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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Angel  Date: 07-18 2008  
Abbreviations: Jin

capital: Taiyuan

position: Shanxi Province in North China Plain west side of the mountain the Loess Plateau, the province surrounding territory for most of mountains and rivers around the East and Southeast reliance and the Taihang Mountains in Hebei, Henan provinces bordering the west and southwest and at the Yellow River in Shaanxi, Henan phase Wang, North connected to the Great Wall and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Plane outline of the province from the north-east seems inclined south-west of parallelogram. Between north and south latitude 34 ° 34.8 #39;- 40 ° 43.4#39; between, about 550 kilometers, the greatest distance of 615 kilometers; East Drive between East and West 110 ° 14.6 #39;- 114 ° 33.4#39; between.

area: the province a total area of 156,300 square points in.

Population: province#39;s total population of more than 30 million.

Administrative Region of: Xian Xia 5, 17 cities and 89 counties.


Shanxi Province in North China is located in the west, east wing of the Loess Plateau, the state outline showed slightly oblique southwest from the northeast Parallelogram. East Weiwei Taihang Mountains for a natural barrier, and adjacent Hebei province, west and south to the Yellow River皆以Taotao Cutting, Shaanxi Province and Henan Province, across the north, followed by cross-within the Great Wall, and adjacent to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Shanxi is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation at the earliest. Ruicheng River in Yunnan culture and belonging to the same period of Yuanmou Yuanren, that in 250 million years ago, Shanxi has been the first primitive human beings. A total of Shanxi Province in the Paleolithic sites in more than 200, 500 multiple Neolithic ruins, archaeological data show that about 10 million years ago, and now the two sides in the Fenhe River in Datong, Shuozhou City area, there have been more concentrated the original crowd And villages. About 28,000 years ago, the original communist economic system characterized by the matriarchal clan commune has been established. In ancient China in the literature, there are many legends about Yuanshigongshe, tribal alliance in the Yao, Shun and Yu are in Shanxi have been built in "Yao is Pingyang (now the Linfen City), all-sun Hosaka (this Yongji County) And Yu are Anyi (this summer County), "now there are Yaomiao south of Linfen, a Yao-Ling Chengdong, a south Qinshui Wang Ping-sun. "Yugong," said Xia Yu flood control, "I. Stone River, as the goal," the goal called Yumenkou, in the northwest county of Shanxi Hejin Han County in Shaanxi and northeast. Spring and Autumn Period, Shanxi in the main诸侯closure of the "Jin." 453 BC Jinyang occurred in the battle, Zhao Wei and South Korea jointly eliminated the three-chi#39;s, one-third Jin, Shicheng "three-Jin", Shanxi also known as the "Shanxi." Suimo, the Sui Fu Wei Han Hedong Road Taiyuan rear positions Li Yuan, Li Shimin, and his son in the Jinyang Liu Wenjing, such as planning, from the Taiyuan Qibing 30,000 anti-Sui, the establishment of the Tang dynasty, the Jinyang City are scheduled for North .

Shanxi is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, the Spring and Autumn when Jin, is referred to Jin. A long history left many of the cultural heritage, coupled with complex topography, mountains and rivers formed the natural landscape, is rich in tourism resources. Shanxi existing old buildings in the nation#39;s first, as a key state protection are 50, 400 provincial-level multiple. One of the four Buddhist holy sites of Mount Wutai, Si Miaoqun set millennium and Crafts. Of these, the most ancient of my existing wooden structure building Nan Chansi. Set the Northern Wei Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty as one of a variety of construction and significant Buddha Temple-Temple, the most famous tower residential Rita; built in the Northern Wei Xuan Kongsi Xuanyu cliffs on the Hengshan, known to thriller strange; Taiyuan is a variety of Jinci The blend of ancient architecture of the tourist attractions, the ancient city of Pingyao ancient city is the existing three one was listed as World Heritage List; Ruicheng Yongle Palace is typical of the Yuan Dynasty, buildings, the Palace is China#39;s mural painting art treasures; Wing JACKIE amp; Poor#39;s Temple was a "Romance of the Western Chamber." "Biography of Yingying," the story takes place; state of the temple is the largest force of the temple; Yungang grottoes is one of the three major Buddhist Grottoes, the magnificent momentum. Fine sculpture; should be built in the county, and Muta, 67.31 meters high, China#39;s highest building Gumu structure; because of shooting "Raise the Red Lantern" and the famous Qixian County Qiao Jia Taiyuan, coupled with Qixian County Drainage Jia Dayuan .

Lingshi Wang Jia Taiyuan, Taigu appear more than three, comprising the compound in Jinzhong of Shanxi folk culture. Shanxi Mingshantaichuan around, beautiful natural scenery is rich in resources. Bukak Hengshan is one of Wu Yue, the state-level scenic spots; Mianshan a pleasant climate, has always been summer resort, Jin Famous Official pushing portability between mother was burnt to death in this mountain; North Wudang Mountain, Space Mountain of Hope, also have Guancen Shan Features the Yellow River is second only to Huangguoshu Waterfall Hukou Waterfall of the country#39;s second largest waterfall, state-level scenic spots: Shanxi also has a Pangquangou, Luyashan, Lishan, such as Mang River Nature Reserve, the beautiful scenery. Different scenery, old and valuable trees, rare animals come and go, Brown-eared Pheasant is the state rare animals.

Shanxi is an old revolutionary base, and the revolutionary activities and revolutionary cultural relics sites across the province. The famous site of the Eighth Route Army headquarters, the Eighth Route Army arsenal Yadong Huang Li Cheng, Liu Hulan, water, such as Memorial Hall.

tou a wide range of Shanxi. Heng Fa Chuen Fenjiu is China#39;s ancient history wines, such as crystal-Guo, Qingxiang pure, delicious infinite, popular at home and abroad; Shanxi old mature vinegar Mian acid-sweet, not only the best flavor, but also Xiaoshi, beauty, sterilization; Qin, Huang - Such as pearl millet, is the Royal tribute; Pingyao beef color, smell and taste sale; Qingxu grapes, Fenyang walnut. Liu jujube trees. With the Pear River. Taiyuan-minded local products such as Ming Chi is also different flavor,回味无穷.