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Area: 21,000 square kilometers.

Population: 700 million.

administrative divisions: Xianxia a three districts in eight counties.

position: Shaoyang City, Hunan Province in the southwest.

is a history of the ancient city of Shaoyang, the Western Zhou Dynasty Zhao Bo, Kom Tong Hall cloth governance; Spring and Autumn Baek Seon, the base soil Zhucheng, now has more than 2,500 years. Shaoyang, the old name Baoqing, and in Hunan in the south-west side. North impaired Xuefeng risk, Nanping Five Ridges of the show, the Trans-funded water, water Shao intersection, basin-even, undulating hills. Since the Western Han Dynasty County, home to the county for the state House, one of the city. Attitude at the end of the north, south sector Yongzhou, on-the Yunnan-Guizhou, under then-value. Since ancient times, for the strategic Commercial Ports centre, a developed economy, culture昌明.

is now the provincial cities of Shaoyang, a city jurisdiction 3 District 8 County, population 7 million, covering 20,000 square kilometers. Vast territory and convenient transportation. Shao attitude of the East, the State overlap; funding to the North puddles Yan, Jiang rivers cloth. A mild climate, Fengwu pleasant. Geography-win and cultural monuments. Two-Jiang Qiuyue, Zhaoling Old City. Moldovan law carved, YUE Ping Genting. Lingxiu mountains and rivers, Products abundance. Rich in natural resources, the river downstream. Local flavor local products, well-known universal. Calendar for the Xuefeng citrus town, is now a modern industrial Metro. Shaoyang

Shaoyang is also one tourist destination. Geographical landscape, beautiful Tiancheng. Ji Mountain Scenic Spot, is the world-the scenery; Nanshan-field, Gangnam Caoshan Pearl; Huang Sang Senlin Kingdom, Yunshan Buddhist shrines, Suining, the magic green, the ground floor of the Yongsan. David Yinshan, iron shirt community, the natural landscape, the National Customs. Jiang#39;s Three Gorges-boating, Xunyou Shunhuangxiuse, all Qijue scenery and attractive. Shaoyang is one gram of the area were Chinese Renaissance News. "Wang Yi Guan of dyeing, cutting Gufeng tillage with." Shaoyang Kaihua very early, folk customs Chun-Hou, wisdom, hard-working, Shangwu Chongwen, far from civilization to help, and Youcai people. Mr Tang has, the history of poetry taste;#39;s a car, Caijun full doors Wei Yuan Qing Dynasty, advocating division of the Yi-Yi said, the yuan Xu Cai, protect the country#39;s inverted Yuan-hoon. And than in, Chester Jiezhong. Royal#39;s emancipation and foreign aggression, table-battlefield of the dedication; competing for the truth and freedom, Yoon-kyu, such as blood to write the Spring and Autumn. They are greater odds of Shaoyang, the airflow through the ages, the national elite. After new China was founded, the people decide, Baifeijuxing. CPC#39;s leadership and hard work for development, to old and Huanxin Yan; changing such practices, built civilization and fostering new practices. Wallpapers redraw, mountains and rivers, a new, Conclusion Sang changes, thriving. At a time when reform and opening up, is the 1000 King fan, urban and rural economic Feiteng, long ancient city, Better Business Boom.

in the hills of the Jiangnan to the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau transition zone, Nanling Mountains Miangen South Habitat, Songzhi Xuefeng Mountain West, North, value Shao hill basin distribution in the east. The entire topography of the Southwest and Northeast high-low, to homeopathy, east toward the Northeast was to敞口the Shao-Kei. City peak for the eastern two-step and Miao Autonomous County of Baoding, elevation 2,021 meters, the lowest in Shaodong county is the Chongshan Village Puxiang, said measuring the water-shore, only 125 meters above sea level, topography than reduced to 10.25 percent. Clouds in the River, five kilometers above the size of the river 595, belonging to funding Jiang, Yuanjiang, the Xiangjiang River and Xijiang River four. Jiang#39;s two main stream of funding sources through visits, sects aspect, since the southwest to northeast was "y" font-consistent throughout, watershed area Shixia nine counties across the three areas. Wu water to the city step, the Trans-Suining, the West into the Yuanjiang, the main waterway in the southwest. Throughout in a humid subtropical monsoon climate, adequate light, rain water rich, has four distinct seasons, a mild climate, summer less hot, less cold winter. The diverse topography, elevation difference disparity between the effects of climate both east and west of the geographical differences, there Qiuping mountain areas and the vertical differences, forming a small three-dimensional climate and environment and climate effects. The average annual temperature of 16. 1 ~ 17. 1c, frost-free period of 272 to 304 days, the sunshine hours of 1347.3 to 1615.3 hours, precipitation 1218.5 to 1473.5 mm; rain mostly concentrated in four to six months, Lian Han Yi met summer. 邵阳照片

