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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Ava  Date: 07-10 2008  More Attractions
Sanya, is being spoiled nature of the place. Nature of the most pleasant climate, the fresh air, the most genial sunshine, the blue sea water, most soft beach, the customs 10,000 kinds of minorities, the most delicious seafood…… all of this has given the southern tip of Hainan Island. Riviera tourist cities. Summer here as the four seasons, has three no frost and snow in winter, often four seasons of flowers in full bloom, known as "Oriental Hawaii" said. This climate to the tourism and leisure.
Sanya City has a long history and goes back to ancient times. Away from its Teikyo, Guxuan overseas, Sanya since ancient times has been called "the ends of the earth." Prime Minister Han Tang Yuan, Ming Seng Jianzhen, the name of Zhao Ding Song, Minister of Civil Hu Jia and Huang Daopo, such as textiles have come to Yazhou, the region#39;s economic and cultural exchanges and development has made important contributions. Although Sanya
official since ancient times is banished to Exile Huan of exile, the history of this Pathetique left to posterity is intriguing historical sites. Taosheng accompanied off the history of the famous sculpture group ends of the earth; tell "Luhuitou" beautiful love story of the Luhuitou Peak Park; spread of Buddhist culture, the Nanshan Cultural Tourism; "Oriental Hawaii" Yalong Bay, "water-white sand beaches - "The East China Sea resort of shelters; mysterious romantic Wuzhizhoudao cultural and natural…… the perfect combination of Sanya, an increase of more profound details.
to Sanya, no one is not here by touching the sea, surfing, Harbour Walk, Sea Fishing, diving and the magical world of marine close-and enjoy physical and mental stretch, and explore the underwater world, or quietly lying on the beach Listen to the sound waves, the sun kissed skin. At this moment, "Rongrong belly to the world of cuisine," Sanya has been the best response to fresh seafood, the cuisine, not unworthy of the stomach.
it to Sanya, a stop Qianchangguadu.