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ShiZuiShan - NingXia

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position: in the northern part of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Area: 4,454 square kilometers

Population: 670,000 people

administrative divisions: exempted Dawukou, stone coal city look mouth Hill, Shitanjing three cities area of peace-and-agriculture, Taole three counties.

Shizuishan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is municipalities. Shizuishan the Yellow River because of the "rocks such as the prominent mouth," named after. In his Helan Mountain West, East Bin Yellow River, north Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, south of Yinchuan, capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Area of 4,454 square kilometers, population 670,000. Jian City in 1960, 1975 to level the city. After 37 of the building, Shizuishan City in Northwest China has become an important energy and raw material industrial base. Ningxia is located in the Yellow River Irrigation District, production of wheat, corn, rice and a variety of economic crops and become an important part of Ningxia commodity grain base. Beautiful scenery here, both the powerful desert, Gangnam have the beautiful.


Shizuishan City has three major advantages in resources. First, large reserves of coal resources. Proved reserves of 2.361 billion tons. Hailed as "too Xiwu the" too Western coal coal treasures in the world, with the "three low, six high" (low-ash, low sulphur, low phosphorus, high calorie, high-resistance than the rate, high mechanical strength, high-coal The recovery rate, high rate of lump coal, high-chemical activity) characteristics, widely used in metallurgical, chemical, building materials and other industries. The land is rich in resources. The existing 115 million mu of arable land, agricultural population of 4.05 mu per capita, ranking first in Ningxia Irrigation District. To the development and utilization of 112 million mu of land, 3.94 acres per capita, agricultural development potential is enormous. Third is the unique tourism resources. Water Kangnam both the beautiful landscape and the desert scenery beyond the Great Wall uninhibited in one of the Shahu, 35 is the ace of the tourist attractions. There is development and construction of the Dawukou Forest Park, Dawukou three lake on the Park and the North Wudang Temple, Ping Luo Yu Huangge, Helan Mountain Rock Paintings, the ancient Great Wall Ruins, Taole-ditch Han Tomb, gradually becoming northwest Ningxia and the tourism hotline.


Shizuishan City is rich in mineral resources, mineral varieties, distribution of a wide range. Proven coal, silica, clay, dolomite, limestone, iron ore, and other species more than 10, especially coal, silica, clay and other non-metallic mineral reserves, mining prospects are very broad. In particular, is extremely rich in coal resources, reserves of 2.361 billion tons in 1997 to 11.35 million tons annual output, the region accounted for 70 percent of coal production, "Frontier Coal City", coal complete, in the "too Western Coal "Coal is the world#39;s treasures, with low ash, low sulphur, low-phosphorus and high heat, and other characteristics, widely used in fertilizer, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials and other industries. Silica containing more than 98 percent silica, silicon and glass products of high quality industrial raw materials.