as early as the Neolithic Age, in which our ancestors have habitat Tuen Habitat. Qin Dynasty, in this sub-county of Changsha County, and Guizhou. The early Western Han Dynasty, the only home Zhaoling County. Wu Baoding first year (266), sub-county in northern Lingling Du Wei Zhao Ling County jurisdiction to home, this urban governance, the county built in the beginning. Tai Hong first year of the Western Jin Dynasty (280), to Zhaoling Shaoling, Junzhi shift in the capital#39;s northern shore. Shao, a Tang Dynasty, and the city of Shaoyang County in this city and rule. Song Chongning five years (1106), Shao at home in western Wugang Army. The first year of the Southern Song Baoqing (1225), Li Zong Zhao Shang Tang pole, was named by Nianhao from defense to the feudal or the state Shao Baoqing House, Baoqing began in the name of this. Baoqing established the Yuan Dynasty, Wugang Road 2. The beginning of a Baoqing, Wugang 2 House, then dropped in for Wu Gang. Republic of China (1913), Waste Baoqing House, located Baoqing County, the county belong in the Xiangjiang River Road in Zhili in 11 provinces. In 17, Baoqing County of Shaoyang County Complex. In 26 years, set up in Shaoyang County in Hunan Province Chief Inspector of the Office of the sixth. After the founding of People#39;s Republic of China, in October 1949 set up the Office of Inspector of the District of Shaoyang in Hunan Province, while the establishment of Shaoyang City, Li Shaoyang County. November, the Office of Inspector Shaoyang District changed its name to the Commissioner Shaoyang picture Corruption. The following year in July, Shaoyang City upgraded to county-level city. April 1955, the Executive Office of Shaoyang District changed its name to the Office of Shaoyang. February 1968, the Revolutionary Committee set up in Shaoyang, Shaoyang area called Shaoyang region. July 1977, the Shaoyang City upgraded to the provincial cities, the Chinese Communists still Shaoyang prefectural and regional Ge Weihui escrow; October, the sub-region northeast of Shaoyang in Lianyuan home. January 1980, Shaoyang City, the provincial Zhili. January 1986, the State Council approved the revocation of Shaoyang in the establishment, implementation of city leaders county system. The end of 1990, a total of Shaoyang City exempted Shaodong, the new Shao, Shaoyang Longhui, cave, Suining, the city further, Wu Gang, the new nine-county, east and west, three suburban districts, 59 area counties, 59 towns, 308 townships, and 11 neighborhood offices. The city#39;s total population was 6.7668 million people, ranking the province#39;s 14 city first. Of which the urban population of 517,500 people with 59 Jian Zhizhen, the urban population reached 1.9492 million, accounting for 28.8 percent of the total population. The city#39;s population density is 325 people per square kilometre, higher than the provincial average density of 38 people. In the densely populated eastern and southwestern mountainous area sparsely populated. Shaoyang in Hunan is the minority population more provincial cities, with the exception of the Han nationality, home to propagate the Miao, Yao, back, Dong, Tujia, Zhuang, Mulao, Manchu, Buyi, pull dead, Lebanon, Yi and White, 39 Ethnic minority groups, minority population 393,800, representing the city#39;s total population of 5.94 percent. Built a Miao Autonomous County, 25 nationality townships.

in the mountains, hills, Kong, the various plains landscape of both, generally, "seven mountains two fields, a watershed, and Manor Road." 1990, the city#39;s total land area of 3131.4 million mu of arable land of which 639.19 million mu, ranking second in the province; arable land in the 430.28 million mu of paddy fields. In addition to rich rice, miscellaneous grains, cash crops and the wide variety of traditional native products. Baoqing yi metres, steep Ridge tobacco, Aralia elata lilies, Wugang copper geese, Xuefeng Mi Jie, the new Nanjing Orange, yellow flower Shaodong, Longhui pepper, and so long renowned, renowned in and outside; tea, watermelon, soybeans, peanuts, Ginger, garlic, Ma Lan, sericulture, sugar cane, herbs, etc. The size of production. Oranges, day lily, yi, such as rice crop yields for the province#39;s highest flue-cured tobacco output ranked second in the province. The city was designated as the hills of Hunan Province Economic Development Zone.

