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ShuangYaShan - HeiLongJiang

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Code: 0469

Zip code: 155100

total area of 22,483 square kilometers, of which 1,767 square kilometers of urban

total population: 1.5 million, the urban population of 510,000

administrative divisions: Xian Xia Jixian, Bao-qing, friendship, Raohe County, and four Eagle#39;s Nest, Yeongdong, the Quartet Taiwan, Baoshan District 40

position: Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province in the northeast, away from the provincial capital Harbin, 430 kilometers. East and Russia than the Wusuli River at the city across the south and Hulin County, Mishan City, Huanan Xian adjacent to the West and Jiamusi City, connected in Qitaihe City, North and Fujin Shi, Tongjiang City, Fu Yuan County, Huachuan County border.

Shuangyashan Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province in the northeast, away from the provincial capital Harbin, 430 kilometers. Exempted Jixian, Bao-qing, friendship, Raohe County, and four Eagle#39;s Nest, Yeongdong, the Quartet Taiwan, four in Baoshan District. Area has 12 state-owned farms, 40 state-owned forest farms with a total area of 22,483 square kilometers, the total population of 1.51 million.

Shuangyashan City, is one of coal, electricity, forestry, food, and other resource-rich city. It was big coal, big granary, the forest, big farms, big ice and snow, the wetlands, a sector known for Jiang. Shuangyashan proven coal reserves of 11 billion tons. 2004 coal output 17 million tons. The development and utilization of coal resources and the prospects are very broad. Shandong Luneng Group of 18.1 billion yuan investment in the industrial and electricity, the co-production projects are under construction.

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Shuangyashan the province#39;s mineral resources are the only large-scale magnetite, reserves of 120 million tons, Jian-long investment in building the Group 2 million tons of steel items will be put into operation during the year. Other mineral resources such as gold, graphite, white tungsten, marble, limestone and other reserves are relatively abundant.

Shuangyashan picture consisting mainly of natural forest to Shuangyashan area of 8,632 square kilometers of forest, the forest coverage rate to 38.4 percent, mainly pine trees there, oak, Yang and others, are now living tree reserves of 11.5 million cubic meters in 596 km of the torsion River Basin form the seven Galaxia, Chang-Lin Island, Ngan Island, such as Waterloo 170,000 ha wetland, for the preservation of the Sanjiang Plain is the most complete, and most representative of the original wetlands, has been listed as national nature reserve; Shuangyashan in a temperate continental monsoon climate, characterized by four distinct seasons, Dongnuanxialiang, abundant rainfall, agriculture-rich soybean, maize, rice and other crops. Good ecological environment to become the province#39;s Shuangyashan important commodity grain and cash crops bases, in 2004 yield 3.03 million tons of food crops.

Shuangyashan Shuangyashan the 128 km long border line, a class of their respective countries and unloading port - Raohe ports with Russia than at the city across the Wusuli River, the clearance of up to 500,000 passengers, cargo capacity 1 million tons.

In recent years, the Shuangyashan city party committee and government "introduced" to speed up economic development as the basic strategy, and increase the investment, urban infrastructure construction are maturing at the same time encourage the development and promulgated a series of Support foreign investment and preferential policies for business development approach, relatively well-known domestic Shandong Luneng, Beijing Jian-long, Tianjin Bohai, Jilinyatai, Hong Kong of Korea, the Great Northern Wilderness, Wandashan, and other large enterprises and groups have settled down in Shuangyashan , Shuangyashan have become important strategic partners.

a set of coal, electricity, steel, agriculture and industrial development as one of the emerging industrial city in the northeast border of the motherland is rising, Shuangyashan city party committee and government to put the building into the Heilongjiang Shuangyashan "core area of coal-fired electricity industry, Iron and steel industry emerging areas, the main producing areas of green food "is the grand goal of becoming a reality.

boom Endeavour#39;s Welcome Chinese and foreign investors in Shuangyashan inspection tour so as to develop.