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ShanWei - GuangDong

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Zip code: 516600

Location: east Jieyang City, Huilai County at the junction with the West even Huizhou City, and Huidong County border; north Heyuan City, and connected to Zijin County; South Bin South China Sea.

divisions: exempted Lufeng City, Hai Fengxian, inland counties and the City, Red Bay Economic Development Experimental Area, and overseas management areas.

Area: 5,271 square kilometers and a coastline of 302 km, from east to west distribution Jiazi, Jieshi, Wu Kan, shelter wave, Shanwei, the back door, such as port 11 (the harbor).

nation: the city has 21 ethnic minorities, only 30 million, of which She nationality, the Zhuang and Dong#39;s population more.

Shanwei Shanwei City, is the early 1988 approved by the State Council, to the sea, the Lufeng administrative regions set up to level cities. Exempted Haifeng, Lufeng, three counties and inland city, were set up three offices in 40 towns and 10 townships, and 13 agriculture and forestry field. Total area of 5,271 square kilometers, the total population of 2.13 million. The city#39;s overseas Chinese living abroad and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots nearly a million people.

Shanwei City has a long history. Far away in 4200 before the Neolithic period, inhabitants in the coastal areas inhabited by Haifeng home. In 221 BC, the South China Sea is a sea Lufeng County Boluo Xian. To a six-year and the Eastern Jin Dynasty (331 AD), was founded Haifeng Xian, Lufeng County of East China Sea and Haifeng Xian. Qing Emperor Yongzheng 2009 (Year 1731) Haifeng Xian precipitation from Lufeng County. Since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, Shanwei history, communication overseas, gradually prosperity, there have been "little Hong Kong," said. Lufeng PENG Pai is the martyr#39;s hometown. And 20 years of this century, the leadership of Comrade PENG Pai Lufeng peasant movement of the sea, where China first opened up a Soviet regime.

Shanwei Shanwei City is located in the eastern Guangdong coast, at 114 degrees 54 minutes east longitude to 116 degrees 13 minutes 24 "E, 22 degrees 37 minutes 40" to 23 degrees 38 minutes 35 "between. low-lying North High South, South Bin South China Sea and the Gulf of the Red Jieshi Bay; north Heyuan City, connected with the Grand County, east of Shantou City, at the junction of the same benefits to the county; Xikao Huizhou City, along with the Huidong County. Here is a subtropical climate, abundant rainfall, Pleasant climate, the average temperature of 22.1 degrees. Amphibious transport convenience and wide cross-roads in Shantou, urban 316.5 km from Guangzhou City, Shantou City, 207 kilometers, 224 kilometers in Shenzhen City; ocean connected to and from fast, Shanwei only 81 from Hong Kong, To Guangzhou, Shantou, Xiamen, Hong Kong is also very convenient, a western Guangdong and eastern Guangdong, Hong Kong and the Mainland economic ties between the important link.


hillside Mianhai Shanwei City, Mut Wah Tianbao, Rich in resources. With the province#39;s famous pineapple base, the red Shiibayashi base, bamboo base, shrimp base, crude salt export base. Inexhaustible resources and fisheries salt. As long as the city#39;s 302 km of coastline, the distribution of 10 fishing ports 9 Of the Gulf. Shanwei Deep-sea fisheries in the 350,000 square kilometers, 14 types of fish species by 107, 173 kinds. Shallow beach area of 18 million mu, suitable for shrimp, eel, Shiban, oysters, Gracilaria, abalone and other aquaculture. Yantian total area of 175,000 Hectares, more than 60,000 tons with an annual output of crude salt, the salt is the main areas in our province and the largest crude salt export base. Minerals, water resources potential is great. Has now been proven that the value of mineral exploitation of 93, the main tin, sulfur Iron ore, rare earth kaolin, quartz sand, granite, mineral water, and so on. Hydraulic resources installed capacity of up to 143,400 kilowatts, there are more than 60,000 watts of development. A wide range of animal and plant resources. Common types of vegetation more than 11 o Branch, 4 oo A variety of mainly pine, fir, red Shiibayashi and other wildlife have pangolins, cranes, Shanzhu, red legs and other waterfowl. Characteristics rather tourism resources, and broad prospects for development.