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SiMao - YunNan

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Postal Code: 665000

Phone Number: 0879

Population: 2.37 million population

position: Simao in Yunnan Province in southwest

Area: 45,385 square km area

nation: Hani, Yi, Lahu, Wa, Dai, Brown, back, white, such as Yao

administrative divisions: exempted Simao area and the car (Jinghong), the Buddha (Menghai), South Qiao (Mengzhe), the town (Mengla)

Simao area in southwestern Yunnan Province, located in north latitude 22 ° 02 #39;~ 24 ° 50#39;, longitude 99 ° 09 #39;~ 102 ° 19#39;. Autonomous Prefecture of Honghe Hani and the east, Yuxi, south of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, northwest along the Lancang River for the sector and the Lincang area across the Northeast to Chu Wei Yi Autonomous Prefecture, north Dali;  southeast border with Vietnam, Laos border, and the southwest border Myanmar border, the border of 486.29 kilometers, of which 67 kilometers of Vietnam, Laos of 116 kilometers, China and Myanmar of 303.29 kilometers. From the terrain, Simao in Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau is located in the southwest edge of the southern section Hengduan Mountains, with mountains and rivers-and, n-Yan south, the northern part of baskets, to the southeast and southwest spread, a narrow North-South of the brush structure. North High Low-lying South, the northern part of the Wuliang Mountain Maotou highest mountain, 3,307 meters above sea level; Jiangcheng County in southern Lee#39;s departure at a minimum, elevation 317 meters. Ups and downs in the mountains, vertical and horizontal ditch hope to Zhongshan Mountain, the erosion of the main mountain, 1,000 to 3,307 meters above sea level in Zhongshan and mountains bifurcation of the region and the total area of 89.5%, elevation 1,000 meters below the lower valley, 10 .5 Percent. Lancang River to the community, east of King East, Zhenyuan, Jinggu, Mojiang, Pu#39;er, Simao, Jiangcheng seven counties (cities), the mountains steep slopes, less gentle slope; Lancang River west of the Lancang, the West League, Menglian 3 County, mountain slope, less steep slopes. Ailao Mountain in the mountains there, the Wuliang Mountain, the anger of the Shannan Prefecture of Yumai Montenegro, the Mountain West League, from north to south, longitudinal throughout.
General high mountain region from 2000 to 3000 meters above sea level. Red River water system is, the Lancang River, Nujiang the three major river systems flow of more than 100 provisions in the high mountains of Chongming Hill. Of the Honghe River Li Xian Jiang, originated Nanjian County, New Street, from King County and stability of rural immigrants along Ailaoshan, Wuliang Valley, toward the southeast, flows through the King County said the East River, said in Zhenyuan County Jiang#39;s thinking music, Puer-to-Habitat said Jiang, and Jiang Argentina and Mexico after the convergence of Li Xian Jiang said, in the main stream of 397.5 km long river, Argentina and Mexico Jiang, Jiang#39;s capital of the South, Ye Jiang Meng, such as 15 major tributaries. Lancang River from the East King County, immigration, southward along the boundaries of the Southwest, since the Lancang Jinggu County and the junction of discount to the southeast, through habitat areas, the rural small Simao City Ganlan Ba into the bamboo forest in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, in the main stream of 346.5 Km, a black Jiang, Jiang Weiyuan, such as the Cayman Laojiang 19 major tributaries. are angry South Carolina#39;s Department of the river, pool Nam Hong River, South River, and other exchanges, and through the West UNITA, Menglian County western border into Burma, into the lower reaches of the Nujiang River Salween. Because of the topography, elevation impact, three-dimensional climate obvious, but the principal of South Mountain humid subtropical monsoon climate. Simao City in the annual average temperature 17.80 ° c, most Lengyue average temperature 10.5 ° c, on the hottest average temperature 21.7 ° c, no cold winter and summer without the heat.
