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ShuangQiaoQu - ZhongQing

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Kylie  Date: 07-14 2008  More Attractions
Bridging the economic zone is located in Chengdu-Chongqing corridor, the east Yongchuan, South, North, West and three big foot border, the Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway in the north, away from the urban area of Chongqing more than 80 km, 269 km west of Chengdu, the high-Mail Grade highway running through the whole territory and convenient transportation. Area of 43.1 square kilometers in size, the region exempted the two towns, a neighborhood offices, population 46,000. Of which the urban population 21,300, Chengzhenhuashuai to 79.1 percent, mainly by the Han nationality, and another back, Zhuang, Manchu, Dai, Yao, Li, Miao, Dong, Tujia, Mongolia, Xibe, Buyi and other ethnic minorities.
Shuangqiaoshan area is heavy vehicle production base in China, the first batch of countries, "the City of advanced scientific and technological progress," the first batch of Chongqing, "a well-off" standards, Yuxi in the first "municipal landscape garden city", the western region of Chongqing emerging industries District. Shuangqiaoshan area is a typical industrial zone, in the Chongqing Heavy Vehicle Group (former Sichuan automobile factory) is China#39;s introduction of French military technology to build the first heavy vehicle production base, production Hongyan, the two series of Steyr High-tonnage, mainly heavy-duty vehicles. In Zhongqijituan driven, Quzhu the more developed industrial economies, formed a heavy-duty vehicles converted manufacturing, parts production as a leader, to feed, Zhuduan for the two wings, motorcycle accessories, hardware, chemical, mining for the industrial added System. Shuangqiaoshan mountain area near the lake, a pleasant climate, with area of 8,000 mu, water storage capacity of 12 million cubic meters of water-Lake, Wei Yi-feng large stack Tsui, Yanmian ups and downs for more than 10 kilometres of Bayue Hill; her close to the world#39;s cultural heritage -- Dazu Rock Carving, attracting guests at home and abroad every year tens of thousands of drop-foot holiday. Nothing temporary