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Location: Liaoning Province is located in the central part of the north shore of Hunhe River.

area: the city#39;s total area of 12,980 square kilometers.

population: the city#39;s population of over 600 million.

administrative divisions: Shenyang City Xianxia zone of peace, Shenhe District, Tai Dongqu, Huanggu District,铁西, Sujiatun District, Dongling District, Metro District, Yu Hong nine urban districts and counties in Liaoning , Kangping Xian, the county law library, the Xinmin City, 4 counties (cities).

Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning Province, located in the north shore of Hunhe River, Gu Cheng Shen Hunhe River water, water for the South Yam, water-North is said to Shenyang. Shenyang is China#39;s northeast economic, cultural, transport, financial and commercial centre, is the capital of Liaoning Province, is China#39;s important industrial base and historical and cultural city.

Shenyang City is the country#39;s famous historical and cultural city and the first batch of China#39;s outstanding tourist city, rich and colorful tourist resources, human landscape, natural landscape and the community of more than 200 tourism resources.


sites are the Forbidden City, Fuling, Zhao Ling, the new music site museum, Zheng Jiawa bronze dagger of the tomb, yemaotai Liao Dynasty tomb, Wing On stone bridge, and so on. Shenyang Imperial Palace is the National Palace Museum in Beijing, China#39;s only one of the palace buildings, with high historical and artistic value, and Qing Qing Dynasty Nurhachu Taizong Huangtaiji create and use of the palace. Fu and the Zhaoling Tomb is the world famous "off the three-Ling" in two, is a Chinese ancient architectural features and rich ethnic style of the emperor Lingqin, Fuling is Nurhachu Qing Dynasty and the tomb of Queen#39;s Xiaoci high; Zhao Qing Tombs was Taizong Rui Wen Xiao Huang Taiji and the tomb of Queen#39;s, but entry clearance before leaving the three Lingqin in one of the largest.

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new music Neolithic site in North China is the earlier a matriarchal clan commune inhabited by tribal sites, has been 7200 years ago. Zheng Jiawa of bronze dagger at the Tomb of Shenyang City, Yu Hong, is the Spring and Autumn period tomb group. Yemaotai Liao Muqun law in the county, is noted Liao Xiaoyi of the Muqun and his family. Yong Yu Hong Bridge in the District, Shenyang City in the early Qing Dynasty kept relatively intact stone arch bridge.

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religious construction in Shenyang City humanities is an important component of the landscape. South Gate Catholic Church in Shenhe District Nanle rural road 40, was founded in 1878, is typical of Gothic architecture, for the northeast region the highest in the church. Islam is an Islamic mosque construction groups, the northeastern region is the largest and most prestigious Islamic mosques. Cien Temple is the existing Shenyang City, the largest Buddhist temple, "10 to the jungle," said. - Temple is also known as Emperor Temple, is larger in Shenyang City, the history of the earlier La Masi. Taiqing Taiqing Gong, also known as jungle, Taoism is the Qing Dynasty architecture, has important historical and artistic value. Tajikistan is the beginning of the Qing Dynasty four-Tai Chi Jian of the four La Mata, the four tower next to the four temple built at the same time, are located in the old city of Shenyang Dongnanxibei four directions, said East Tower, South Pylon, West Tower, North Tower. One Life Extension West Tower Temple, reconstruction and rehabilitation, has been open to visitors, North Tower Falun Temple kept relatively intact, and a new temple in the Forest of Steles.

Shenyang Modern in Shenyang in many major events to mark many of landscape architecture. The famous landscape architecture "Zhang Shuai Fu", "September 18" Museum of History, war martyrs cemetery, the steam locomotive museum, and so on. "She Shuaifu" is "Tai Shuaifu" and "Shaoshuai House" referred to is Fengji warlord Zhang Zuolin and the residence of General Zhang Xueliang and apartments, is a green-side by Qiang Wei into the mix of Chinese and Western architecture Group. "September 18" Museum of History is to enable future generations bearing in mind the national humiliation the Chinese nation, to stimulate its national powerful spiritual strength and national dignity, "September 18" Incident to built a state-level large-scale memorial.

In addition to monuments, Shenyang is also available in a variety of natural scenery. Qipanshan scenic areas in the eastern part of Shenyang, the natural landscape from the "three mountains of water" - Hui-shan, the Qipanshan, Ocean Hill and show the main lake a scenic spot, and Kistler, caves and forests of colorful plants, a fascinating The natural scenery. Set Tour is tourism, leisure, culture and entertainment as one comprehensive scenic area.


Shenyang Guaipo known as the "one China must", located in Shenyang City Xinchengzi District water in the town of Taiwan cap Shanxi Lu, is one of more than 80 metres, West was the trend of high-low in the east slope. Various types of vehicles this, do not go downhill, uphill and taxiways. Shenyang botanical gardens in urban areas to the east of the Qipanshan scenic corridors, the park introduced China#39;s north temperate regions and foreign ornamental value of more than 1,000 species of plants. More than 100 million passengers per年接待游客, Chen Cheng and the surrounding city is very favorite people a good place to visit. Shenyang tunnel is located in the Sujiatun district Baiqing Zhai Xiang, scenic areas, a beautiful human landscape has long known, Shenyang City, is a new tourist scenic spots. In addition, Shenyang is also available in Shenyang Forest Park (national), meteorite Mountain Forest Park, the Wolong Lake Scenic Area, Shenyang West Lake Scenic Area, and so on.