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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Brayden  Date: 08-12 2008  
Abbreviations: Shu-chuan, or

capital: Chengdu

Location: Sichuan Province in southwest China#39;s hinterland, and Hunan, Hubei, Guizhou, Yunnan, Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi border, China is the sole province adjacent to around eight provinces and is also linking the southwest, northwest and Central China#39;s three major areas of natural ties.

Area: 567,600 square km area, accounting for 5.90 percent of the total area

Population: total population of 83.29 million, accounting for the nation#39;s total population of 6.43 percent.

administrative division: Sichuan#39;s total of 21 administrative districts, municipalities, and state, exempted 177 counties (cities, districts), of which 13 prefecture-level cities and five districts, three autonomous prefectures and 18 county-level City, 35 City area, 124 counties, and three autonomous counties.


 Sichuan Province in central China#39;s west, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, or short-Shu, the provincial capital Chengdu. West of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, east of the Three Gorges is the north of Qinling Bashan, South Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, and Hubei, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Tibet, the Qing, Gansu and Shaanxi provinces and regions adjacent, is linking southwest China, northwest and central China 3 Large areas of natural ties.

jurisdiction of Sichuan province in July, three autonomous prefectures and 13 prefecture-level cities, 18 county-level cities, 150 counties, autonomous counties 8, the area of nearly 570,000 square kilometers, accounting for about 6 percent of the land area is second only to Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Qinghai Province. Population of 112.14 million. Apart from Han, there are 52 ethnic minorities, with Yi, Tibetan, Tujia, Miao, Qiang, Hui, Mongolian, Manchu, Lisu larger. Sichuan is one of China#39;s mountainous provinces. Mountain, plateau and the hills around the province#39;s total land area of 97.46 percent, with the exception of the Sichuan Basin at the bottom of the plains and hills, most of Mill Valley are in the 500 meters height difference over. Minimum, the eastern Yangtze River Three Gorges Project, only 70 meters above sea level, while the western Gongga Mountain, the highest of 7,556 meters, 7,400 meters above difference between the two, the disparity between the surface of the ups and downs in China, only Tibet, Xinjiang comparable.

Sichuan#39;s climate is complex and changeable. The west is west Sichuan plateau, east is east Sichuan Basin. Plateau covers two-thirds of the province, an area of about 360,000 square kilometers, the basin accounts for only more than 200,000 square kilometers. Including western Sichuan Aba and Ganzi, Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture of three, Pilin the eastern part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, at an altitude of 3,000 meters or more. A vertical mountain gorge climate characteristics, and high-altitude mountain Tian Han, severe winter when the temperature is below zero Celsius to 20 degrees a second, and the winter as long as five and a half months old. June-September is the rainy season, from November to March is the dry season next year. The dry season midday temperatures can reach 32 degrees Celsius. Plateau has more than six hours of sunshine, blue sky backdrop of grass-green trees, beautiful scenery.

"Tian Fei Mei, the Yan Fu…… Woyeqianli, accumulation Rao, Ciwei Tianfu." since 2000 before the Han Dynasty writer Liu Xiang in his "war policy" in this description The Sichuan. Since then China#39;s Sichuan Province in the exclusive "Land of Abundance" reputation.

live in this beautiful and fertile land, Sichuanese created a splendid ancient Ba-Shu culture, its geographical and other Chinese culture, Chinese culture is an important part of Guanghan, Sichuan in 1986 excavated ruins of Sanxingdui To prove that as early as over 4,000 years ago, the Ba-Shu culture has been gradually formed and has a considerable scale, long long river of history, but also nurture a place of countless Qingshi great man: Zhang Jian Li Bai#39;s excursion from here, with Du Fu in this Mochizuki Rural; Chen Zi-ang, Su Dongpo, Lu Fang Weng Just as the brilliant star, the country Zhuge Liang Qin Jin, Tang Xuanzong Jiange Wen Ling, Li Bing and his son built the Dujiangyan…….

"old times" Sichuan is giving the gift of nature:

Chuan-Shan Road, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the plank road, Xiongguan, rock carvings, composed of a historical movement after another.

Gongga mountains, glaciers, hot springs, peaks, deep valleys, drawn a picture of the natural rate.

Jiuzhaigou, Qingqing Daoying clear water and blue sky, fish Xiang, the sky, eagles hit the bottom, showing a mystery, like the fairy tale world. I

Dujiangyan, Li Bing and his son to track the performance of Dayu flood control benefits through the ages.

Emeishan head, Duoduo Baiyun Huicheng sea of clouds, red, Penbo, Foguangpuzhao, filled with Wonderland-like Buddha and Dongtian.

Kangba Pastoral, to express an abundance of long euphemism atmosphere.

Xichang satellite towns, towering space Shen Jian Yi-fei, directed at the sky.

Sanxingdui the money tree, bronze art show in 3000 before the track of those who deliberately seek.

Second Beach beachhead, turbine-US-ming Zouzhe the movement to promote a new era in the process.

endless scenic spots, the National Customs Kan Buwan, not enough to listen to Kangding Love Song, not taste the flavor specialty…… "Land of Abundance" the unlimited extension of meaning here.