Shaoyang in Nanling Mountains, the mountains and the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau Xuefeng Yu Mo flora of the three major intersection zone, Hunan is one of the four major forest areas, the plant has 245 branches, 792 genera and 2,826 kinds. 210 kinds of timber species to China fir, masson pine and hardwood timber for the bulk. 432 kinds of economic forest species, Nan Zhu, tea, tung tree, Rhus vernicifera, chestnut, Wu Bai, ash tree, Litsea Cubeba into film distribution, and other trees. The key state protection and 60 species of rare species, protection of a silver fir, Abies two protection of resources, ginkgo, bell-respect, and even incense tree, Liriodendron attempted, incense trees, water Qingshu, Bi-harringtonine , For domestic relict endemic species. City-step Shajiao the silver fir community, the new Shaoyang Nanjing, the city further resources fir community, the Suining Huang Sang-Tsuga community, is to study the Jiangnan region paleontology live specimens. The dense forest is the habitat of wild animals good environment and multiply places, in a 397 kinds of wild vertebrate, a sub-5 program, 33 heads, and 102 branches. 1 by the State, two of the protection of rare animals have Jinqian Bao, the clouded leopard, the South China tiger, the Shuilu, yellow abdominal Pheasant Kok, Hung Hom abdominal microphylla, the yuan, such as 36 species of giant salamander. Huang has been the establishment of Suining Sang, Wugang Yunshan, the new Nanjing Shunhuang Hill and Ziyun, 000 Mineyama four provincial-level nature reserves and a number of county-level nature reserve. 1990, the city#39;s forest area of 1588.89 hectares, the total volume amounted to live tree 28.43 million cubic meters, the forest coverage rate to 42.7 percent. Suining County, which live tree reserves 10.5 million cubic meters per capita 32.94 cubic meters, the forest coverage rate to 67.7 percent, counties rank first in the province, "magical oasis" reputation. For a long time, in addition to rich timber, Nan Zhu, tea oil, tung oil, Sheng Qi, and other major forest products, pine resin, Yu Lanpian, white wax, gallnut, Litsea Cubeba oil, brown film, bamboo Ma Lin and other by-products in domestic and foreign marketing. Mangmang not only in Linhai, but also the vast Caoshan. Caoshan have 114.04 million mu of grassland, distribution sectors-connecting more than 10 million mu of a city step Nanshan, and Gutian 100,000 new three-gold, 1 ^ -10 million mu of a 56. City and Miao Autonomous County of southwest step Habitat is a famous mountain grassland Gangnam District, of which 80 in the Nanshan, a total area of 23 hectares, has become the largest in South China#39;s modernization mountain pastures, the province is the grass seed breeding stock and dairy cattle breeding base of goods Base.

mineral resources in a more affluent, the deposits have been found for coal, iron, manganese, tungsten, antimony, gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron sulfur, gypsum, marble, diabase, high-quality limestone, etc. 74. There are 644 mineral deposits, of which 23 large deposit and medium-sized deposit, 33, 61 small deposit. Non-metallic mineral reserves, high-grade. Gypsum mine reserves of 440 million tons vision, industrial reserves of 122.9 million tons, the reserves, output of the province around the city rank the forefront of the country in Shaodong county is one of eight mineral gypsum. Mine quality limestone, marble mine ores advantage for the province; pyrite, ice Island quarry, high-quality dolomite mine in the province renowned. Coal reserves of 141.7 million tons of industrial, long-term reserves of 144.7 million tons. Metal and mineral deposits more concentrated in the distribution of Longhui, Shao, Shaodong, the new Nanjing, and other counties.

in the river water system development, water area of 111.9 hectares, for years the average total water resources for 16.83 billion cubic meters, of which the river runoff 15.744 billion cubic meters. 2,749 cubic meters per capita share of water resources. Reserves of hydropower resources of 1.4473 million kilowatts, development and utilization of 687,700 kilowatts. Focus on distribution of water resources in the southwestern city step, Suining, and other mountain counties. Shaoyang

Shaoyang Heshan Yuxiu, R scenery, natural landscape and cultural Shengji spread around. The history of the "King Baoqing, 12," Jiang Liangan more embellishment in the capital, Brazzaville, Central urban areas. From double-park, water House and the Garden Temple on the East Tower Lianzhui from the Park City resort, both artificial and natural beauty of the show. Water House front of the temple, double Jiang convergence; owned Jiangnan North, the two towers Bingzhi; Jiang Liu Wan turn, the four bridges Feihong; Yaoshan near water, green Conglong. Countryside near the cave also wonders. Sunning in Piyou Scopalia japonica maxin Hill, the city further Nanshan, Wugang Yunshan,