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ShunYiQu - BeiJing

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Zoe  Date: 07-22 2008  More Attractions
Beijing#39;s Shunyi District in the Northeast, transportation is very convenient, the famous Capital International Airport is located in the territory.
Shunyi abundance of water and soil fertilization, beautiful, pleasant scenery, sightseeing, and leisure resort. Jing-dong first longitudinal Chaobai River North and South rivers. Chaobai River has built a cross-strait Beijing Village Golf Club, Beijing Golf Club, Beijing rural racetrack, Mapo fishing Palace, the Village Green, the influx of white-hot springs, Dragon World, Chao-car City tourist attractions.
northeast of Lake Tang are to God, God Tang Tang Valley as the main means Mountain. Permian嶂district wins mountain range, landscape dependencies, Qingshanlvshui, picturesque. Tang Shotaro Yachi God "Santan 6-18 King," each gave the landscape a section of tourists left the beautiful parade of legends.
Shunyi in the eastern part of the development and construction are the big Ludang Jingdong, clear water, green Cangmang, flowers Zhengyan, water birdsong tellurium. Chuifu breeze, swaying reeds, come and go, like the sea Haohan, the scenery is quite spectacular.
disc persimmon fruit to its large, bright color, Weitian juicy, rich and well-known national nutrition. Disc persimmon most appropriate raw food, food after the body can more calories, there was a "cold can eat persimmons Nuanshen". Can be processed into persimmon, dry persimmon, and the sugar high, tolerance storage, the grain can fill their stomachs, the persimmon is a woody grain species. Persimmon fruits, Beattie, leaves can be medicine. Shunyi long-marble processing factory production of marble sunset Shunyi is a major specialty products. Used as decorations and carvings and more, building materials, welcomed by users at home and abroad. "Beijing Building 10" were produced by sunset Shunyi add lustre to its marble.