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ShanXi - China City Guide

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Jason  Date: 07-22 2008  
Abbreviations: Shaan

Area: 200,000 square kilometers

Population: 36 million, Han, Hui, Manchu, Mongolian, Tibetan and other nationalities.

position: landlocked hinterland of China is located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River region, and Shanxi, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, adjacent to the city of Chongqing.

capital: Xi#39;an

divisions: administered eight to level cities and two regions and five county-level city, 19 City area, 83 counties. 陕西地图

Shaanxi Province is the birthplace of the Chinese nation, as a result of ancient Qin, is referred to as "Qin" < img style = "filter:; width: 478px; height: 312px" height = 312 alt = "" hspace = 5 src = "/photo/27/2202321.jpg" width = 478 align = right border = 0> after Qinwang , Xiang Yu Qin and two-thirds, also known as the "Sanqin." "Since ancient times, emperors of the Qin State," ancient times the Yellow Emperor, the Yan Emperor in Shaanxi activities had been. Since the beginning of another week Qin, Western Han Dynasty, the Western Jin Dynasty, the former Zhao, Qian Qin, Houqin, Xi Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui and Tang dynasties, such as 13 in Shaanxi Capital for up to 1180. In addition, Liu Xuan, Chi Mei, Huang Chao, Li Zicheng four peasant uprising in the establishment of this regime of 11, Helian summer in the border areas, Changan Capital 24. Capital is the history of China#39;s provinces in the longest time.
long history of Shaanxi on the ground floor to the left a very rich historical heritage and revolutionary relics - Chinese ancestor Huangdi Ling Regulus, the Terracotta Army Peizang Keng, Tang Taizong Zhaoling, Tang Emperor Gaozong Qianling, the tomb of Sima Qian, Mianxian Zhuge Liang#39;s Tomb, the Ming dynasty city wall of Xi#39;an, the Pure Land Buddhism in the plot Zuting-Temple, the Cien Temple of Xi#39;an McGREGOR Lane mosque, Famen Si and Archaeological Finds, Goose Pagodas, Fufeng Famen Si Tajikistan, and Gao Ling 3 Yang Sita, Sita Jingyang the Chongwen, Binxian largest Buddhist temple caves, Yaoxian Yao Wangshan Cliff Figures , Zhongshan County of long land and sea caves and Lantian Xian: sculpture, Forest of Steles in Xi#39;an, Yaoxian Forest of Steles, Lueyang Forest of Steles, Mo Yan Inscription The representative of the Shihmen plank road in southern Shaanxi Inscription, the famous stone Zhaolingliujun, Han Maoling stone, stone and Tang Tang Qianling Mausoleum stone bridge. And the prosperity of the Silk Road.

there are many museums: the Shaanxi Museum of History, Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, the Tang Dynasty Museum in Xi#39;an, Xianyang Museum, Museum of Hanzhong City, Forest of Steles Museum, left 10 Banpo Museum, Qianling Museum, Lintong, Qinggong , Yaozhou Yao left 10 museums, Sima Qian and the Yan#39;an Revolutionary Memorial Museum, the Xi#39;an Incident Memorial Hall.

its natural landscape is also extremely rich, from China#39;s north-south geographical dividing line between the Qinling Mountains, north of the Qinling Mountains are the Loess Plateau and the Weihe River valley; dangerous Huashan; beautiful peaceful Zhongnanshan; romantic color of the Lishan . All this gave the Shaanxi cast a beautiful, mysterious veil.