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Location: Qingyang lies in the east longitude 106 ° -108 °, north latitude and between 35 ° -37 °. Located in the eastern part of Gansu Province, Xi said, "Gansu Province", east of Yan#39;an City of Shaanxi Province linking the western and Guyuan of Ningxia region adjacent to the south and甘肃省平凉City of Shaanxi Province and Xianyang City for the sector, and the northern part of the Yulin City of Shaanxi Province and Ningxia Silver regions bordering the South,

Area: total area of 27,119 square kilometers.

population: more than 200 million population.

Administrative Region of: Qingyang Xianxia Xifeng, Qingyang, the original town, County, Zhengning, or water, Huachi, seven counties in Central City 1, 146 townships and 1,487 administrative villages.

Qingyang activities of the Yellow Emperor is Regulus the region, the birthplace of the Chinese nation. Zhou ancestors in this Societe Generale, opened a historical precedent farming culture. Qingyang, Northwest China is the first to create a revolutionary base. 1934 Liu Zhidan, Xi Zhongxun, such as in South Huachi beam to create a Shangan-Soviet government.


Qingyang various historical periods of very rich cultural heritage. All kinds of artifacts found more than 2,700 units (which was listed as key national heritage conservation units of four, was classified as provincial heritage conservation units of 69, was listed as heritage conservation units of the county 147), the Heritage Collection 2 More than 10,000 pieces. Qingyang Xian sanshilipu excavations in the late Jurassic rock in the "Ring pterosaur#39;s" fossils, a water Panchiao early Quaternary "as the ancient Yellow River" fossils, the whole world attention. My first one unearthed the earliest Paleolithic, the excavations in the Zhao bifurcation in Huachi County. So far the region has been found Yangshao, Qijia, and other ancient cultural sites 980. Qin Great Wall, Qin straight across the territory of more than 200 km. Northern Wei Yongping of the 2002 North Temple Grottoes, a large, beautiful shape, is in the grotto art treasures. Fan Zhongyan was built to resist the invasion of the Western Xia Qiang Cheng, Dashun peace Shu Walled City Xiongzi in Utah.

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Qingyang past masters come forth in large numbers, the ancient Yellow Emperor has asked the difference in medical Bo, a Chinese philosopher Wang Fu, Fu Xuan Wei, Jin, a politician, before the Ming Dynasty and the seven leaders Meng-yang Li , Epigraphy painting all 000 meters 10 minutes, all for the history of the alleged Road.


Qingyang abundant natural resources, known as "granary in Longdong," said the rich grain, oil, fruits and medicines, and so on. Day lily well-known at home and abroad, the Ministry of Economy and Trade as "the Northwest Special Jinzhen Cai." Wong Kam-tao, Jin date was the ancient tribute. Qingyang, Central County, Huachi, Xifeng four counties (districts) in the oil and natural gas reserves of rich Changqing Oilfield is the main producing areas.