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Zip code: 476000

position: in Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces with the Department, Henan Province, is the East door. North and Heze in Shandong Province revealed sector, the West and Kaifeng City, Henan Province, adjacent to the South and Zhoukou City in Henan Province, Fuyang City of Anhui Province, bordering Suzhou City, east Anhui Province at 3.10 and Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, the sea.

Area: 10,704 square km

Population: 8.1 million.

administrative divisions: exempted Xia Yi, Yu Cheng, Zhe City, Ningling, Suixian, civil rights, Liang Yuanqu, Sui Yang, Yong-city area of six counties and one city.

Shangqiu city in Henan Province, the most eastern part of Shangqiu strategic location, the east coast, West recapped the Central Plains, north of Qilu, South Jin JAC, has been called the "gateway to the East of Henan Province", is an important distribution center and materials China#39;s eastern and western regions of the convergence. Shangqiu
Shangqiu is the birthplace of the Chinese nation. She has a long history and old times, splendid culture, extensive and profound. As early as the legends of the era of Wudi, Zhuanxu ku had in this Capital. 16th century BC in the summer Shangtang out here the establishment of Shang Dynasty, the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1126) during the Capital. A long history and splendid culture to Shangqiu left many human landscape. Built in 1511 in Shangqiu city, within the cylindrical, distinctive style, preserve integrity, and the town Flemish Dangshan Shanxi Yong-Han (previous 202 ─ 8) Muqun the same tomb was listed as key national heritage conservation units. Dangshan tomb unearthed in the Jinlv jade clothing in the United States, Singapore, the exhibition has aroused strong sensation. Liangxiao Wang tomb, Qiu Liang Shan and cutting into the tomb, the scale of the event, it is amazing, tomb murals by experts as "Dunhuang before the Dunhuang." Shangqiu is the ancestral home of Confucius, the hometown of Zhuang Zi, Confucius Temple Return, ZHUANG Zhou cemetery, and other sites is Liulianwangfan. From the west to the east of the old course of the Yellow River and the beautiful natural scenery of ancient, is also delightful. 商丘照片
Shangqiu is the birthplace of the fire. As early as 10,000 years ago, Sui Renshi here invented the artificial Quhuo, opened a new era of the history of human civilization, Sui Renshi been hailed as the ancestral fire, the Shangqiu the main fire. Sui Imperial Mausoleum in Shangqiu still stands on the land.
Shangqiu is the first and the birthplace of business. As early as four years ago ku, Princess Di because of Jane eating Xuanniao Health Yan Bo, the "Song-poem business," says: "Destiny Xuanniao, and Health to drop." Bo is the width of the ancestor. Sun Bo width of the first phase soil invented the horse-drawn carriage, six Shisun Wang Hai also invented a cart. This is what the history books, "Li soap in jail, serving Ma cattle, Min Li that" the records.
Shangqiu picture Shangqiu old times. Not only here there will be a large number of emperors, but emerged a large number of politicians, thinkers, strategists, literary artists, scientists, etc.; here not only are there a number of special contribution to the Wets, and has emerged from the Xumei Women#39;s heroes and Cainv. Here is the ancestral home of Confucius; was Zhuangzi, Mozi, women#39;s Mulan#39;s hometown hero, it is Sima Xiangru, Han Yu, Ouyang Xiu, Yan Shu, Su Che, and other literature we Huanyou; Datang is the Chungyeolgong Zhangxun Martyrs; is Li Bai, Du Fu, Gao Shi, Su Dongpo, and other literary giants infinite yearning for the feng shui treasure land.
Shangqiu many attractions, the length and breadth. Here are the head of the San Huang Sui Imperial Mausoleum, to commemorate Confucius#39;s elegant Taiwan, a love tragedy of the Qing Tombs Taiwan, a Taoist master Zhuangzi tomb, a picturesque three-ling Taiwan, the Flemish-Han Tomb Wenmingzhongwai group, There are the heroes of the women#39;s Mulan words, the Shenpin Yan Zhenqing handwritten entry vegetarian, the Central Plains, one of the four major Temples Baiyun Si, Fan Zhongyan study should days College, the Yellow River embankment Ming and Qing Dynasties "Water Great Wall", Shangqiu is the world wonders "nosy City ", Hou Fangyu home Zhuang Hui Tong, here are world-famous ruins of Liangyuan, papaya Park wonders, Xibei villa, South Park scenery, with Shanghai Gan Lin, a charming landscape the old course of the Yellow River; There are 2,000 The Liangyuangumu years, Zhang Fei, Zhao Kuangyin the Shuanma tree……
Shangqiu geographical advantages, transportation is very convenient. Beijing-Kowloon Railway and the Longhai Railway, 310 and 105 State Road, both in the intersection of Shangqiu, from the East-West Link, the North since the South intersection traffic hub gold button. Zheng from the highway to cross over the Shangqiu, around the ancient city of Shangqiu in nine major highways-the ease of transport networks.