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SanMenXia - HeNan

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Zip code: 472000

position: at the western edge of Henan Province, Henan, Shaanxi, Shanxi provinces at the junction, east of Luoyang City, south of Nanyang City, north of Yellow River.

Area: 24.4 square kilometers

Population: 235,800 people

divisions: administered Mianchi Xian, Lushi County, Shanxian, Lingbao Shi, Yima City and Lake District,

Sanmenxia in Henan Province, the western edge of the city, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan provinces at the junction, East and linked to Luoyang City, South and Nanyang phase grounding, and the Yellow River in Shanxi Province across the north, west and Tongguan by neighboring Shaanxi province, Xian Xia Ling Baoshi, Yima City, Shanxian, Mianchi Xian, and Lushi County Lake District, a total area of 10,496 square kilometers, the total population of 2.2 million.

Sanmenxia Sanmenxia the unique tourism resources. China#39;s ancient civilization, the motherland#39;s Jinzhao Shengji, the southern border of Huguangshanse, the northern part of the country#39;s magnificent Heshan, here cleverly combined with the show. Neolithic ruins of the Yangshao culture there, the late Western Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn early Guo State Juma Keng group, Jingshan Regulus Huangdi Ling, the Warring States Period, the Qin Zhao UNITA Taiwan, Lao Tzu, "the moral" the Hangu Guan, the ancient Chinese four Echo Building one of the Po Lun Sita; and the Eighth Route Army Mianchi military depot site, the cave folk tourism in western Henan, San Mianhuan water of the Yellow River Resort, scenic Asia-Hill, Shanxian Gan Forest Park, scenic hot springs resort Bishu , The tower in the surging Yellow River in the mainstay of the world-famous Yellow River Dam. A long history of the Yellow River culture and unique folk arts, such as artless Shanhua throughout urban and rural areas. Yellow River Tour major tourist routes and open up in April 1986, has so far held five Yellow River International Tourism Festival. "The Yellow River" tour routes have been classified as National Tourism Administration of the 14 lanes of travel, to the international market. Tourist season, Bibo Dangyang cruises in the Yellow River, can watch "The Yellow River-day walk the East China Sea," Pang Bo momentum of the native and coastal scenery, but also feelings of ship Liu Shao, Yu Yue surface of the realm of myth. You Yellow River, Lansheng King, a total of five states side by side revitalization; opened three, welcome friends, work a total of universal prosperity. Since reform and opening up, Sanmenxia and has 15 domestic cities and the northern Japanese market, Australia#39;s Murray Bridge City established a "sister city" relationship, with more than 10 countries and regions established economic cooperation relations. Bathed in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, play a unique position, Sanmenxia is struggling to meet the aggressive posture of the 21st century. Sanmenxia photos

Sanmenxia Yellow River is accompanied by Miles the first dam building and the rise of a new cities, Sanmenxia picture to the beautiful mountains and rivers, abundant resources and Wenmingzhongwai. Legend has it Dayu flood control, so that God will axe mountain Picheng "people", "God", "Ghost Gate" three Canyon, named after the Sanmenxia this. After 40 years of hard construction, Sanmenxia with a new attitude stands in the western border, known as embedded in the Yellow River shore of a pearl. Sanmenxia is located in Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi provinces junction of East and adjacent to the city of Luoyang, according to South Funiu Mountain and phase grounding in Nanyang City, Xiwang the ancient city of Chang#39;an, the North echoed at the Yellow River and Shanxi with a total area of 10,496 square kilometers, the jurisdiction 3 County (Shanxian, Sheng pool, Lushi), 2 City (Yima, Lingbao), 1 (Lake), the total population of 2.13 million, of which the urban population of 235,000, is at the junction of three provinces in the history of economic and cultural center. China#39;s ancient civilization, the motherland#39;s Jinzhao miracle, the southern border of Huguangshanse, Northland#39;s beautiful glaciers, and here was a condensed and clever show, the development of tourism has a very favorable conditions and broad prospects. Heavy here for the history and culture left many relics and cultural landscape. Yangshao Village of the discovery and excavation sites, China has opened a new cause of the first archaeological stone face, for the study of Chinese primitive society provides a wealth of information, and laid a solid foundation.

Miao Digou cultural sites and the Western Zhou Dynasty unearthed in the cemetery of Guo State monarch a great deal of the history of art treasures, is of high cultural value to watch. Interpretation of the Warring States period, Qin and Zhao turning hostility into friendship story of the two ancient Qin Zhao UNITA Taiwan, Qin Xiaogong According to the Commissioner of Hangu Guan and I resist the enemy, "the moral" Taichu Hangu Guan Gong and the Taiwan-Wang, Meng Changjun related to the chicken Wong, Taiwan, China, one of the four major construction echo Po Lun Sita after repair, a new rhyme, a year to attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.


the natural landscape into a major tourism, mountaineering, for one summer, enjoy the "small Huashan" reputation of the Asia-Shan National Forest Park, "surrounded by mountains on three sides of water, semi-City Smoke-city-village "of the Old City Shanzhou Scenic Area; scenery R, beat landscapes, monuments all over the step Sanmenxia Yellow River Resort, and so on. In recent years, launched the "Yellow River" tour tourist routes, the National Tourism Administration has been set at 14 the second green tourism, to the international market.