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Location: Qingdao City of Shandong Peninsula is located in the south, at longitude 119 ° 30 #39;~ 121 ° 00#39;, latitude 35 ° 35 #39;~ 37 ° 09#39;, East, South brink of the Yellow Sea, adjacent to the northeast and Yantai City, West connected with the Weifang City, Rizhao City in the southwest and bordering. The city#39;s total area of the East, South brink of the Yellow Sea, and Yantai City, adjacent to the Northeast, West and the Weifang City connected with the southwest border of Rizhao City.

Area: total area of 10654.1 square kilometers.

population: more than 700 million population.

Administrative Region of: Qingdao, Xian Xia seven areas of the city, seven in the Southern District that is, in the north, the Quartet, Lee Chang, Yang City, Laoshan, Huangdao District, the five cities for Lacey, Jimo, Pingdu, Jiaozhou, Jiaonan.

region formerly known as plastic Australia. 1891 (17 years-Guangxu)-That the Government of plastic O security, Qingdao this building. The following year, the town of Dengzhou for high-yuan led troops Zongbing Chapter Yizhu plastic Australia. November 1897, Germany "Juye lesson plans" as an excuse to occupy plastic O, and forced the Qing government on March 6, 1898 signed the "rubber O Concession Treaty." Since then, the rubber O reduced to a colony, Shandong also included in the German sphere of influence. After the outbreak of World War I, in November 1914, Japan and Australia to replace the German occupation of plastic, military colonial rule.


after the end of World War I, the Chinese people to recover the heroic struggle of Qingdao. 1919, the Qingdao issue of sovereignty and trigger the famous "May 4" movement, forcing Japan to February 4, 1922 with the Chinese government signed the "Treaty to resolve pending issues in Shandong." December 10 the same year, China#39;s resumption of plastic O, opened for the Commercial Ports, the establishment of Australian Commercial Ports handling of the Office of plastic, directly under the Northern Government. Its administrative region with Germany and Australia concession to the same plastic. April 1929, Nanjing National Government took over the rubber O Commercial Ports, the same year in July based in Qingdao City. Renamed in 1930 in Qingdao City.

1938年1, the Japanese re-occupation of Qingdao. September 1945, the KMT government in the United States to receive the support of Qingdao, the city is still special. June 2, 1949, Qingdao liberation. After the liberation of Qingdao, Shandong Province to the provincial cities. 1981, 15 were classified as the economic center of the city; April 1984, 14 were classified as the further opening up the coastal port city of one of the October 15, 1986, the State Council officially approved the National Plan In the implementation of single row, gives the provincial level economic management authority; February 1994, was listed as the 15 sub-provincial cities.

Qingdao photos

of the Jiaodong Peninsula, Hong Wa green trees and blue sky blue sea in the beautiful mosaic of a city - Qingdao. It endangered the Yellow Sea, surrounded Jiaozhou Bay, North and adjacent to the city of Yantai, Weifang City Xikao, to the southwest of Rizhao City. China is famous seaside tourist destination.

Qingdao Qingdao City to the northern part of the topography of the higher altitude, from north to the central and western gradually decreased, the southeast coastal areas and low-lying coastal areas of Jiaozhou Bay, north and southeast of Qingdao is mainly mountainous and hilly, Laoshan Mountain In this respect, the mountains extend Jiaozhou the Jiaozhou Bay, in Jiaonan, Laoshan Mountain is famous Taoism, Lao Mountain Top for the whole highest mountain, 1,133 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in Qingdao City, the province ranked second in height only Taishan secondary peak (1,524 meters), is China#39;s coastal Zhushan in the highest mountain.

Qingdao Banghai close to the mountains, beautiful and pleasant weather, is a unique coastal city. Hilly spread the length and breadth of the hills in the urban area of Qingdao, the buildings are built according to terrain, Hong Wa roof Cuoluoyouzhi, together with the ups and downs of winding streets and Green trees, a unique geographical Qingdao urban landscape.

Qingdao in modern times through the vicissitudes of life, is rich in cultural tourism landscape, according to the distribution of attractions and cultural connotations, can be divided into four major regions with their own characteristics, namely: the old city (modern western city Style), the Eastern District (modern international city style), the urban hinterland (Jiaodong style folk culture), Countryside (previous heritage character). To Qingdao to visit, you can enjoy the pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. But also in the cultural collision between Chinese and foreign exchanges to watch the crystallization of a deep-level thinking and enlightenment, which is of high value tourism.


In broad terms: Cape Bay-and Qingdao, beach-soft sand, coastal setbacks, the Board of Health with the sea, sea Zengcheng color. Laoshan mountain Xianfeng show, open Youyuan, Guifushengong. Bada Chu Continental Construction, modeling chic, red roof stone walls, compact Linglong, a Charm; religious buildings unique flavor, the urban Catholic Church, the Laoshan Mountain View Road, Temple Hospital, Nian-Shan Buddhist temple, its architectural modeling different, the atmosphere Solemn, holy Kong Ling; former residence of celebrities and more intensive domestic rare. Folk attractions widely distributed, has a long tradition, a wide range of profound national culture details. Historical heritage sites around the area municipalities, autonomous regions and the more ancient Qingdao solemn, Qingyou elegant. This blend of East and West again, complement each other.

Qingdao Qingdao chief of 730.6 km coastline, from the northern city of St. Jimo, the Laoshan District, Nam, the North City, Sifang District, Lee Chang, Chengyang District, Jiaozhou, Huangdao District , South Jiaonan City, Song Ling. Marine for more twists and turns of Yanan, Haijia with the turn of the Gulf, a total of 49 Gulf. Jiaozhou Bay is the largest in Qingdao City of Shandong Peninsula for most of the Gulf, 32.5 kilometers long from north to south and 28 km wide things, an area of 436 square kilometers, with vessels of Jiaozhou Bay Zhubo the good conditions. Qingdao has many coastal beaches, and many have been opened up to the beach, summer there are many shoals, and some have been developed for Yantian or seafood farms. Qingdao coastal islands have 52, not large area from the land close. Most of the island development and utilization of marine tourism is a party to Xintiandi.


Qingdao climate have distinctive features, and that is: four distinct seasons, summer short winter long without summer heat and winter cold less; moderate rainfall, sufficient heat; Spring Xia more fog, Dong Chunfeng large. Qingdao than the short summer, an average of only 80 days a year, with average summer temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius, the hottest August mean temperature of 25.1 degrees Celsius, due to the impact of marine more cool, is the summer, the infirmary and the best swimming season .