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Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province in south-central, east and connected in Qiandongnan Prefecture, southern Guangxi Autonomous Region and adjacent to the West and Anshun City, bordering Qianxinan Prefecture, north the provincial capital Guiyang city. Duyun state jurisdiction, Fuquan City and the Weng#39;an, your set, Lung, Hui water, Changshun, Luodian, Pingtang, Dushan, Libo, the three are 10 counties. 249.5 kilometers long from north to south, things wide 207.6 km with a total area of 26,197 square kilometers. A Han, Buyi and Miao, Shui and Zhuang, Dong, Maonan, Ge Lo, and other 37 people. Total population of 3.7 million people, ethnic minorities accounted for 54 percent. Autonomous Region was established in 1956. Duyun City, the seat of the capital, is the state of political, economic and cultural center, Guizhou is the southern gateway to the sea and southwest of the important channels.
Qiannan Zhou is located in Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to the south-east of Guangxi over the hilly slopes Strip, the terrain northwest, southeast low. An average elevation of 997 meters, with an average temperature of 13.6 ℃ -19.6 ℃. Average rainfall in 1100-1400 mm. No cold winter and summer without Kushu, the same quarter of rain, typical of the warm and humid subtropical monsoon climate. Is conducive to the proliferation of interest-bearing variety of flora and fauna. The state land to the mountains and hills mainly layers deep, moist high content of organic matter. Rich in plants, animals many rich resources, for the development of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries and other planting and breeding industry with superior natural conditions. Chonju existing 189,091 hectares of arable land. Which accounted for 57 percent of paddy fields; Corner 80,549 hectares; grass 745,266 ha of which 666.7 ha (hectares) over pasture 33, has developed Duyun screw shell black goat base, Guizhou Villa-deep water, you will Huanglong Mountain farmers Comprehensive development of animal husbandry projects, Dushan, Lung, grass planting and breeding bases, and other successful test base, the great majority yet to be developed; 994.96 million mu of forest area; Yilin 600 million mu of barren hills; are suitable for agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry Non-production of 3100 million mu of arable land. State more than 1,700 species of wild plants, of which more than 1,000 kinds of medicinal plants. Development is important is the value of Tianma, Eucommia, March 7, Ena incense, Long Dancao, honeysuckle, Rosa roxburghii, such as 58 kinds. More than 400 kinds of wild animals, is a national one, two, three types of rare animals are South China tigers, clouded leopards, monkeys, musk deer, giant salamander (Wawa Yu), pangolins and other species more than 30. 112 kinds of medicinal vertebrates, the pharmaceutical industry is the development of raw materials base. "Guizhou Shenqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." led by dozens of pharmaceutical manufacturers have settled in Qiannan, made good social and economic benefits. Located in the Qiannan Zhou Long Valley, the county town of feet "China Guizhou City" has taken shape. In addition, the state also abounds in tung oil, Sheng Qi, walnuts, mushrooms, edible fungus, and so tou; Qiannan of flue-cured tobacco, black glutinous rice and black rice wine, tea Duyun, you will Yunwu Cha, Cha Weng#39;an Castle Peak, Luodian Long on the big leaf tea, and other renowned at home and abroad. There are "Ngau Tau card" beef jerky, you will kiwifruit juice, konjac fans, Cili drinks, cigarettes Yun Wushan, Jiangfen, Lily flour, Kudingcha and other products in the domestic market share a share. A considerable potential for agricultural and sideline products processing. Qian Nanzhou for the south coast, our proximity to the landlocked hinterland of southwest, the southwestern region is the recent passage into the sea an indispensable part of the land. To Guizhou-Guangxi, and 320,321 of the Zhuzhou railway line, mainly constitutes a convenient transportation network. Near completion of your new (Guiyang - Guangxi new Walled) Highway, is building the line 6 (Hunan Zhuzhou - Guizhou 6) Double Track Railway and the proposed high-fu (Guiyang - Fuzhou), your beads ( Guiyang - Zhuhai) railway and the airport to be built Libo a connected transportation network to accelerate economic development in Qiannan, will play a positive role in promoting. In addition, 12 counties and cities in the state, all opened program-controlled telephones, wireless paging and mobile telephone, the state network, and postal communications together, around the country and the world#39;s major countries. Qiannan Zhou is rich in mineral resources. Has proven a phosphorus, silica, coal, antimony, mercury, gold, zinc, crystal stone, Cat#39;s Eye, marble, diabase, and so on more than 50 species. Of these, zinc, crystal stone, diabase and antimony deposit, the province of the first Habitat reserves. The phosphate rock reserves of more than 1 billion tons, with an average grade of 25% to 30%, is one of China#39;s large phosphate rock mountains. State investment in the construction of over 50 billion Wengfu mineral fertilizer base has begun to take shape, is Asia#39;s largest mineral fertilizer base. Qiannan Zhou staggered rivers, the water system developed. There are over 200 small and medium-sized rivers, the most famous of which are red and have Liujiang River. Major rivers the Yangtze and Pearl River belonging to the two major river systems. The state total output stood 32770000000 M3 /years, the runoff of 76 billion M3, reserves of hydropower resources of 2.1 million Kw, the total installed capacity of 620,000 Kw. Hongshui River, the Liujiang cascade power plants are highly value the development. 1999-state power generation 517.29 million KW /T, with the province Wujiang River, famous throughout the province, such as Tianshengqiao Power Station networking support, adequate supply of electricity, tariff concessions, for the development of industrial and agricultural production and lay a sound base.
Nanshan Ching Feng Qi Qian, beautiful scenery, numerous monuments, national culture has a long, rich folk customs, is very rich in tourism resources. "Libo Maolan National Nature Reserve," set mountains, water, holes, forestry, lakes and waterfalls as one, melting travel, tourism, scientific research study in a furnace, a "unique karst areas on the planet green treasure house" Reputation. From it in monkeys and Long Ditch, Fuquan Sajin Valley, Jiang sector Weng#39;an bridge, and Fuquan ancient Chengyuan, the three have Aquarium style, a representative of the CPC Libo DENG Si-ming, former residence, Duyun 100 of the bridge, Wenfeng Park as the representative of the Bridge City scenery , Villa-depth Qian Yan Zidong, a five River scenic area, you will Rakuhoku river rafting, and other components of the southern line of Guizhou colorful scenery, people visit memorable.
Qiannan Zhou in the national policy guidelines, since 1956, the political, economic, cultural and social changes have taken place in historic. Currently, the state has built phosphorus chemicals, tobacco, medicine, planting and breeding industry, building materials, metallurgy, tourism and other industries as the main pillar of the seven major national economic system. In 1999 the state gross domestic product 9.408 billion yuan, an increase of 7.2%; 992 million yuan of fiscal revenue, up 7 percent; investment in fixed assets total 2.16 billion yuan, down 6.4 percent; total industrial output value of 9.99 billion yuan, an increase of 20.1%; total agricultural output value 5.18 billion yuan, down 3.5 percent from the 96 poverty-stricken population of 82 million people down to the end of 1999 of 294,000 people. Today, people of all ethnic groups are the state work hard in unity, persist in reform and opening up, persist in taking economic construction as the center, firmly grasp the central development of the western region and the Shenzhen counterparts in helping and supporting the opportunity, based on state conditions, strive to open up, Qiannan national economy Will usher in a high-speed development of tomorrow.