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position: Shangluo is located east longitude 108#39;34#39;20 "- 111#39;1#39;25" E, 33#39;25#39;40 "- 34#39;25#39;40" between Shaanxi Province in the south-east , Is located in the south of the eastern section of the Qinling Mountains, Dan river upstream, the ancient capital of Xi#39;an west, the East Example Nanyang Basin, 800, Qinchuan the north, south zone Jianghan Plain.

Area: total area of 192.93 million square kilometers.

Population: 2.4 million.

administrative divisions: Xianxia Shangzhou, Sanyo, Danfeng, to the south, Zhen#39;an, a District 6 Zhashui county.

Shangluo City, Gucheng Shangzhou, are in the mountains, named after the Luoshui. Shaanxi Province in the southeast, is located in the south of the eastern section of the Qinling Mountains, Dan river upstream, the terrain - the high-northwest southeast trend is low, stretching north to east-west Qinling Mountains, the Southern River Ridge phase, a python Ling, flow Ling, Uighur Ling, and so on. And Henan, Hubei provinces bordering.

Shangluo has a long history, has Shangluo Chang#39;an, Gyeonggi Province is an important gateway to the southeast, is Qinchujiaobing, Song Aozhan the ancient battlefield, the battleground for the military strategists. Chuxun Shangluo emperor when he passed by. Han Liu Bang by way of Shangluo it first arrived in Xiang Yu Xianyang. The late Ming and the peasant uprising leader Li Zicheng in this Zhunbing equine, the revitalization of the army, to stage a comeback. White Lotus Society beginning of the Qing Dynasty peasant uprising army leader Wang Cong to Lvjun across the Shangluo. During the revolutionary war years, Nan Luo was Hubei, Henan, Shaanxi revolutionary base of the central region. As early as in the first Revolutionary War period, some 93 rural establishment of Soviet power, there were Li Xiannian, He Long, Xu Xiangqian, Cheng Zihua, Xu Haidong, WANG Feng, Chen Shurui, Guo Shushen, the three-Cheng, Chen Shaomin, Liu Zhidan , And other revolutionary veteran living in this battle too. Shangluo has created the CPC, Hubei and Shaanxi, Henan and Shaanxi three recorders, the establishment of a military anti-loss, seven guerrilla divisions, four guerrilla groups and opened up a revolutionary base E Henan and Shaanxi. Shangluo broad masses of the people of China made a significant contribution to the revolution. Was listed as one of the old revolutionary base areas. A number of revolutionary relics 20.

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Shangluo extremely rich natural resources, the availability of more than 1,000 species of the region timber reserves 15 million cubic meters, is the major timber-producing areas of Shaanxi, Lint products nuclear Shangluo picture peach, tung tree, Chinese chestnut, paint, Wu Bai, palm, tea, tea, citrus, persimmons, and so on. Walnut, Chinese chestnut, persimmon and other output ranked first in the province. To the south, pushing Zhashui county-paint the wall, the coffee table, lacquer and other exquisite Guabing elegant, export volume increased year by year; persimmon widely distributed, high yield, there are popular in and outside; known as the "king of fruits" of the Kiwi wine sauce Products. Shangluo are many kinds of mineral resources, the origin wide reserves, easy-mining; non-ferrous metals, precious metals and rare metal reserves of millions of tons, a variety of lead, zinc, antimony, platinum, vanadium, Ho, gold, silver, manganese, Titanium, beryllium, and so on. Non-metallic miners have potassium feldspar, barite, forsterite, fluorite, crystal stone, muscovite, Beryl, and so on.

Shangluo Shangluo#39;s tourism industry is developing and developed. Scenic region, many cultural relics. Comparison of a well-known that more than 10,000 years ago the Luonan Leung soil Pingxiang the late Paleolithic sites and the estuary to the three-Rural City Zijin City ancient cultural sites, the Western Han Dynasty at the Danfeng County to the town, "Sihao tomb," Built in the Tang dynasty of Shanyang county, "Yang Feng Tower", Luonan County, "Tang and Li Mi home." Built in the generation of Danfeng County Di spent Erlang Miao, Jian Yuming behalf of the Danfeng "Chuanbang Hall" to City and East Yongsan stone buildings, such as the twin towers. There are many limestone cave 10, has developed a water cave oak group known as the "northern part of the country wonders," inside beautiful scenery and stalactites Qianzibaitai, colourful, is indeed good fortune Qianwannianlai nature of art treasures. Especially in recent years, the development of the national forest park to the Grand Canyon South Watkins, Danfeng Dan river rafting, North attractions Luonan Laojunshan ecological projects such as travel, tourism has become a beautiful city landscape.