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Zip code: 362000

area: the city#39;s total land area of 11,015 square kilometers

population: a total population of 7.283 million

another name: Tongcheng

Location: southeast of Jinjiang in Fujian Province to Haikou

divisions: Jinjiang City, Shishi City, Nanan City, Hui#39;an County, Anxi County, Yongchun County, Dehua County, Kinmen County and Li Cheng, Fortress, Luo Jiang, Quangang Qu.

#39;s floral emblem: Erythrina spent

look at the ground floor of Xi#39;an, in terms of Quanzhou. Xiamen, Quanzhou, in the northeast and across the sea from Taiwan, the State Department announced the first batch of historical and cultural city. Quanzhou traffic very developed since ancient times, as early as the Tang Dynasty of China has become one of the four major foreign trade port. Song and Yuan Dynasties period into the heyday period, the marine Silk Road into the Qimao, with more than 100 countries and trade at the same time, the world#39;s major religions also with the economic and cultural exchanges and the introduction of Quanzhou, it has become a world Of religious and cultural characteristics of the city.


The city has a rich cultural accumulation, save a lot of Chinese nation#39;s fine traditions, it is well-known hometown of overseas Chinese, the annual Roots Yezu in their hometowns of overseas Chinese visitors. Quanzhou R scenery, landscapes ZHONG Ling, the length and breadth of cultural relics and heritage preservation has 50 multiple units, there are national key scenic spots and nature reserves of a country, tourism is a good place to the Fujian Tourism is not to be missed Quanzhou The.

Quanzhou photos hillside Mianhai Quanzhou, in the undulating mountains, hills, river valleys, basins Cuola the meantime, there are mountains 1,000 meters above 455, mainly in Germany, Yongchun, and Anxi Nanan part of the mountain. Dai Yun from the mountains northeast of southwest extension of the main peak 1,856 meters above sea level, "central Fujian roof," said. High terrain in the northwest and southeast low, from Zhongshan, low coastal hills to the mountains, plains basin transition. Wanting Quanzhou tortuous coastline, the bedrock for the majority of the coast, of about 421 km, Meizhou Bay, Quanzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai Wan, Wan Wai first four Harbour and Xiaocuo, Chongwu, Houzhu, Merlin, Ishii, etc. 14 ports.

Quanzhou is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese and Taiwan compatriots Han, whose ancestral home is in the main. The city of overseas Chinese, Chinese have more than 620 million people, lived in Hong Kong and Macao compatriots are more than 80 million people, Taiwan compatriots in the Chinese 44.8 percent of about 900 million people, whose ancestral home is in Quanzhou. In recent years, to Quanzhou Roots Yezu, visiting relatives and friends, business investment, tourism of the overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots growing number of folks enthusiastic Sangzi brigade building, Quanzhou, economic and social development plays an active role.

Quanzhou picture

Quanzhou is the State Council announced the first batch of 24 historical and cultural city one from the Tang Dynasty to the Yuan dynasty, Quanzhou, "Erythrina Hong Kong" has always been China#39;s major foreign trade port, is The ancient "Marine Silk Road" starting point, enjoy the "Oriental Chittagong first" reputation. The city#39;s unique scenic spots, many cultural relics, the focus of heritage conservation at all levels to include 684 multiple units, of which 14 national and 44 provincial level.

Quanzhou scenery Quanzhou is approved by the State Council of Taiwanese Triangle area of economic opening up an important part of the complex is also the national pilot reform cities, since reform and opening up, Quanzhou proceed from reality, efforts to make good use of national and provincial Given the special policies and flexible measures to regulate the market-based, mainly export-oriented economy, the development of multi-ownership economy, overall economic strength significantly enhanced. 2004, the city#39;s gross domestic product 160.297 billion yuan, the total income of more than 13 billion yuan, 2.5 billion yuan in income-chao, which was an increase of 24.5 percent over the total economy remain the province and national level in the forefront.

Quanzhou has formed textile and apparel footwear industry, building materials industry, technology products, food and beverage industry Quanzhou, machinery manufacturing, and other five major traditional competitive industries, are working to cultivate oil and chemical industries, the electronic information industry, tourism, and other three Leading industries.

turn of the century the special historical period, Quanzhou will further emancipate their minds, seize opportunities, forge ahead, and accelerate the development of the Quanzhou economy, promote the culture of Quanzhou, Quanzhou, a city building, promotion of national economic and social Cause faster and better development for the city create new glories.