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ShuoZhou - ShanXi

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Location: Located in the northern Shanxi Province, Jin Meng at the junction, is located in Yanmenguan, south of Datong. City West, North, South San Mianhuan Hill, to the ground, in the geographic coordinates of latitude 39 ° 52 #39;─ 40 ° 17#39; between. Longitude 110 ° 53 #39;─ 113 ° 34#39; between

Population: total population of 1.25 million

area: the city#39;s total area of 10,639 square kilometers

administrative divisions: administered Schomburg City (formerly Shuoxian), Lu Ping (the original Ping Lu County) and San counties. July 1993 withdrawal of the Yanbei area, which should be under the jurisdiction of the county, You Yu Huai Renxian County, and was placed under Shuozhou City, the formation of the two districts now 40 counties and the city government Shuo City resident.

Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province in the north, is the rise of a new energy industrial city of Datong Basin, located along the southern, northwest of Inner Mongolia plateau and the adjacent, is in China#39;s eastern and western areas of economic integration of the Department, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia plateau to the only way. The city#39;s total area of 10,639 square kilometers, the total population of 1.27 million.


It was in Shuozhou City, "Yu Zhi sites" research, as early as 2.8 million years ago human beings in this home. Zhao is at the Warring States Period, when the home-Mayi County, the Yanmen County. Han Gao Zu seven years (200 BC), Han Wang Xinshi resettlement are here, 11 years for the county complex. Northern Zhou at the home of Shuozhou Explorer House. Datong, Shuozhou of the Ming and Qing Dynasties House. In the first year (1912) home in Shuozhou, a Yanmen Road. 1949 is Chahar Province, Shanxi Province in 1952 was placed under Yanbei area. 1989 based on the 1st of Shuozhou City.

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vast land of Shuozhou City, the mountains, hills, Pingchuan each one-third of the total area, five acres of arable land per capita, pasture resources, water resources are more Rich, suitable for agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry comprehensive development. In addition to the traditional planting, to vegetables, milk, eggs, meat, fruit and other food production also has developed significantly. Here is the base of dairy cattle farming area, 137 tons of fresh milk production, with an annual output of nearly 10,000 tons of powdered milk from dairy cows to keep the production Yujia already have a certain scale. In addition to livestock, dairy cows, mules, horses, donkeys, goats, pigs, Tuxu Chan is also the base of foreign trade. Existing fisheries area of 2,500 mu of fields, the luxury of rainbow trout abound in this manner.

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Shuozhou City is also extremely rich mineral resources, has a proven coal, limestone, dolomite, kaolinite, such as 30 kinds of rocks. The coal, limestone, refractory clay and Kaolin mineral rocks, and so the most prominent, and rich reserves. Kaolinite-Shuozhou City for specific ores. The city formed a mainly coal-fired electricity, a relatively complete industrial system. Shuozhou is called "Mulberry original treasure land."