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Southwest Guizhou Bouyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture peculiar type of landscape, the karst area of widely distributed, R natural scenery and colorful, very rich tourism resources. The province more than 20 provincial-level scenic areas, accounting for 5 here. Peaks Pinnacle, Wei rolling 000 peaks; Guifushengong, Taipa Shilin talent for mud; Furong more research, and the move Xiangpiaosiye embankment lotus; supergraphic when empty, the Galaxy charged nine Maling Valley Falls group; Qingyou show the net, clear water drunk Sancha heart of the lake scenery, and East Lake Wai Lake, West Lake Lubuge, Wan Feng Nanhu Lake, North Lake-Lang River, Lake-Lake, Poem picturesque, it is Liulianwangfan. In addition, the characteristics of a national minority in Guizhou Wedding Customs Museum, Buyi and Miao, and other human landscape even more fascinating.
to odd-known for the different water Xingyi City, is one of the hot land for the development of huge potential. The city#39;s 650,000 population, area of 2,915 square kilometers, is in moderate east Huangguoshu, the South West Lianyun South Shilin, Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou, Guangxi Guilin tourism hotline gold on one of the major cities. Here a long history and a pleasant climate, abundant resources, has always been a place for Yashi Gu Guanren. Now is the capital of Qianxinan Prefecture, is the Nanning-Kunming railway marshalling yard. Xinhua News Agency reported that China#39;s "Second Golden Triangle."
known as "Long ancient, mountain-qi, Shui Ling, Gu United States, must slit, Shi, such as the Ocean Hill, such as the Phoenix Valley, such as stone treasures, such as the Road Gallery, conditions such as hometown, such as climate paradise, Food Culture The Hong Chong "Xingyi City, the unique karst topography, is the hometown of Guizhou Dragon," in Guizhou Dragon "was the scientific community known as" the world a rare scientific discovery, "" Xishizhibao. " Maomao 12,000 years ago-the ancient human fossils, display Xingyi ancient civilization. Is rich in minerals, water, biological, tourism, labor information. Urban seasons like spring, fresh vegetables fruit seasons fragrance, flavor snacks Yu man Quartet, Xingyi City, convenient transportation, electricity abundance of high quality, excellent communications, rich material life, and the investment environment is continually evolving.
Location: Southwest Guizhou Bouyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in southwestern Guizhou Province, the Pearl River water system is a north-south Pan River basin, located in Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi provinces with the Department of the District.
Area: 16,804 square km area
Population: population 2918800 people
administrative divisions: the state exempted Xingyi, Pu#39;an, Qinglong, Xingren, Zhenfeng, Enron, Ceheng, Wangmo Top eight counties and cities and efficiency of economic development zones, 129 townships and towns (75 towns and 54 rural), 2072 Village.
About Us: Qianxinan not only rich tourist resources, but also in Guiyang, Kunming, Guilin, a scenic area in cities such as the three main lines of the Ministry of Tourism, in Southwest China is a considerable potential and prospects for the development of the golden tourist areas, is China#39;s West Tourism is one of the rise of the shining pearl.
landscape: a southwestern Guizhou peculiar peaks, denudation depression, funnel, the Mass Transit Underground River, Fukaya, staggered distribution everywhere, formed a strange and magnificent landscape Qianzibaitai wonders of the cave, including national scenic areas Maling River valley, 000 peaks, the provincial-level scenic spots Lu Buge, Enron strokes embankment, Zhenfeng 3 depleted the river, mud Taipa Shilin and four nature reserves, rich tourism resources unique attractions concentrated. In southwest Guizhou quaint and colorful heritage, the National Customs ancient rich, crafts tourism products rare beautiful, unique and delicious flavor snack, a large number of ethnic minority villages located in Qingshanlvshui, many traditional festivals, unique ethnic cultural performances, Hailed as "the most beautiful on earth scars" and "southwest of the first drift," the state-level scenic spot马岭河峡谷in Xingyi City, is renowned for the "city within the Grand Canyon," Gorge Scenic Area a total length of 74 Km, with an average depth of 100 meters, 80-200 metres wide canyon, the Grand Canyon a total of 100 ranging from the size of the waterfall, our province for tourism planning for the International Tourism Organization Expert Team Mr. Dai Simeng during an inspection tour to Qianxinan Prefecture,马岭河峡谷praise "in Guizhou Province irreplaceable resources." Tianshengqiao Power Station has a high dam built after the formation of southern China, southwest China#39;s largest water storage capacity of the artificial lake - Wanfeng Lake; have a world-class scenic area A Natural and Cultural Heritage 000 peaks, the World Tourism Organization experts praise million peaks " A high degree of harmony between man and nature of the beautiful picture. "马岭河峡谷000 peaks in the middle and lower reaches of things the two sides, divided into Dongfeng Lin, Lin Xifeng two scenic areas; the only display of more than 10 ethnic minorities in Guizhou Plateau marriage customs of Marriage Customs Museum; provincial-level scenic spots of Long strokes embankment, Shili Hawthorn, 18, Ming Tomb, South Ming Dynasty ruins of the four seasons and is planning water garden; Xingyi Maomao-Paleolithic "Xingyi" sites; world#39;s major scientific discoveries rare dragon fossils in Guizhou, Fish fossils, Haibai He fossils; music has been called living fossils of the Buyi "Bayin Block singing"; Zhenfeng Tunxiang by the healing of small paper, it was hailed as Chinese and foreign scholars Eastern countries with ancient civilizations indigenous paper "living fossils ", Is one of China#39;s four great inventions; southwestern Guizhou is the former Kuomintang military and political Minister Mr. He Yingqin, the KMT four of the governor of Guizhou Province (Liu Shi, Liu was unspoken, Yuan Zuming, Li Xiao-yan) to the clothing of the cell (the only warlord Manor) , Has well-preserved; late Ming emperor Zhu exile from Lang of South Ming Dynasty Palace ruins, for the martyrs of the 18 tombs, and Prince Cemetery; during the Eastern Han Dynasty artifacts boutique Tong Juma, money tree, Fuqin pottery figurine, all of Is a rare treasures, had been Xuandiao to Beijing to participate in the essence of Chinese culture exhibition; World War II period, "Stilwell Road" 24 Shui Po,堪称highway construction history of a masterpiece; magical Shuangru peak, the peculiar shape - Jiang Kistler; there are three provincial-level scenic spot Zhenfeng Chahe, Zhenfeng Beipan River Grand Canyon, Lu Buge deep lake, and other attractions as well as colorful, unique ethnic characteristics of the A-class satisfied that the cicadas ethnic villages, fighting Taipa Ethnic villages, South Long Buyiguzhai and rich human landscape.
Qianxinan not only rich tourist resources, but also in Guiyang, Kunming, Guilin, a scenic area in cities such as the three main lines of the Ministry of Tourism, in Southwest China is a considerable potential and prospects for the development of the golden tourist areas, is China#39;s West-tourism One of the shining pearl is on the rise.