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Habitat Qianjiang City of Hubei Province in central-southern hinterland of Jianghan Plain, in flat terrain, is a subtropical monsoon and humid climate, abundant rainfall, a pleasant climate, has always been to "Water Garden" known.
has a long history and splendid culture. Qianjiang is the birthplace of one of the Chu culture, known as "Tianxiadiyi Taiwan," Zhou Chu palace in the town in Longwan. "Longwan sites", is the preservation of our country has found the most complete, Chu Li Gong era of the earliest sites of other community hospital, was designated as the 2001 "top ten archaeological discoveries nationwide." A long history of cultural history not only formed a Qianjiang simplicity of folk customs, and many Evolved excellence. Only the past 100 years, there is a great representative of the CPC Li Hanjun, pioneer of the Revolution of 1911, new China#39;s first Agriculture Minister Li Shucheng, minister of the first money-Ying, a famous playwright Cao Yu#39;s reputation, such as China#39;s outstanding figures.
Qianjiang in Hubei Province in central and southern Taiwan, the Jianghan Plain hinterland, according to the North Han River, south of Yangtze River, known as "Yumizhixiang" and "Water Garden" reputation. By the tourism industry experts as "eco-tourism Water Garden City." Qianjiang East is the mega-cities of Wuhan City, the West is the world-famous tourist city in the Three Gorges hydropower and Jingzhou city, south through the ages of Yueyang House floor, North and Mount Wudang in a Long, the Three Gorges, the three countries, three clear line of travel An indispensable part of the land.
Qianjiang advantage of the ecological environment is very prominent. Qianjiang is the north of the humid subtropical monsoon climate, four distinct seasons, adequate rainfall, known as "living fossils" of Qianjiang dawn redwood forests are the characteristics of tree species, the city#39;s green coverage of 35 percent, the basic form, "city in the forest, forest in the town , "" River in the town, in the River City "with the Water Gardens. Qianjiang City, won several national Plain Green advanced counties and cities, counties and cities nationwide afforestation Park#39;n Shop, the urban environment comprehensive treatment of outstanding cities, such as the Star City glorious title. Qianjiang advantage of the ecological environment in the country unique in Plain City.
Qianjiang major tourist natural resources are "two parks, two lakes, a river, a Jiang." That is, Forest Park, the dawn redwood parks, back to the Bay Lake, Jieliang Lake, Tian Guan River, the Hanjiang River.
Forest Park. Yang City in the Dongcheng District Office, covering 100 hectares, planting a large number Metasequoia, Chi fir, poplar, is leisure, a good place to visit.