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Location: Fujian Sanming is located in the northwest hinterland

area: The total area 22,900 square kilometers

population: the city#39;s total population of 2660700 people

administrative divisions: Sanming Xianxia a county-level cities (Yong#39;an City), the two areas (that is three yuan, Meilie), nine counties (that is, Mingxi County and a clean county, Ninghua County, Datian County, Youxi County, Shaxian, Le County, Taining County, Jianning Xian)

Sanming City of Fujian Province is located in the northwest, is an emerging industrial city, is the spiritual civilization Wenmingquanguo city, the National Health City, Garden City and one of China#39;s excellent tourist cities, 1993 1 menstrual approval of the State Council included in the coastal open economic zones. Jurisdiction in a city of nine counties, the total land area of 22,900 square kilometers, the population of 2.7 million people. Since reform and opening up, Sanming city has made rapid economic development. In 2004 the city#39;s gross domestic product of 37.66 billion yuan, of which 8.65 billion yuan added value of the first-, second-added value of 16.56 billion yuan, 12.55 billion yuan added value of third-and local-level financial income of 1.74 billion yuan general budget, foreign trade Total domestic exports of 250 million U.S. dollars.


three Ming Senlin is rich in resources, the National Forest south of collective comprehensive reform pilot area, Fujian enjoy the "green treasure house" of the reputation of wood variety, the forest coverage rate reached 76.8 percent, Live tree reserves 115 million cubic meters (one-third of the province), bamboo reserves of 380 million. 2004 production of wood products 1.963 million cubic meters, 33,000 tons of rosin, wood-based panel 689,000 cubic meters, paper and pulp 597,000 tons.

rich mineral resources in Sanming, Fujian mineral enjoy "Ju Baopen" reputation. Have been found metal and non-metallic ores 79, has proven reserves of the mineral 49, the bulk are: coal, iron, tungsten, aluminum, tin, manganese, barite, limestone, marble, sapphire, and so on. Rich Ore is one of the barite, tungsten, manganese, such as sapphire in the country, the province#39;s mineral resources occupy an important position.

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Sanming water rich in natural resources, abundant water in the River. Shaxi major rivers, Jinxi, Youxi County, both of the Minjiang River, 875 kilometers chief, in runoff amounted to 21.58 billion cubic meters, of which the largest river in the city of Shaxi, chief of the trunk stream of 320 km, flows through seven counties (cities ,), The runoff of 11 billion cubic meters. The city#39;s water resources for the development of power generation capacity of 1.7 million kilowatts, has now completed the development of the hydropower installed capacity of 1.425 million kilowatts.

Sanming picture Sanming mountains and beautiful, unique scenery, rich tourism resources. Taining a major tourist resort Jinhu, Tung Lok Yu-hua, Yung Yuen Tung, scales implicit Shilin, the swan-dong, Shaxian gold Hill, Sanming City C.kawakamii Nature Reserve, Dayou Hill, Ruiyun hole Long Qishan will be music, Youxizhou 9 Fu Shan, the Jianning Rao Hill, the Minjiang River source, Mingxi Ziyun, and so on. Taining Geopark one of the world geoparks, Taining Jinhu, Wing On Shilin - Yuen Tung, Tung Lok Yuhua as a state-level scenic spots. Places of Youxi County of a Song agent of Jurists Zhu Xi#39;s birthplace sites, Taining national level Shang Ming Dynasty section of heritage conservation units, such as Fort Yong Ahn Jung-ling of the ancient architecture and Shek Pik, such as Hakka ancestral land. At present, the city has launched "Bishuidanshan tours, cave Tanqi tours, rafting adventure tours, forest inspection tours, Roots Yezu Tour", and other tourist routes. "Green Triangle Tour" and "Hakka" tour was listed as the three provincial-level joint promotional gold lines.

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strong industrial base in Sanming, Fujian Province is an important raw material industrial base. With metallurgical, chemical, coal, machinery, textile dyeing and printing, plastics, paper, forest industry, building materials, electrical, and medical a relatively complete industrial system. Has 51 large and medium-sized enterprises, Fujian#39;s largest iron and steel, fertilizer, cement, coal, and other enterprises in Sanming, "Qu#39;s" brand pain blood capsule, "cabbage" licensing pesticides, "three-hang" card color printing machine "Fukuju" card vibratory roller, "wheel" brand tire shaping curing press, "Feige" card hard PVC film, "Rao Mountain" brand copy paper, "Tianhe" Zhu Liangxi, such as licensing a number of domestic and international famous brands Products.