 5,000 acres of waters Bibo Dangyang, scenic areas within the hills, Gangluan ups and downs, Cangsong Cui Bo, Lvliu of wood and the State Forestry Department here after the 100 one of the natural forest park. Shanmen scenic areas, Cengluan stacked barrier, the river water Chan Chan, Pinghu like mirror. Mountain pine and cypress trees south of dense, evergreen Four Seasons; mountains west of Heng Fa Chuen, flowers Xiangpiaosiye season. Shanmen mountain town of Ban La unique charm, magnificent, which is tantamount to killing the general Fupi knife, Qingshanlvshui proudly stand in between. Erlang Shen rush Hill, the myths and legends, so that more wind Ban La-Cai.

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Siping City has a long history, far from the Yin, Zhou era ancestors are here to propagate interest-bearing, the history of the Sushen, Fu Yu, Goguryeo Khitan, Nuzhen, Mongolia, Manchu, Han , Korean, and so on are living here, is an important birthplace of one of the Manchu, the long process of history, left here for the ruins of the ancient city of Yehe, Yehe Inn sites, Burcu plans side door Amun sites, Yan-guo ancient city ruins, Partial face of the city ruins, ancient ruins Iraq Tongzhou, Qinjiatun ancient city ruins, Heer Su ancient city ruins and other sites. One well-known ancient city of Yehe at home and abroad, it records the history of the rise and fall of Yehe tribe, is the birthplace of one of the Manchu important. In the Ming Dynasty set up here in Hercynian Nvzhen Ren Yehe tribes. Yehe origin of the first letter in the wood-Talu the north shore of the Songhua River, the early 16th century, the tribal leaders, led by the Kongge Chu Nan Qian, Yehe came to the riverside to the name of the river, said the Ministry of Yehe. 1573 Kongge about Chu Kai-Nuri#39;s grandson, Yang Ji slavery, conquered the surrounding some small tribes, Yehe in the river on both sides of the hill, the choice should be seized to build two castles. Two brothers in power, the most powerful Yehe for Hercynian Nuzhen Hu#39;s four-lun Leader. Yehe regional activities of the Department is very broad, this two-lakebed (Ancient City for Heer Su), Iraq-City (Ancient City to Usu), Yitong Dagushan (Ancient City for the Yaha), the Liaoning Lotus (Romania charged for the ancient Walled) are important Yehe Department of the castle, and to Zhunbing. After Nurhachu Qibing, the last Tunmie Yehe, who moved to the city destroyed. 1818 opened up to Shengjing Yidao Jilin, located Yehe Inn. 1939 Yehe from Iraq Datong said the village was placed under Li Shuxian, after the said area, said Township, said the town so far.


independence question Manchu culture, rich folklore and legend of the beautiful landscapes and scenery of the city combined with the development of tourism. Manchu city is the most populous ethnic minority, mainly in Iraq Datong Manchu Autonomous County of Manchu and Li Shuxian Yehe town. Manchu people#39;s diligence and wisdom, our ancestors were "Jishe for the first", Xiaoyong the world, "Qin farming, Xian Weilie, Shanggeng fishing", but also in sculpture, painting, music, dance and other aspects unique, folk paper-cut , Window grilles, embroidery art simple, dignified and full of national character. In the catering, accommodation, clothing, marriage, worship, courtesy, and other aspects of their own characteristics. Bingtianxuedi of fishing in the winter scene. You will appreciate the Manchu Shangwujingshen Puma and defended. Hai Dong Qing and the magic of "Mulan Autumn", so that you a taste of the Hammer and hunting magic. Many Manchu folk legends, stories, songs, proverbs has been widely circulated. Such as "dogs Savior" and "crows to save rare", "Han Wang Qiaoji Yehe breaking", "Cixi break DragonVenture," "The Maju" Weiwei-sounding story. In addition, this black soil in Siping also spread, "Heng Fa Chuen Fairy," "to the Erlang Mountain," "Princess rings," the folk legends.


Siping is the military stronghold of the Northeast, during the War of Liberation, People#39;s Liberation Army four games Siping, a Chen-ya Chinese and foreign, foreign reporters were called "Oriental Madrid." At that time, Siping as a traffic hub in northeast China#39;s central and material distribution center, its direct impact on the gains and losses in the Northeast and the battlefield. KMT and the two sides have mobilized a large number of troops in Siping launched four major campaigns, our military victory in the final to an end. The troops into battle as much as the two sides, the battle situation is tragic, the scale of the event, for domestic rare. Commander MA Ren-hing and the liberation of tens of thousands of soldiers Xuesa Siping, a write a song after another touching the spirits. Huai has been so for the "heroic city." To commemorate the sacrifice in the war of revolutionary martyrs, just the liberation of the people of Siping has been built on the revolutionary martyrs cemetery, established after the martyrs cemetery. 1987, re-planning, construction, the whole Velvet, Mianmaoyixin the martyrs now, every day, the reception to this portrayal of the people to see the deeds of heroes and martyrs. September 19, 1949, Northeast and Northeast Military Region, the Commission proposed the construction of "martyrs Siping Tower." May 7, 1950 foundation, completed in 1952, becoming the Siping people pondered the martyrs of the building, but also to become parties to attract visitors to a major tourist attractions.


Siping to greater odds of Hope, a large number of historical Fengliurenwu are here to stay in the footsteps of the eternal, this piece of land for the Siping unlimited wind Cai added. Yehe tribal leaders such as Chu Kong Ge, good-Nuri, Yang Ji Slavery, the Taiwan stone, cloth, and so on are all old Yang Yong is seeking the head. Qing Dynasty Nurhachu conquests life here in the final reunification of the Nuzhen ministries. Nurhachu#39;s wife (the mother-Taizong Huangtaiji) Xiaoci high on the Queen was born in the ancient city of Yehe, here is the ancestral home to Empress Dowager Cixi. Yehe of "two generations of Queen#39;s hometown" and the world-famous. Yehe there are other descendants of a prominent politician - of beads. Pearl is the main Yehe Lower East Side of the Taiwan-Sun, is that the era of Emperor Kangxi. He assisted the young Emperor Kangxi achieve governance policy change, Rio Tinto Kangxi#39;s New Deal. Pearl#39;s son, Nalanxingde known as "the beginning of the first words of the people." Siping in the modern history of the Sino-Japanese War, the war of liberation and socialist construction, has emerged a group of epic heroes, such as Ma Zhanshan, Hong-Guang Li, Ji-Zhou, MA Ren-hing, had Guoxiang, Mu Mu Yao, and so on.