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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Riley  Date: 07-20 2008  More Attractions
Shennongjia mountains in western Hubei, Sichuan Province to face the West, a ridge of Central China said. Legend has it the ancient Shennong Shi Bianchang Baicao in here, because of the steep Qian Feng, to be Dajiacaiyao, is a "Shennongjia" names. In recent years, Chang Chuan-a "wild man" appeared here, again for the Shennongjia added a mysterious color. Shennongjia Shennongjia is the main peak, known as the first peak in Central China in muyuping West. Legend has it that ancient Shennong Shi escalator ride into space areas. Distribution of the top-Parker, niitakayamensis, like fir forest with the three-tier ring. Lin, everywhere is dotted with red, purple azaleas. Here, you can climb the peak floating on clouds, overlooking the surrounding green Cengluan stacked嶂, even delightful.
small Dangyang in muyuping South, the seat of the old trees in one of the Millennium. The main species are stubborn old state-Maling, entangled Ke-nan was wrong tree, a diameter of two meters Pterocarya stenoptera, as many as 50 metres of fir, a tree crown cover an area of more than a thorn Yimu autumn, a hollow tree trunk, Niuquan for the white fruit trees, Kennedy may have the bronze Kennedy Shan Rail. This is a gift of nature to human beings, so that visitors really amazing, an eye-opener.
Yanzi Dong Shennongjia in the northeast of the Swallow Shuibuya, the thousands inside accommodation. Zhongru forest, the sound of water such as Qin. Yanchao around the wall. 10000000 Himalayan Swiftlet in the dark Fanfei, accurate to fly back to their own little nest.
Laojunshan Shennongjia in the Northeast, often in Taishanglaojun ancient legend here Liandan, Gu Ming. Whenever the winter, the peak were all ice and snow, fog wind around mountainside, to be like silver-haired Laojun Xianwengduanzuo the clouds. The majestic mountains, dangerous, mysterious scenery Qili. All over the mountain of old trees, plants everywhere, wild fruit full grade, Yishou always there.
Hung Ping Ping Gap also known as the Red Gallery, located in the northeast of Shennongjia Shuibuya days near the door. Winding, at the end of its streams, crystal clear. Waterfall on both sides there are three, four Chai, Tan 5, 6-, 7 Ling, eight-, nine-, 18 peaks, and so on. 9
the West Lake in the Shennongjia, Shennongjia mountain basin, one of the famous Resort. 9 ridge appear in Kowloon Zhengsi Basin Center#39;s "Fresh-" 9 9 streams into the lake. The nine small lakes and Geshan 9 Lake symmetrical, thus the name. 9 Lake Forest clouds around, the wind around the clouds. Jin visitors, like paradise.
This is an ancient and magical land, the original Cangmang Shennongjia, for many people, her name is the ancient and mysterious synonymous. Its well-preserved ecosystem, rare and endangered animal and plant species, the beautiful natural scenery, numerous ancient and mysterious rumors of Local Customs has gradually become the solidification of her deep feeling of longing and the immense nostalgic. Her legend, her history, she has been difficult and the mystery of the natural and biological magnificent lush world, cast her charm is irresistible.