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ShiHeZi - XinJiang

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position: Shihezi Reclamation Area is located in the north middle of the Tianshan Mountains, Ghor class-Maxim southern margin of the desert, East Drive 84#39;58 "-86#39;24", north latitude 43#39;26 "-45#39;20." Reclamation area of 7,529 square km-wide, autonomous regions and municipalities - the Central reclamation area in Shihezi City, South Metin Hill, the East River to the Manas Manasixian for the sector and for the neighbors, South, West, North Central Shawan County on three sides and then.

area: the city#39;s total area of 7,529 square kilometers.

population: about 600,000 population.

Administrative Region of: Shihezi City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is a special municipality, Xianxia four neighborhood offices and a Shihezi Township.

landscape: Premier Zhou Enlai Monument, the statue of General Wang Zhen, Ai Qing#39;s Poetry Archive, the desert reservoir North Lake Park, Desert Park.

"I have been to many places, the youngest of this city, she is so beautiful, it is a crush, not Hanhai mirage floor, not the Penglai fairyland, her Yicaoyimu, Blood and sweat is cemented. " This Ai Qing described by the Gobi Pearl - Shihezi. Shihezi in the middle of the Tianshan Mountains north, the southern edge of Junggar Basin, which is a beautiful and rich, colorful, R charming scenery of the land. Shihezi City, a beautiful environment, is the famous garden city.

Shihezi, is named after the stone. Historically, Shihezi is a Manasixian Huangpi District, after the Sandy Bay was placed under the jurisdiction. Reed here proliferation of animals come and go, only one-Chek Chek the gravel ditch, like a flowing river of stones. Therefore, this left a Hanhou, honest name. Shihezi Zhunkenshubian people, work hard in unity and hard work for development, and selfless devotion, in Gengu wilderness, the Gobi Hanhai created a one miracle after another. The edge of the desert now Metro has long been the scene of a past, Shihezi City is like a huge green gemstone mosaic at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains, crystal display. UNESCO officials visited the Organization of Shihezi Metro, all praise is the world#39;s governance desert and create the oasis and restore the ecological environment of major miracle! Have been to the Shihezi, all praise here is the elegant Garden City.

along the ancient Silk Road came to the Shihezi, the music here will let you do not Sigui, the heart of Oasis. The only Premier Zhou Enlai National Monument, the statue of General Wang Zhen, Ai Qing#39;s Poetry Archive, you can see the pondered; desert reservoir North Lake Park, you can enjoy fishing, "Tuoling dream slope" Desert Park, allows you to listen to one side A beautiful Tuoling Sheng, one to enjoy the desert scenery; purple mud-chuen vast natural grassland, will enable you to view the fraternal peoples of the "race" and "girl recovering," the magical charisma.

Shihezi City is the United Nations "Habitat good urban environmental improvement," she northern foot of Tianshan Mountain in the middle, southern edge of the Junggar Basin, the unique Western-style " Silk Road "on her site by the soldiers, the military design, the military construction; she created a" people retreat into the sand "in the world miracle she is" Tunkenshubian "a successful example of her beautiful environment, unique Culture, civilization was dazzling the world as "Pearl of the Gobi."
she has a legendary history. February 1950, General Wang Zhen of the People#39;s Liberation Army into Shihezi, pulling the "Junken first plow," created a small ratio of only 1-year-old Shihezi Metro. She has a unique culture. By demobilized officers and soldiers, while young people such as a branch of the 600,000 people of all ethnic groups in Shihezi, from Wuhusihai. In half a century of history in the process, formed a rich set of "ground-breaking, the masses, openness, pluralism" in one of the Junken cultural characteristics.
she has a developed economy. After half a century of development and construction, Shihezi has formed "to rely on large-scale Farms, Shihezi City as the center, vice agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries development of a comprehensive, integrated Gongjiao built to serve business, industry and agriculture combined, the combination of urban and rural areas, Mao Gongnong Integration "of the Commonwealth of the new economy. At the national implementation of the "western development" strategy today, Shihezi, Xinjiang has become a bridgehead for developing the western region, west of the open forward positions and prosperity in Xinjiang, showing the importance of the Corps style "window."
She has a beautiful environment. She "military city," the characteristics of the Year "national double-support model city"; "Green City" won the characteristics of the "Health City", "advanced urban landscape" and the autonomous region "of civilized cities", "garden city" and "Poetry City" features well-known both at home and abroad.