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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Landon  Date: 09-02 2008  
Abbreviations: Lu

capital: Jinan

position: China#39;s Shandong Province is one of 10 coastal provinces and cities, is located in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, roughly between latitude 34 ° 22#39;52 "to 38 ° 15#39;02", longitude 114 ° 19#39;53 "to 122 ° 43 #39;between.

Area: 156,700 square km area of the province.

population: the province a total population of 80 million.

SAR division: Shandong Province Xianxia 17 City, 139 counties, cities and districts. One in 15 city-level, two areas, 33 county-level city and city area 45, 61 counties.


"every family springs, Huhuchuiyang", "surrounded on three sides Lotus Liu, a City Shanse half Lake City. " That is the "Springs" Jinan. This is a punishable by numerous springs, the scenery is known the world that show the beautiful city.

Jinan City Baiquan the original dispute Chung, distributed world-Baotu Spring, Powered, five Longtan, Zhenzhu Quan four Quanqun, more than 100 US-chuen, entitled "Seven 12-chuen, "reputation. - Chuen, who is now the majority have bottomed out, I do not know when to wave goodbye Lian Lian. Baotu Spring "Tianxiadiyi-chuen," reputation, sprayed high beverage no longer, but not an odd-chuen, the more vulnerable and Li Panlong, non-to be. Powered, finding a few people in the morning, walk through the next-chuen, to see if the spring-emerging, listening Powered Benyong of cool, it is a pleasure.

Siminghu large, the Qianfo Shan and the Baotu Spring and called Jinan three spots. Siminghu the broad lake, formed by the convergence of the public-chuen, on the lake in summer, lotus Ying, Lvliu shady, to catch up during the Ming dynasty He Huajie quite a flavor. Qianfo Shan mountains for Buddhism, the ancient name Lishan, Shungeng Alexander said, overlooking mountain, Siminghu such as a mirror, like the Yellow River belt, look Springs, panoramic view. Shandong referred to as the "Lu" or "Qilu." The east sea, Xikao the mainland. Level terrain is divided into two parts of the peninsula and the mainland. The eastern part of Shandong Peninsula prominent in the Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea, and at the Bohai Strait and the Liaodong Peninsula distant relative. Temple Island in the Bohai Strait Islands stands, is the boundaries of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, highlighted both sides of the throat, the capital city of Beijing Gong Wei become an important gateway to coastal defence.

Shandong terrain in central processes, for the middle-south mountain hilly region; eastern peninsula is mostly gentle ups and downs, the wavy-wide Pohuan hilly, Ludong hilly region; western and northern Yellow River is from the alluvial The plains, is part of the North China Plain, Lu northwest plains area. Lu Zhongnan Mountain Yishu in the hilly region west of the fault zone, the Yellow River, south of the Xiaoqing River, east of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the province#39;s topography is the highest mountain area of the most widely areas. 1000 meters above the peak in Thailand, Lu, Yi, a Zhushan Mongolia region on the back. Ludong hilly region in Shuhe River, Weihe river valley to the east, San Mianhuan sea. In addition to an elevation of 700 meters above Laoshan, Kunyu Mountain, Hasan and a few stands in the hilly peaks above.

Shandong history of civilization can be traced back over 5,000 years ago, is the birthplace of one of Eastern civilization. Found in Shandong of China#39;s earliest text - "Dawenkou inscription" and Dinggong Village "Yongsan Tao book", to explore China#39;s first city-states "Chengziya Yongsan city", which has the most ancient Great Wall - Qi Great Wall. Here is the birthplace of silk and ceramic one. Shandong history, there were a large number of Chinese culture have an important impact on the history of celebrity: a great thinker and educator, a politician founded the Confucian doctrine of Confucius and become the pillar of Chinese culture in the world have a significant impact. The famous ancient military strategist Sun Wu, "The Art of War" is still the Chinese and foreign military and business esteemed classics.

Shandong Province has a long history of the many cultural relics, beautiful mountains and rivers, constitute a unique tourist landscape. There are the natural landscape and cultural landscape of about 493 tourist spots, ancient architecture, ancient ruins number 13,000, of which the state#39;s key heritage preservation unit 27, the provincial-level key heritage preservation unit 379. A long history, splendid culture and beautiful natural scenery constitute a rich, distinct features of the natural landscape and cultural landscape, together constitute a unique style of Shandong tourism.

Shandong tourism to the beautiful natural landscape, rich culture and history and distinctive local characteristics of the integration, formed its own unique style. Basically formed Jinan, Tai#39;an, Qufu extended to the Zoucheng "Landscape saints," tourist areas; Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai as one of the waterfront scenery tourist area; Weifang urban areas as the center and Kite, Yang Jiabu woodcut New Year pictures, folk Folk customs as the main tourist areas; Zibo Qi Old City, sati Ma Hang, former residence of Pu Songling-culture as the main tourist areas; Haiqi concept to the Yellow River and the original natural state as the main tourist area of Dongying Yellow River mouth; Water Margin The main story line in Yangsan, Yang ancient as the focus of "Water Margin" Travel Line.