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QuJing - YunNan

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Zip Code: 655000

code: 0874

Location: East Yunnan, and Guizhou and Guangxi provinces bordering.

peoples: the Han, Yi, Hui and Miao, Zhuang, Buyi, water, Yao, and so on.

divisions: unicorn, Xuanwei City, Luliang Prefecture, Huize County, Fuyuan County, Luoping County, Malone County, Shizong County, Zhanyi County.

Qujing in Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in central, east and inter-102 ° 42#39;-104 ° 50 #39;, north latitude and 24 ° 19#39;-27 ° 03#39; between. East and Guizhou, Guangxi adjacent to the West and Kunming, capital of the border, south of Wenshan and Honghe, North and Zhaotong, Bijie Prefecture of Guizhou attached to connect the Mainland#39;s Yunnan Province is an important land crossings, known as "the Yunnan-Guizhou Suoyue" and "the gateway to Yunnan," "Yunnan throat," said. Qujing is second only to Kunming, Yunnan#39;s second largest city, Yunnan is also an important industrial city.
Apart from the excellent location, here has a long history of culture. This is the birthplace of the famous Cuan culture, Cuan Longyan monument, Cuan Po-high monument with the book value of art and historical value and respected by the people of the world, as the "Southern heritage monument," "Shenpin first." Zhuang arrogance open Yunnan, Xiu Qin, "Wu Chi Road," Zhuge Liang#39;s "seven escapement Menghuo "...... in the long river of history, here Romance of the number of epic historical feat. Zhuge Liang Shu Han from Nanzheng, until the Early Tang Dynasty 500 years, Yunnan has been here the political, economic and cultural center.
Qujing the beautiful scenery and solid history, culture, strong national conditions and customs created a rich and colorful tourist resources. In the six major types of tourism resources, have the basic Qujing, 74 kinds of basic types of Qujing Lu has 50 kinds, accounting for 67 percent. Qujing have Xiongqi the mountains, beautiful water. Shanghai has been awarded Big World Headquarters Jini Si "China#39;s largest color Shadiao Competition" to the state-level scenic spots 4 a Caiseshalin the Luliang and Luoping Lubuge canyon scenery, Kowloon Falls group, and more by the river, the source of the Pearl River, MA Ma river, Fuyuan Shengjing clearance, four State-level forest park space, Huize mu Caoshan and fascinating historical and cultural cities, such as the beautiful landscape.
Qujing is the first river in southern China - the birthplace of the Pearl River. Ming Xu Xiake eastern Yunnan has been riding all over the land, wrote "Panjiang examination" of a text, proven source of the Pearl River in Zhanyi County in Qujing City of Ma Hung Shan, Ma Hung-shan and praised the "one drop of water Sanjiang" the geographical wonders. "Derived from the Ma Hung" Juanjuanxiliu, the flow of Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Guangdong, 40 provinces, autonomous regions and create a splendid history and culture of the South and the prosperity of the Pearl River Delta. Ma Hung Mountain scenic area has been identified as a national forest park. Spring March, the Ma Yin Hong huge cherry-like, a Congcong shrubs, azaleas dispute-Doo-yan, visitors Mubuxiajie, Liulianwangfan. Every year, attracted many people to come to the Pearl River Basin Exploration Roots.
North eastern Yunnan Qunfeng standing, deep valleys. Wumeng Pass, Yunzhewuzhang, mysterious and hard, mountainside green grass and cattle and sheep flocks, like exposure, "Shangri-La" Diqing Plateau in general. Red Army#39;s Long March that the two had spent Qujing, did Laojiang (Chiang Kai-shek), "Qi Jia discarded pipe," quickly troop movements-Kunming, where Mao Zedong wrote "Wumeng Pangbo take Niwan" Song through the ages. In the suburbs of clearance under the Village, built to commemorate the Red Army had two Qujing the Red Army Tower. With rich local culture and the "unicorn fairy", "Zhuge Liang and Meng Huo," "A Shima and Azerbaijan black" and "the hometown of fish", "Xu Xiake," and "hard", formed in most cities in Yunnan Good sculpture group.
Qujing City, 167 kilometers west of Kunming, have direct access to highway, Kunming, the Bus Terminal and a shuttle bus to Pakistan; Dongju Guiyang City, 489 kilometers, from the eastern access to the important transportation hub of Yunnan, the ancient " Yunnan keys into, "said. your Queensland Longitudinal railway lines throughout the city, there was an extension to the West Guizhou Parkinson fruit, the Nanning-Kunming Railway is under construction from near by, from Kunming to Qujing a highway, the transportation is very convenient. Xiaopo from the North Railway Bridge, the malls south of Cambridge, Xiangyang Road, unicorn, a total length of 8.3 kilometers, is the longest street in Yunnan so far, pending the completion of the Old City, will be up to 10.3 km. Cuifenglukuan 60 meters, Yunnan is one of the most wide streets. Shops on the streets of hotels, restaurants row upon row. With rich local culture and the "unicorn fairy", "Zhuge Liang and Meng Huo," "A Shima and Azerbaijan black" and "the hometown of fish", "Xu Xiake," and "hard", formed in most cities in Yunnan Good sculpture group.
Qujing city since reform and opening up the eastern Yunnan plateau on the rise of a new city, has become a rational layout, with perfect functions, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, built area of 25 square kilometers to 300,000 people with the medium-sized city. Qujing in the near future to build into a population of more than 500,000 people, built area of 50 square kilometers near the modern city. Qujing
today#39;s rapid development, has been dismantling the (regional prefecture) to the city (prefecture-level cities), administered: Qujing City, Xuanwei City, Malone County, Huize County, the Hui Autonomous County of Xundian, Shizong County, Luliang Prefecture, in Fuyuan County in Luoping County and nine cities and counties. Qujing City, capital of a "small Kunming," said.