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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Luke  Date: 07-25 2008  More Attractions
Shapingba, located north of the Yangtze, the Jialing River south of the Zhou dynasty from the Pakistani territorial date, over 3,000 years of history.
Sino-Japanese War period, the National Government Moving to Western Regions, Chongqing, a large number of schools, factories, medical institutions move into the region, Shapingba from this galaxy of talent, renowned Chinese and foreign. After the founding of People#39;s Republic of China, after 50 years of construction, Chongqing Shapingba have become important economic and cultural areas. The region#39;s total area of 396 square kilometers, population 640,000, administered 13 streets and 12 towns and an economic zone.
Shapingba many tourist attractions, with their own characteristics, the main Geleshan Forest Park, the Beishan Stone Park, Ciqikou town, Geleshan Tianchi Lake Resort, egrets Nature Reserve, Pingdingshan Cultural Park.
Geleshan Forest Park is located in Shapingba District, 16 km from downtown Chongqing. To mountains, water, forests, springs, holes, clouds, fog and other natural landscape and "Qingli,幽深, simple, Kuangda" style known as "Fortress Green Gem." Geleshan because of "Dayu will诸侯in Tu Shan, Zhao Zhong Bin happy to this song," named after, a horseshoe Well, Longquan Well, smart-chuen, Pakistan, and other cultural integration into the sculpture gallery is full of myths and legends of the Bayu humanities Lingqi Attractions. "Le Song Ling Yin", "Genting Yan Yun", "Shi Feng You Rock" and the dozens of beautiful Qingyou the natural landscape, has always been for the Bayu tourist attractions. Saoke history scholars, Daguan Fellows love, pay homage to Probe into this. Anti-Japanese War, Guo Moruo, Bing Xin, Lao She, Zang Kejia, and so has left many people in the mountains Quotes of the text; Chiang Kai-shek, Linsen, Feng Yuxiang, and so are the mountains with his official residence and left a lot that moment, therefore Geleshan With a rich historical and cultural connotations. As China#39;s first forest Sports Park, Geleshan Forest Park in recent years launched a drop-song music, song music rock climbing, fun-lam, the round forests climbing, aerial adventure maze, forest off-road karting, cross-country mountain biking, a five-lin , Hongyan risk, and many other sports, leisure, but also in this year as China#39;s first forest Sports Park. Geleshan Forest Park has also built a section of the Chongqing Municipal Cultural Capital Geleshan galleries, sports fitness, recreation and rich culture as one solution, show Geleshan Sports Travel of infinite charm.
Ciqikou town was built in Song Zhenzong Hampyeong years (AD 998), built by the Ming Dynasty Emperor Wen Zhu Yunwen refuge in the town had hidden repair Po Lun Temple, the town is also known as Hidden Dragon. The early years of the Qing Dynasty, the rich and transit of porcelain, named after Ciqikou, as the Jialing River Edge important surface terminals, had "handed over 1,000 in the sun, 10,000 light at night", prosperous time, the reputation as a "small Chongqing."
egrets Nature Reserve, located in the town of Shapingba District Phoenix Dr. Chen Village, more than 20,000 wild egrets habitat in the Green bamboo, to their morning feeding, habitat Wangui, a nest, homing stunning landscape. Lin around Qingshanlvshui egrets, lush trees, buildings Yanying, Chuiyan wind around, one faction charming countryside.