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Long-distance code: 0575

Postal Code: 312000

position: Ningshao located in the western plains, Nanping will Jishan, North Bin Qiantang River, the West even Hangzhou, Ningbo, east, a total area of 7,901 square kilometers, the urban area of 101 square kilometers.

divisions: Xianxia the City and County of Shaoxing, Xinchang County, Zhuji City, Shangyu City, Shengzhou.

Population: 4.26 million, of which the urban population of 310,000.

Shaoxing Guchenkuaiji, was founded in 490 BC,. Spring and Autumn Period to the State capital, during the Southern Song Dynasty twice as a temporary capital. 1131, Zhao Gou Song Emperor Gaozong of the state at that time as a temporary capital, to Nianhao for Shaoxing, sustenance, "Shaozuo ZTE," meaning, and the state changed its name to Shaoxing, Shaoxing, hence the name. Dayu flood control and Yue WANG sentence (the Music "hook") Woxinchangdan Jian, and other stories have taken place in Shaoxing. Ningshao Shaoxing Plain in the west, at 29 degrees 14 minutes north latitude to 30 degrees 16 minutes east longitude and 119 degrees to 121 degrees 53 minutes 14 points, wins mountain range south of the ups and downs will Jishan, North Bin water Hao-miao of Hangzhou Bay, east Cao#39;e River , Even Pu Yangjiang. Total area of 7,901 square kilometers, the urban area of 101 square kilometers. Vertical and horizontal in the rivers and lakes, fertile land, mild climate, rich products, is a well-known Yumizhixiang. Here are Eastern Zhejiang Canal and the Hangzhou-Ningbo railway, road accessible, water and land transportation is very convenient. In four distinct seasons, humid climate, adequate light, the average temperature of 16.4 degrees Celsius, the average 1,300 mm of precipitation. Shaoxing, in the south bank of Hangzhou Bay, Ningshao the western plains. Humid climate, mountains and rivers Lingxiu. In the saddle Shiqiao immortal Hill, Phoenix stone pier new era of cultural sites, about 5,000 years ago. Shaoxing ancestors were Bilulanlv, created the splendid prehistoric culture. to City Bridge residents as the representative of Shaoxing ancestors, the coastal mountain, home to labor. Tillage technology has been widespread, consisting mainly of rice to a large number of crops planted in a solid agricultural economy on the basis of stone, ceramic crafts become more specialized, Li, Ben, knives and other stone tools, tripod, beans, set Ceramic and other types of supplies are available, regular-type system. Hand-rise industrial, bracelet, the Chu-yu, cone-shaped jade ornaments refined elegance. Shaoxing is China#39;s most economically developed southeastern coastal one of the regions. 2000, the city#39;s GDP reached 78 billion yuan, an increase of 12.1 percent, accounting for one eighth of the province#39;s 18,000 yuan per capita, per capita disposable income of urban residents 9,422 yuan, rural residents per capita at 4982 Yuan.

In the long history of years, Shaoxing people rich, fertile soil of this cultural accumulation, the formation of a unique culture. May wish for, the interpretation of Baiye several thousands of years of Shaoxing Local customs, this historical and cultural heritage is an important part of it is still in Shaoxing has been living in the community and the people have a tremendous impact.

"long Jianhu water, thick Ancient Yue situation." Shaoxing its rich human landscape, Water and beautiful, attractive customs known for the world, the ancient is the desire of tourists visit resort.

Shaoxing has a long history, celebrities come forth in large numbers, beautiful scenery, rich products, said on "Heritage of the state, Yumizhixiang", is one of China#39;s historical and cultural city. Legend has it over 4,000 years ago in the Xia Dynasty, Da Yu Gong twice for flood control Provisional Shaoxing, Zhiping the water and soil, it has been surviving Yulingshengji. Spring and Autumn, Yue WANG Gou Capital Shaoxing, Woxinchangdan, "the pool" had become a political and cultural center in eastern China. Han Ji, are home, renamed the Sui Dynasty, Wu, Tang also called the state, to the Southern Song Dynasty, Shaoxing House, followed so far. Shaoxing old times, emerged in the history of many well-known politicians, revolutionaries, writers, such as Qiu Jin, Lu Xun, Cai Yuanpei, Zhou Enlai, and so on.

generation of literary giant Lu Xun#39;s works reflect many of the rich culture of Shaoxing local color, from the Baicao Garden to the shamisen book store, from the Hui Xiangdou Kong Yiji to the home of the social drama, Can be seen everywhere in the hometown of Lu Xun Cultural Complex. Tour of Shaoxing, is perhaps one of Lu Xun#39;s cultural nostalgia trip, from the river, you can see, wearing a small Zhanmao the boatman and wearing a silver collar on the child; Xianheng into the hotel, you can taste authentic fennel Beans; return to the countryside, looking at a traditional community theater……

Local Color Shaoxing This is a well-known heavy Shuicheng. Ancient defibrillators over the long, green water crystal, stone bridge Fei Jia, Qingzhou shuttle, size of 1,900 km of rivers, bridges, 4,000, with a typical Jiangnan Water scenery. East Lake Dongqiaoxiangying, water Pitt in the days Wuxiexiquan fly into a waterfall, under the 50% off; Ko Rock King, Guifushengong; Lanting to Wang Xizhi#39;s "Lanting Xu Set" and called calligraphy resort; Park while Shen Lu Yu, Tang Wan love tragedy of the late Jietan不已; defibrillators, in addition to the Tang Dynasty, the Southern Song Dynasty Tomb 6, Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Stone Arch Bridge, is associated with the customs of Shaoxing, Wu Pengchuan, Zhanmao Ukraine, and Uzbekistan Gancai Represented in the historical evolution of several thousand years, accumulated a wealth of cultural connotation and to show the unique local style is fascinated admirers.

the first batch of China#39;s 24 historical and cultural city one, where the Qingshanlvshui shined reduces noise reduction resulting in beautiful color, where the hall houses the dissemination of the ancient culture of aromatic, where the streets preserve the national Yingjie Activities of the relics, there is the famous Water Village, Qiaoxiang, liquor Township, Portland Township, calligraphy town, village Fellows. Shaoxing in the aspect over the rivers and lakes, it also "Water Zeguo," "Bridge Shuicheng all," said. The ancient city of Shaoxing, it is the unique charm to attract a majority of the viewers at home and abroad.