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position: Qinhuangdao City of Hebei Province in north-east, the Bohai Sea is located in the West Bank, part of the center of the Bohai Sea region, north and northeast areas of the transfer of two major economic zones. Liaoning Province, bordering with East, West and the neighboring Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan, South Bin Bohai Sea, north of Chengde, the geographical coordinates of latitude 39 ° 24#39;-40 ° 37 #39;; longitude 118 ° 33#39;-119 ° 51#39;.

Area: total area of 7812.4 points in the square.

population: the total population 2644100.

divisions: administered harbour area, Shanhaiguan, the Beidaihe area, Changli County, Funing Xian, Lu Long County, Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County.

Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province is located in the Northeast, South Bin Bohai Sea, according to North Yanshan, east Liaoning, Beijing and Tianjin near the West. Exempted harbour, Beidaihe, the Shanhaiguan District and the three cities Funing, Changli, Lulong, Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County of four counties. The city is Han, Manchu, Hui, Korean, Mongolian, Zhuang and other ethnic 37, a total area of 7,812 square km, population 2.7 million, of which the urban population of 700,000.

★ ★ long history

Qinhuangdao has a long history, China is the only one named after the name of the emperor because of the city. In 215 BC, the history of China#39;s first emperor Qin Shihuang#39;s 4th East Tour, in the Bi here, and sent people Lu Sheng Yan, Han Fang Shi eventually into the sea Qiuxian, engraved "Jieshi door speech", Qinhuangdao has dedicated its name. Since then, Han Wudi, such as Emperor Wu Wei emperor visited more than 20 clinical Qinhuangdao. 1898, the Qing Emperor Guangxu Yupi its own history the Betterment of Hong Kong to provide the Beidaihe summer resort area for tourism. November 1948, Jian Yu City Council, in March 1949 to Qinhuangdao City. 1984 was approved by the State Council of China#39;s further opening up the coastal port cities.

★ ★ Overview

Qinhuangdao tourism industry has a long history. "Eternal a Dili" emperor in Qiuxian here into the sea, Xiongcaitailue of Emperor Wu Wei has been here Guanchaofushi, Mao Zedong generation of great people here have the look Shuhuai, wrote "Lang Taosha? Beidaihe "immortal poem, Qinhuangdao Mingyangsihai.
Qinhuangdao rich tourism resources, the full range, many fine, outstanding characteristics. After years of development and construction, formed a great wall, the coastal ecological tourism as the main characteristics of the product system. The city has more than 40 tourist destinations, including the Great Wall culture, beach holiday, the pursuit of history, bird-watching tourism, celebrity villas, mountain tourism, marine Popular Science, national geological parks, sports tourism, industrial tourism, and other quality tourist routes and With rich local cultural characteristics of the Shanhaiguan Great Wall Festival, Meng Jiangnv temple, hope the General Assembly, Changli dry red wine festival activities such as tourism festival has favored domestic and foreign tourists.

Qinhuangdao tourist reception ability. Currently, the city has four four-star hotels, 20 three-star hotel, hotel, closed nursing homes, hostels and other units received more than 2000, the total beds 180,000. There are 66 travel agencies. Travel more than 10,000 employees in 10. In recent years, tourism has become a pillar industry in Qinhuangdao City and new economic growth points. 2002, the city#39;s domestic and foreign tourists to receive 8 million passengers breakthrough, 133,000 overseas tourists trips. Tourism revenues reached 4.05 billion yuan of social, tourism foreign exchange earnings 63.72 million U.S. dollars.

