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Location: located in Rizhao City, east longitude 118 ° 35 #39;~ 119 ° 39#39;, latitude 35 ° 04 #39;~ 36 ° 04#39;. Located in southeastern Shandong Province, east Yellow Sea, and across Japan, South Korea across the west in Linyi City, South and the adjacent city of Lianyungang in Jiangsu Province, and Qingdao City, North, the border city of Weifang, China#39;s landlocked West-all provinces and autonomous regions.

Zip code: 276800

Area: total area of about 5,310 square kilometers.

population: more than 200 million population.

Administrative Region of: Xian Xia Dong Gangqu, Juxian County, Wulian County, the Office of Arashiyama, sunshine Development Zone, Shan Haitian tourist resort, under the 38 towns and 27 townships, five streets, 2952 Village, 41 neighborhood committees.

sunshine history goes back to ancient times. Xia, Shang period of the Dongyi. "Lu first tabled in the Spring and Autumn Xiaoxing," said a prominent figure in the early Western Zhou Jiang Taigong "Dongyi of disabilities." Fengjiashan this Qinlou streets of South East Village have Jianggong Taiwan, the legend is the Taigong fishing sites.

an early Western Zhou Dynasty to the Warring States Chu Chang States. 11th century BC, to eliminate weeks after the closure of the descent to Chu Chang Shaohao monarch, its capital city today-Juxian County. In 431 BC, Chu Chang Chu State which was out. History through the vicissitudes of life, Song Yuanyou 2002 (1087) home town of sunshine, the Juxian County, for "sunrise early as first light" (Qianlong, according to the "sunshine Shiki" records), Italy, before a "sunshine" in name.


is located in Rizhao City in the middle of coastal China, Shandong Peninsula south side, east Yellow Sea, the sea and Japan, South Korea, the sea, north of Qingdao, Lianyungang, Jiangsu south, the West-in domestic Lu various provinces and autonomous regions. In the Pacific Rim Economic Circle and Central Huang (Bo) Hoi economic zone, China is focused on development and construction of the distribution of productive forces and the coast and the main axis of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge Interchange. As the state#39;s western development strategy implemented, the new Eurasian Continental Bridge East bridgehead - increasing the value of sunshine for International Development doubled.

sunshine photos rich agricultural resources in Rizhao City, known as Yumizhixiang the reputation of Shandong Province is the food, peanuts, tea, aquatic products, silkworm cocoons, tobacco, fruits, vegetables, livestock, medicines and other important origin . More types of forest resources and forest reserves of 1.95 million cubic meters, the forest coverage rate reached 26.9 percent. Rich marine resources in Rizhao, Shandong Province is an important base of aquatic products and distribution centres, with the country#39;s largest seafood market, is the one of the four major aquatic products breeding center. Bayu-rich coastal waters, Daoyu, Huanghua Yu and Xi Shi and other economic tongue fish, shrimp, sea cucumber, abalone and other famous seafood. Non-metallic mineral resources of the high quality, granite enjoy a relatively high reputation. Has proven reserves of the major asbestos 150,000 tons, 300 million tons of granite, gneiss 550 million tons.

sunshine picture sunshine beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate, humid monsoon climate is temperate, with an average annual temperature of 12.7 ℃, an average 72 percent humidity, frost-free period 223 days, the average duration of bright sunshine 2533 hours, with an average annual rainfall 870 Mm. Air quality standards at the national level. A coastline of over 100 km, of which 64 kilometers of the shoreline beaches, port shoreline over 20 kilometers. Offshore marine water quality in the country to maintain a standard. Is the national sustainable development experimental zone, the National Ecological Demonstration Area in the building of the pilot, the key cities of environmental protection.

Banghai mountain sunshine, a long history and is rich in natural scenery and human resources, "the blue sky, blue sea, the beach," the world-famous. Here Shuiqing wave steady, Pingsha fine beaches, is rare in China#39;s coastal summer resort, resort, resort destination and open sea stadium, the beach#39;s natural-site. Riviera sunshine in a national forest park, Shan Haitian tourist resort, 000-mouth area, the lighthouse area and many beaches.


cultural heritage abundant sunshine, in Lingyang River to explore the site of the original inscription as early as 1,000 years Oracle, the founder of China#39;s text. Longshan culture typical of the two city sites known as "Asia#39;s oldest city." Rizhao has black pottery 5,000 years of history, as the gem of Chinese civilization. Heshan Cliff stone the "sunshine" in Chinese characters for the world#39;s most Cliff. Floating to a mountain 3,500 years ago "Tianxiadiyi ginkgo tree," Liu and Xie#39;s house. Wulian Hill for the provincial-level scenic spots, Song Su Shi in the state of the state to do that, once said that "Qixiu unabated Yandang" praise the mountain.


Rizhao municipal government attaches great importance to tourism, the tourism industry as a pillar industry in five major projects. Sunshine is the 2005 World "European level" Sailing Championships, the 2006 world championships organised by sailing 470 cities in July 2003 in the State Environmental Protection Administration issued a national environmental focus of urban air quality ranked third on the list, the Yangtze River to become North optimal air quality in the urban environment of the city in the first batch from the Shandong provincial government announced the "garden city in Shandong Province" list, the list of Rizhao City, in December 2003 in Rizhao City successfully passed the National Tourism Administration acceptance to become "China Outstanding tourist city. " Shoupai official ceremony will be held on January 8, 2004 held in Zhengzhou. Rizhao City tourism as "Eco-City waterfront, East Sun City"; sunshine tourism slogan is "You Shan Deng May, tours to the sunshine." Sunshine as the sea of people will be welcome to all corners of the globe宾朋mind.