the region administered nine ethnic autonomous counties and one city, namely: Mojiang Hani Autonomous County, Pu#39;er Hani and Yi Autonomous County, King Tung Yi Autonomous County, the town of Hani-Yi Autonomous County of widening dead people, the Yi Autonomous County of the Dai People Jinggu, Jiangcheng Hani and Yi Autonomous County, Lan Conclusion Lahu Autonomous County, West UNITA Wa Autonomous County, Wa Menglian Dai Lahu Autonomous County, Simao City. The region from the 208.5 km north-south vertical, horizontal things 55 kilometers from the northern, southern 299 km, the total area of 45,385 km. A Han, Hani, Yi, and Latin America on which the group, the Wa, Dai, Bulang, Lisu, Hui, Bai, Miao, Yao, Mongolian, Jingpo, such as 14 Native peoples. In late 1995 the region population statistics for the 2.37 million people, including non-agricultural population of 235,000, accounting for 9.93 percent of the total population; minority population of 1.44 million, accounting for 61% of the total population.
Simao region since ancient times is a multi-ethnic located, when the Western Han Dynasty Ailao; Eastern Han Dynasty, Shu Han, the Western Jin Dynasty when a Yongchang County, the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the Southern Dynasties of Nanjing, Yongchang County, the Northern Dynasties to the Sui Dynasty Pu Ministry of the Tang dynasty is a sword South Road, east of the Lancang River region (now King East, Shen Zhen, Jinggu, Mojiang, Pu#39;er, Simao, Jiangcheng) litter Pu Zibu, west of the Lancang River (now the Lancang, Menglian, West AU) and the Department of Wang Mang Department; Tang Nanzhao State period, the establishment of Yin-sheng Jie Du, located in the Silver King East Health House, jurisdiction open Nancheng, Liu recovery and City (Shen Zhen), a distant city (Jinggu), Bong Border Town (Pu#39;er) and River Puchuan (River City) ,-Stupid-(Mexico#39;s). Dali Song Wei Chu established the State House, exempted when the chopsticks Dan (King East), Weiyuan Dan (Jinggu), infantry, the Department (Pu#39;er), the Department of Simo (Simao), the Department of Malone (Mexico#39;s). Conclusion this Lan, West UNITA, Menglian is Yongchang House. Kai Yuan Dynasty established the Southern states (King East), Weiyuan, (Jinggu), Chu Wei-ting litter the road on the steps of the (Pu#39;er), the Department of thinking Mody (Simao), Marlon Taro Austin (Mexico#39;s), under the Yuanjiang River Road; West of the Lancang River (Lancang, the West League, Menglian) is a wooden Link Road. King Ming Dynasty set up the East House, the town Shen House, in Weiyuan, Gongshun, (Mexico#39;s); this Pu#39;er, Simao is a car Xuanwei Si, Lancang, the West League, Yu Menglian a company commander lawsuit. Pu#39;er House established the Qing Dynasty, from the Office of the Third Division One County, Simao Office, the Office of Weiyuan (Jinggu), he Lang Office (Mexico#39;s), county-er (Pu#39;er), the car Xuanwei Si (Xishuangbanna); town - Zhili Office, Lan Conclusion this jurisdiction, #39;West League, Menglian; King Zhili Office for the East, playing for Zhili town,. Republic of China established the Pu#39;er Road, the second-yield supervision Corruption, the First, Fourth, the District 7 Office of the Inspector. 1949, Sipu has established the Provisional People#39;s Administrative Commission, the Office of the Pu#39;er area, the Office of Simao, exempted this region and the Xishuangbanna, Simao; September 1968, Simao area to the Revolutionary Committee; 1 g79 in February since renamed Simao region Civil Administration.
Simao vast geographical region, per capita land area of 32 acres. Diverse plant and animal species, a variety of over 460 kinds of birds, reptiles amphibian species 46. The region each have 9.8 acres of forest, the second largest forest area in Yunnan. In addition to the main food crops of corn, rice production, rich tea, sugar cane and tropical fruits, rubber, peanuts and other cash crops. Proved that the underground deposits of gold, silver, lead, iron, tin, copper, nickel, drilling, zinc, chromium, etc., rock salt, potassium salt, oil and coal, and is rich in hydropower resources. Lancang River and the Lancang River Hydropower international maritime resources are being developed, state-level Lancang River Simao Port in Hong Kong have been completed and put into use, large-scale civil aviation flight routes from Kunming to Simao Four Seasons unimpeded, Kunluo Highway, and the resulting Nanjing Road, Chujiang Highway, thinking Lan Road, King Circle (Lincang circle) Highway, Highway TU aspect of water throughout the region both urban and rural areas-car.
Simao in many sites, 10 provincial heritage conservation units, 49 county-level units of heritage conservation. Strange and colorful folk customs, has been the birth of a group of well-known figures. Many Zhen and Qi Hua Yi Shou a different wood. Local flavor specialty products in particular, tourism, transport convenience. Chinese and foreign experts, scholars and tourists, through the veil of mystery, feel, will leave an unforgettable impression.