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QiongHai - HaiNan

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Area: 1,692 square kilometres

Population: 459,070 people

Zip code: 571400

administrative division code: 469002

code: 0898

Qionghai City, Hainan Island is located in the east, east South China Sea, south, west and north respectively, with the Mannings, Qiongzhong, Tunchang, will be on, Wenchang and other cities and counties bordering . Living in 28 countries and regions of overseas Chinese, Chinese 550,000. Have proven the value of mineral exploitation of a titanium, potassium tungsten, gold, graphite, kaolin, sand, and other 14 kinds of glass, 35 degrees above grade in the perovskite is 17.7 million tons, 3.4 million tons of graphite, potassium feldspar 200000000 Tons, 100 million cubic meters of granite, glass sand over 100,000 tons.

water and electricity resources Chuanliubuxi the age of six rivers, the water a total of 2.79 billion cubic meters, has used 263 million cubic meters, accounting for 9.4 percent, to national levels of drinking water quality standards. There are seven medium-sized reservoirs, the total capacity of 259 million cubic meters. Hydropower reserves of 120,000 kilowatts, exploitation amount to 118,000 kilowatts. In addition, Kwun Tong, the north shore of Hot Springs, more valuable is Guantang Hot Spring, the flow of 10,700 tons, the water temperature of 76-84 degrees of perturbation, the state-level appraisal, the world is one of the hot mineral spring field.

a coastline of 43 kilometers, Longwan the depth of 12 m, is an international waterway near the port of Sham, 1-5 could be built 10,000-ton berth terminal 42. Fisheries throughout the East and West, in the Spratlys, a higher economic value is more than 40 kinds of fish. There are 18.7 million mu of shallow water shoals, aquaculture seafood is a good base, the country#39;s largest Eucheuma farms in the territory.

the world-famous Wanquan River to the main line, including the Wanquan River, Baishi Ridge, Hot Springs, Kwun Tong, Sha Chau Island, Wanquan River to the sea, Boao Shuicheng, Yelin River Harbour Beach Gardens, a The whole system of tourism, Hainan Province, as one of the top 10 tourist areas opening to the outside world. There is also the first general Zhou memorial statue of Red Detachment of Women, Jukui Pagoda, Speed 10 to the runway, such as the humanities, attractions, the famous "Boao Forum for Asia" in Boao Shuicheng.

223 State Road (East Sea Yu) and Island East to the North-South Expressway was adopted from the territory, two provincial highway running through the city, and all cities and counties throughout the province to connect networks. High-speed roads in the territory of a four entrances and exits from the city and the seat of the provincial capital Haikou plot entrances and exits to 86 kilometers, only an hour#39;s drive. Highway Zonghengjiaocuo the city, accessible, the city#39;s traffic mileage of 2,100 kilometers, the average per square kilometre area of 1.1 km highway. Longwan port are under construction, planned for the near future into an international Zhongzhuan Gang. Tam Mun Hong Kong is a popular fishing port and is also leading to the East, West, Central, Hong Kong start of the Nansha Islands, 10 fishing and cargo vessels of dual-use of direct Hong Kong.

the existing capacity of 40,000 program-controlled switches, mobile phone users reached 23,000, and the urban and rural telephone exchange and transmission of digital program-controlled, directly for the domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and City, county and the world, more than 200 countries and regions.

reunification of the provincial power grid electricity, in addition to the provincial cattle Ridge Road Hydropower Station, there are large and small power station 26, a total installed capacity of 99,700 kilowatts, the generating capacity of 300 million degrees, the power Surplus.

the city#39;s drinking water two countries have reached the standard 2.79 billion cubic meters of water, the city has two water plant, the daily water supply capacity of over 40,000 tons. Also present are planning a Nissan 100,000 tons water plant, fully meet the city the next 10 years, residents and large-scale industrial water needs.