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ShiZhuTuJiaZuZiZhiXian - ZhongQing

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Columns in the eastern part of the Yangtze River in Chongqing municipality south coast, is located in East Drive 107 ° 59 #39;to 108 ° 34#39;, latitude 29 ° 39 #39;to 30 ° 32#39;, east Lichuan City of Hubei Province, Nanlin Pengshui County, southwest by HSBC County, northwest even Zhongxian County, bordering the North and the Wanzhou District, County of 98.3 kilometers long from north to south and 56.2 kilometers wide things, the size of 3012.51 square kilometers, is the famous "China Huanglian village," "land of the world wool-rabbit" , Is mainly agricultural economy of the minority autonomous counties and 32 townships throughout the county jurisdiction (20 townships and 12 towns), 12 neighborhood committees and 497 administrative villages, the total number of 500,000 population. Of the agricultural population 420,000, mainly to the Tujia ethnic minority of the total population of 60.85 percent. Nothing temporary