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ShiJiaZhuang - HeBei

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Code: 0311

Zip code: 050000

Area: 15,800 square kilometers, 307 square kilometers of urban

Population: 9175000, 2173000 urban

position: in central and southern Hebei Province, the Taihang Mountain Donglu, Hutuohe alluvial plain. West of the Taihang Mountains area, east of华北大平原, endangered the Bohai Sea and the North China Oilfield.

divisions: administered Changan Qu, Semba, Xinhua District, east, Yuhua District, the mining area, and technological development zones, Jingxing, Zhengding, Luancheng, Lingshou, Zanhuang, deep-taek, Xingtang, Hirayama , Yuanshi, Zhaoxian, Promise, Gao Yi, Xinji, Gaocheng, Jinju, the new music, Luquan.

Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province is the capital of the province#39;s political, economic, technological, financial, cultural and information centre, the State Council for approval and implementation of the coastal open financial policy of opening up the city.

Shijiazhuang City is located in the hinterland of the North China Plain, north of Beijing and Tianjin, east Bohai Sea, West reliance Taihang Mountains, is the capital of the southern gate. Xian Xia six districts, 12 counties and five county-level city and a state-level high-tech development zones with a total area of 15,800 square kilometers, the end of 2004 the city#39;s resident population of 9.175 million, of which the urban area of 455.8 square kilometers, urban 217.3 000.

Shijiazhuang Shijiazhuang City, with modern railway and the opening of the rise of new cities. Cities are young, and her rooted in this land, is the oldest, is fertile. Since the founding of new China, especially since reform and opening up, Shijiazhuang, the people glow with speeding up development, enriching the people-the city of vitality and vigor, to participate in the global trend of economic competition, and constantly create a good performance. Shijiazhuang has become the current economic characteristics Obviously, the leading industries prominent, wealthy people#39;s lives, and broad prospects for development of the central city of north China an important one.

Shijiazhuang is a great potential for development of the city. Abundant natural resources, transportation and communication facilities, supporting infrastructure, industry and commerce developed, the market prospects are broad, and the investment environment is more superior to domestic and foreign merchants investment is the ideal of Societe Generale. The rapid development of global economic integration today, Shijiazhuang, relying on its own advantages, are fully create the "China-all", "National Council of Textile base", "North China Commercial Ports important", "characteristics of the northern agricultural areas" and regional centre for high-tech industries Leading pillar industry, for the early realization of "speed up development and enriching the people-city" the grand objective of struggle. Hsinchuang City, the tourism industry since the 1980s started, more than 20 years of experience of the development process, has made considerable development. Hebei Province and North China has become a very broad prospects in the tourist city, at home and abroad宾朋tourism, and leisure resort.

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rich tourism resources, the vast tourist market. Shijiazhuang City is very rich in tourism resources, including both historical and cultural city, to commemorate the revolution, such as modern human resources, have mountains, lakes, hot springs and other natural resources, customs and the people, commerce shopping, sightseeing, and other unique resources the city, not only All types and number, and the development of high value.

Shijiazhuang picture the city#39;s existing state-level key heritage preservation unit 18, the provincial-level key heritage preservation unit 105, city, county-level focus on heritage conservation more than 240 units, all types of heritage attractions up to more than 1,200; A state-level scenic spots 2 (Cangyan Shan, Zhang Shiyan), the provincial-level scenic spots 2 (Yongsan closure, days Guishan); country also has historical and cultural cities - Zhengding, the name of history and culture - Zhao Xian; Provincial Tourism Resort 4 (Panlong Lake, Cangyan Shan, Wen Tang, Zhang Shiyan), a National Forest Park (Wu Yue Chai), the provincial Forest Park 7 (Sendai Hill, Tuoliang, South Temple fortune, Chek Support, Long Lake, and Xibaipo, etc.), the national and provincial patriotism education base 6; unique status of the capital, more prosperity and development of commerce business tourism exhibition provided a good condition.

Shijiazhuang tourism elements in place, the industry beginning to take shape. Shijiazhuang City currently has a relatively complete system of the tourism industry. The city has been completed, opening up and there is a certain amount of tourist destinations by 24, 24 star-rated hotels, foreign-related hotels designated 12, five designated restaurants, scenic areas within the collective and individual tourist hotels 510, the city#39;s tourist hotels (Hotel) the total beds Nearly 20,000. Town existing 12 international travel agencies, more than 200 domestic travel agencies, tourism sentinel plants 4; tourism Motor Company 2, the city#39;s tourism amounted to 16,000 direct employees in person.

system continuously improved and increasingly standardized management. In recent years, provincial and municipal leaders at all levels of the tourism industry gave a great concern. In policy, funds, institutions, personnel and other areas to be tilted, enabling the Shijiazhuang City to promote the tourism industry healthy and rapid development. Shijiazhuang City, and Zhengding, Jingxing, Luquan, Zanhuang, Ping Shan, Yuanshi, Zhaoxian, Lingshou, Gaocheng, the mining area, Gao Yi, and other 11 counties (cities) and districts have established a tourism administrative departments, the focus area also Has a scenic spot management committee, relevant departments have also promulgated a series of trades on management methods and speed up the development of tourism, the tourism industry in Shijiazhuang City of management to keep the legal system and regulation, standardization forward.


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