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ShanTou - GuangDong

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Sofia  Date: 07-31 2008  More Attractions
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capital: 515000

position: even the North-Mei, the West-Guangzhou, south-Yanbo the vast South China Sea, east of Fujian and Taiwan across the sea, is China#39;s only inland sea in the urban areas will be able to see the city.

Area: 2,131 square kilometers

Population: 400 million

administrative divisions: exempted Longhu, the park, Shengping, Dahao, five Pu River and Nan#39;ao county and Chaoyang City, and the escrow Chenghai City.

About Us: Shantou City is one of China#39;s five special economic zones, opening up China#39;s southeastern coastal port city. Close to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, endangered Western Pacific International Golden Waterway. Shantou City is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, China is the sole inland sea of urban subtropical coastal city.

Shantou City in Guangdong Province, eastern, southern end of Hanjiang River Delta, known as "Yeongdong portal, the South China要冲" reputation, is of special economic zones, open coastal cities and the famous hometown of overseas Chinese. The city#39;s total area of 2,064 square kilometers, population 4875100 people. Of which 1,956 square kilometers of urban population 4802700 people. Exempted Jinping, Longhu, Hou Kong, Chenghai, Chaoyang, the influx of South six districts and counties in South Australia.
Shantou four geographical characteristics of the humanities:
First endangered South China Sea, superior natural conditions. The city#39;s coastline of 289 km, Hong Kong 187 sea miles away from the urban area, 180 sea miles from Kaohsiung in Taiwan. Tropic of Cancer running through the whole territory, the climate is subtropical oceans, no cold winter and summer without the heat.

Second, many overseas Chinese with overseas exchanges. At present overseas Chinese, Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao compatriots 3.35 million people all around the world