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QingYuan - GuangDong

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capital: 511,500

Location: south of Guangzhou, the North sector in Hunan, east of Shaoguan, west of Guangxi, the Pearl River Delta and the mountains of northern Guangdong Department of Lingnan is also an important link to the Central Plains, "Tongqu provinces, the North River stronghold "Said.

Area: 19,000 square km

Population: 3870000

administrative divisions: exempted Yingde City, Lianzhou City, the Qing Xinxian, Yangshan County, and even South Yao Autonomous County, Caroline Zhuang Autonomous County of Yao, and money-Fogang Xian City, 2 in 5 County District 1.

About Us: "Yi-Qing Yuan" - Qingyuan has always been known as the Pearl River Delta of the garden, the local unique geographical location and unique topography constitute a rich tourist resources.


Beijiang Pearl, Yi-Qing Yuan. Qingyuan is a young and full of charm of the city. January 7, 1988 by the State Council approved the establishment of Qingyuan City, the prefectural level, the same year on February 28 was set up formally. Xian Xia Qing Xinxian, Fogang Xian, Yangshan County, and even South Yao Autonomous County, Caroline Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County-City County, a District 5, and the escrow Yingde, even in the two county-level city. Total area of 19,000 square kilometers, the total population of 3.87 million people in Guangdong Province, the largest regional and prefecture-level cities in Guangdong Province, inhabited mainly minority. Jianshiyilai, Qingyuan municipal government in Guangdong provincial party committee and government#39;s correct leadership and the brothers, both at home and abroad concerned about the enthusiasm of all sectors of the community support, the smooth realization of the strategic Jul various stages of development goals, a modern Beijiang River in Riverside Metro The two sides stands. At the turn of the century to face the new situation and new challenges, Qingyuan city also proposed the implementation of a clear-cut manner of industrialization, urbanization, market garden and the four major development strategy, invented the "second pioneering" climax.

Qingyuan photos Qingyuan is located 111 degrees east longitude 113 degrees 55 minutes to 55 hours, 31 minutes north latitude and 23 degrees to 25 degrees 12 minutes between the Tropic of Cancer in the north near the South China Sea from about 2 oo km, the South Subtropical monsoon climate zone. 64 km away from the urban area of Guangzhou, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, and the Southeast Asia; mountainous area north of North Guangdong and Hunan, Guangxi, Lingnan-lived since ancient times is the only way for the Central Plains, Nanlaibeiwang of water and land transportation hub, Hong Kong and Macao is , Radiation and the mainland coastal areas to the transfer of important industrial corridor, but also to Guangzhou as the center of the southern economic zone of an important component part. - City is the geographical scope of the Pearl River Delta.

Qingyuan City, a total area of 19,000 square kilometers, in Guangdong Province, the vast geographical and class city. Topography of the city#39;s northwest, southeast low, both plains, hills, mountains and karst topography of the diversity of landscape. Qingshanlvshui according to the North, South Pingchuan even Woye, in Guangdong Province, an important commodity grain, timber, water and forest emerging sericulture, fruit, tea, sugarcane, tobacco, anti-season vegetable production base, the country is also one of the three major sources of raw materials, ceramic.

Qingyuan picture

land resources in the city#39;s cultivated land area of 182,000 Chung, 12 of which paddy field. l 10,000 hectares, 61,000 hectares dry land, the land area of 1.33 million hectares, of which yet to be developed to 25 degrees below the hillside farmland 1 o 10,000 hectares. The fertile soil and sunny, mild climate, abundant rainfall, is very conducive to the growth of various crops. Good infrastructure and farmland water and soil conservation, the city#39;s food self-sufficiency has surplus in each of 200 million Duojin grain external trade. The development of the existing sectors-connecting more than 5 oo acres of the "three-high" agricultural base 1 o4, crops and livestock from the mountains of aquatic products reached 4.15 billion yuan revenue. The city#39;s forest resources 98,7 million hectares of forest area, live tree Volume 42.74 million cubic meters, trees, the growth of 2.32 million cubic meters, the forest coverage rate 65.9%. A variety of the city#39;s 2,500 kinds of animal and plant resources. Fruit trees are the major economic, chestnut, tea, brown mountains, tea, tung tree, mountain Cang seed, bamboo shoots, and so on. Yangshan said planes, even in the Dongshan and Maoping, Fogang Kwun Yam Shan Nature Reserve in Guangdong precious animals and plants.

Qingyuan today, "the PRD after the Garden" - in the good image of Qingyuan has become increasingly enjoys popular support, introduced momentum of rapid economic and social development to accelerate. February 28, 2002, in Qingyuan City successfully held the 48 key projects founded the ribbon-cutting ceremony, with a total investment volume reached 12.87 billion yuan. It can be said Qingyuan introduced the "Yangqunxiaoying" is taking shape and expand. In the new century a new wave of development in Qingyuan City, is the image of its brand-new, unique courage, the prospect of a fully demonstrated its tremendous development of new advantages.

Qingyuan is the vision of the new century show business field. We sincerely welcome friends from all sectors of the community at home and abroad Qingyuan study tours, vacation travel, investment home buyers. We believe that as long as we personally General Secretary Jiang#39;s "Three Represents" Important Thought requested that the provincial party committee and the provincial political commissar of the right, under the leadership of the higher-level departments, regional and fraternal concern and support from all sectors of society, in the co-development of home and abroad , Will Kuaimajiabian Qingyuan, stepped takeoff, as businesses prosper, flowers Zhengyan the PRD after the Garden.