★ ★ the economic

Qinhuangdao Industry: Qinhuangdao is an emerging industrial city. After reform and opening up 20 years of development, has formed a solid foundation for a more complete industrial system. Five pillar industries: glass, cement, building materials consisting mainly of new building materials industries to steel, aluminum-based metal rolling industries; fertilizer-based chemical industry; auto parts, railway turnout steel girder steel structure, Electronic products of mechanical and electrical industries; wine, beer, food processing-based food and beverage industry. The major industrial products are over 1,000 kinds. Yaohua Glass Group Corporation, in Tieshan Bridge Group Ltd., Shanhaiguan Shipyard, Bohai Aluminum Co. Ltd., Dai card Wheel Co. Ltd., Sino-Arab Fertilizer Limited, Chia Tai Co. Ltd., Gimhae Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. Peng Thai flour , Swallow safety glass Co., Ltd., Asano Cement Co., Ltd., and so on a number of backbone enterprises of the production scale, technology level in the country with a leadership position in the industry.
Agriculture: Qinhuangdao is a warm sub-continental monsoon climate, the spring dry windy, hot and rainy summer, has obvious Hanshu turn, the annual frost-free period 175-185 days, the average temperature of 10.5 ° c, the average annual rainfall 736.3mm, in light hours 2796 hours, the staple crop growth for breeding. In the basin area of 30 square kilometers in the river are over 48, 100 square kilometers over 23, a greater area of the alluvial plain, in the 10 meters below adequate underground water, adequate water sources. Qinhuangdao area of arable land 293 Mu, Cinnamon mainly brown earth, the total area of arable land accounting for 72.7 percent. Major food crops are maize, rice, wheat, sweet potato, peanut, and so on. Fruit resources are apples, pears, grapes, hawthorn, honey peaches, Chestnut, Walnut, and so on. In the 126.4 km long coastline, six million mu of coastal shoreline and 20 million mu of shallow water for the development of aquaculture provides a unique condition. Aquatic products into the production of sea water fishing, aquaculture and freshwater aquaculture three categories. The city#39;s agricultural population of over 190 million, per capita cultivated land is 1.1 acres.

In recent years, Qinhuangdao full use of both domestic and international markets, as the carrier to construction projects, the implementation of market leader, hotshots, technology-driven, promoting rural economic restructuring, accelerate the pace of industrialization of agriculture , Initially formed a three outcomes: First, with leading industries continue to grow and develop. Has been completed and an annual output value of 500 million yuan more than 10 agricultural industry characteristics, namely chicken, wine grape, grain and oil processing, corn starch, marine fish, sweet potato, pigs, vegetables, livestock, fruits, including eight former industrial output value in super - 1 billion yuan, the former six-scale industries in Hebei Province, among the best. Second, the leading enterprises continue to enhance the size and strength. Has been completed and 10 million yuan in sales income of more than 35 leading enterprises, of which more than nine billion yuan, 10 billion of two (Qinhuangdao Chia Tai Co. Ltd., Li Hua Starch Co., Ltd.), Zhengda, Li Hua, China , And Wang, Ye Li, the collection, Hai Duong agricultural products wholesale market seven companies were named as provincial-level key enterprises. The third is the processing of agricultural products-the goal of the city is taking shape. Currently, the city#39;s agricultural product processing industry output value of the city#39;s total industrial output value accounts for more than one-third. Grain and oil processing capacity of 3.35 million tons, is the city#39;s grain and oil output of more than three times.
commerce industry: Qinhuangdao is China#39;s important port city, is located in the northeast, north of the combination of the two major economic zones of the Bohai Sea economic zone and the middle zone, north China, northeast, northwest region important to the sea. The world-famous Qinhuangdao Port in northern China is not natural siltation Budong port, mainly in energy output,兼营groceries and containers, the annual throughput Guoyi tons, with the world#39;s more than 100 countries and regions to maintain regular trade, ranks among the Chittagong ranks of the world.

★ ★ opening to the outside world

Qinhuangdao City is the first batch of open coastal cities, China#39;s investment environment, "40 excellent" city, "the National Health City", "China#39;s outstanding tourist city" and the "national garden city ", Ports, airports, railways, roads, highways and water, electricity, gas, communications and other infrastructure complete, the hard investment environment improving. Meanwhile, to adapt to the requirements of the World Trade Organization as soon as possible, with international practice, Qinhuangdao City in the investment policies, institution-building measures and services, such as continuous intensify its efforts to vigorously optimize the soft environment for investment. Introduced a "soft on further optimize the investment environment of certain provisions" and other documents; set up the administrative examination and approval center, improve the efficiency and greatly facilitate the investors to set up a special "economic development environment complaint center" and "commitment to social services complaints centre "Administration according to law, strengthen the sense of service, to constantly improve the soft investment environment. So far, more than 40 countries and regions invested enterprises in Qinhuangdao Societe Generale, has approved over 1000 projects utilizing foreign capital, foreign capital actually used over 17 billion U.S. dollars, the introduction of Foreign funds over 100 billion yuan.

★ ★ science, education, culture

Qinhuangdao is a very dynamic development of the city. 2002, the city achieved a GDP of 33.9 billion yuan. The city#39;s education, scientific research career to flourish. A national key university Yanshan University, Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao, such as more than 10 colleges and universities, 50,000 students in the school people. Design and Research Institute with glass, black Metallurgical Mines and Design Institute, the Institute of audio-visual machinery, and other countries subordinates scientific research units, eight, and civilian-run scientific research institutions have developed rapidly.