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ShaoGuan - GuangDong

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capital: 512,000

Location: North Guangdong Shaoguan City in China#39;s mountainous areas, are the three provinces of Guangdong, Hunan-Jiangxi border, north of Hunan, Jiangxi, east, Xikao Qingyuan, south of Guangzhou.

Area: 18,594 square kilometers.

Population: 2890000

administrative divisions: Xianxia Qujiang, Shixing, Nanxiong, Renhua, Wengyuan, Xinfeng, milk, Lechang City 8

About Us: Shaoguan ups and downs in the mountains, hills to the main mountain, three arc between two mountains and river valley basin Obviously, the widespread karst topography, Hongyan landscape typical. Danxia Mountain Renhua, Ping Shek Jinji Ling Hongyan peaks, is the famous "Danxia landform." Most of the rivers in the Pearl River water system is the Beijiang River, from north to south through the North River in Shaoguan.

Shaoguan Shaoguan City of Guangdong Province in the north, 198 kilometers from Guangzhou, exempted 3 County District 6 City 2, more than 310 million population. In the 18,600 square kilometres of land contains abundant hydropower, mineral, biological, climate, tourism and other resources. Shaoguan beautiful landscape, ecological unlimited. Has been established Chebaling, Nanling, Danxia Mountain National Nature Reserve, and other three-and-Ji, Lo Hang, the Grand Canyon and other seven provincial-level nature reserves, forest cover 71.2 percent, alligator lizards, the South China tiger , Hainan Huban and Alsophila gongs, sightseeing wood, pine and other rare plants and animals in Guangdong widespread which, in Guangdong Province, the ecological barriers and species gene pool, is one of the most latitude with the Green one of the regions.

Shaoguan humanities heyday. Here is the world#39;s famous red-circle of dinosaur paleontology#39;s hometown, and 12.9 million years ago during which the growth in the "Maba  Shaoguan photos Yuanren"#39;s hometown, is the birthplace of the Yao overseas. Here is the famous Chinese Buddhist classics "Liuzutanjing" the birthplace of over 1,500-year history of the South China Temple, because the houses are really Liuzu Huineng of Guangdong and Southeast Asia to become the most influential national major temples. This is the largest ancient tower in Guangdong existing (including Tang, Song tower 11) and the Hakka Circuit, the largest of the House, was listed as key national heritage conservation units Renhua Yunlong Si tower, Nanxiong three video tower, it Shixing Full Wai Is one of the outstanding representatives.

Shaoguan in the world "Danxia landform" to the naming. Danxia Mountain in Shaoguan for leading the development of tourism boom, is now developing Danxia Mountain, Nanhua Si, Jin Jiling, 18 9 Long Beach, Nanling, the Grand Canyon, Abas Lane, Mei Guan, and other famous scenic spots (points ).

Shaoguan convenient traffic, Jing-Guang Railroad, the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, State Road 105,106,107,323 in the Trans-line. We welcome you to the Shaoguan!

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Shaoguan has a long history and ancient civilization. Shaoguan of human history can be traced back to 100,000 years ago, this has been Qujiang "Maba" by the discovery of the skull fossils prove that. The end of the three countries (AD 265), the main Sun Wu Letters Patent Shixing County home, the rule of the Qujiang City (now the Shaoguan), the county is the beginning of Shaoguan City. Sui Kaihuang 2009 (AD 589) had to set up Shaozhou, Shaoguan from Shaoguan, north of Rock Hill," Shao "word for the state. Jiajing 26 years of the Ming Dynasty (1547 AD) in Qujiang County, the water-creation tax clearance. Qing Emperor Kangxi 2009 (1670 AD) and the original peace in the Nanxiong Qujiang Zhen Guan go to the waterfront, and then in Qujiang outside North additional customs duty, the name of Shaoguan that the resulting.

Shaoguan old times, people of the Tang Dynasty Evolved Zhang Jiuling, Liu-sighted, famous politicians and diplomats Song Yu Jing, and other outstanding figures, Liuzuhuineng Shaoguan for the Zen monks choose to send the birthplace of the South. Shaoguan as "Maba"#39;s hometown, the birthplace of Shek Kip culture, is one of the cradles of Chinese ancient culture.