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QianDongNanMiaoZuDongZuZiZhiZhou - GuiZhou

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Zip code: 556000

area: more than 30,300 square kilometers

population: the total population of over 400 million

Location: southeast of Guizhou

nation: Miao and Han, Dong, Tujia, Buyi and other 38 ethnic and minority population accounts for 71 percent of the city#39;s total population, including the Miao 61 percent of the total population.

divisions: Kaili City, Shi Bingyin County, from County, Jinping County, Zhenyuan County, Ma Jiangxian, Taiwan County, Tianzhu County, Huang Jinping County, Rongjiang County, Jianhe County, three Sui County, Leishan, Liping county, Cen Gongxian, Danzhai County.

in Libo County in Guizhou in the south, a total area of 273.1 square kilometers, with Zhang on the karst topography of the river and Waterscape Cangmang vast forests as the main body, from Xiaoqi Kong Yuanyang Lake Scenic Spot , The seven holes in Mindanao Palace scenic spot, water Spring River Valley area and Zhang Jiang, such as a belt along the Yangtze River scenery, there are 58 major attractions. FOREST Lanka Si Mau Forest Nature Reserve in the clouds, focus on sectors-connecting the original naturally strong, and ecosystems are relatively stable, is very rich in biological resources. Protected area of more than 2,000 kinds of various biological, of which about 40 new species of plant species, a key state protection of the palm leaves of a plant, the umbrella flowers and trees, the wood, Wong Chi Keteleeria fortunei, South hemlock, pine needles Guangdong, - Fruit trees, short of the Huang Shan, Cui Bo, Sui Hua Shan, and so are the national and provincial key protection of animals are white Xian, the eight-fin-thrush, the Lingmao, Tufted deer, monkeys, small Lingmao, Su Ling, Lin musk deer And so on.


River mountains south of the ups and downs in the primeval forest, growth is a Guibei Zhu, Turtle Cove-hence the name. Turtle Cove Hill connected with the Ye Zhulin, beaten and trees shading Biri, as the cool world. Vine wrapped around the tree forest tree, vine wrapped around the tree, is so far found that the country#39;s largest Yeteng landscape, which Shi Bao wood, stone wood package, it is amazing. There are two nearby lake, called Yuanyang Lake, Hubei and Hunan linked to the water area of about 13 hectares, more than 40 meters deep, Dangzhou Lake, do not have fun. Xiaoqi Kong from Yuanyang Lake area about five kilometers of the seven holes in Mindanao Palace scenic spot, the mountain and a deep valley, the water flow fast and a high of more than 80 metres Tianshengqiao Weiran而立.


the Dong people during the festive season, often in Gulou, Huaqiao gathered to celebrate, or sing a song or speech and drama, or赛Lusheng, or Yingsong guests, Very lively. Gulou, the Dong Feng Yuqiao people skills to the construction techniques renowned the world; Nenggeshanwu the people here. Miao songs sonorous high-spirited, unrestrained passion, known as the "Flying Song." Miao dance movements潇洒, style honest, unrestrained passion; Dongzutaige Dihui euphemism, beautiful lyric, they naturally have no voice choir accompaniment "Dongzudage" from Dongxiangchangdao the whole of China, Changdao France, sing To the whole world… ... here a year more than 300 festivals. Tibetan drum festival, Lu Sheng, climbing festival, the sister festival, eating the new festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, Miao, Dong, clay figurines Festival, wrestling festival, festival-Lin Wang, Song Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Festival-Wang, King Bridge Festival , Married female section……


Qiongjiu difficult to make cultural diversity of Southeast Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture has been the United Nations Protection of the World Taiwanese Cultural Foundation as the world 18 One of the protection of minority cultural circles!

there are many in Qiandongnan Prefecture has a long history and unique heritage Shengjing. Zhenyuan of Yang Zhen, Cen Gongsi intestinal town, the town three Liping Defeng city, has the history of Qiandongnan Prefecture Zhenyuan, think of the state, Liping House resident. Zhenyuan city, is the historical and cultural city, a splendid cultural relics. "Where the scenery of Guizhou, and the first one Dongtian Zhenyuan City." State-level key heritage conservation units Tsing Lung-well-known both at home and abroad. Si Si, the ancient city of intestinal built in the town of Longjiang River, famous for thinking, Shiyan origin to ancient thought, well-known cultural communities, many monuments. Wind Liping the ancient city of Tak town, one of the ancient town of Guizhou, the city-chuen, well, "Springs" said. The city is December 18, 1934 the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau held "Liping of the" club-houses, have held mass rallies中国工农红军venue sites. Story of the late Ming Kangqing generals have asked Tang Qi "Haoqi often of the" Cliff.


Qiandongnan more famous, or his male or insurance, or completion, or You, or online, or qi, standing in the state throughout the territory. Leigongshan in the central mountains, is Miaoling mountain peak, 2178.8 meters above sea level, towering mountains, majestic and broad for the first Qunfeng Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province is now classified as nature reserves. Yuntaishan northwest Shi Bingyin, Guaishi rise, Qifeng utmost, Gu Mu green, Gully幽深, as a state-level scenic spots and places of Wuyang He Attractions. Kerry mountains west of incense, Bili at all, stands, tall and straight dangerous, Xiongqi spectacular, as the peasant uprising of the past fighting bastion, this is the mountaineering section tourist attractions. Congjiang the moon#39;s southern mountains, Kung Ming-shan, Perfect Mount tall, Gangluan ups and downs, Linhai vast, beaten, mysterious and hard.
Qiandongnan rivers and streams, the long-term erosion of cutting, forming many Shenjian Canyon. With the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River-hung, the Lijiang River in Guilin of Wuyang He show, as long as 95 kilometers of the river, there are eight幽深canyon, the two sides Qifeng Sau Ling, Cliff, Qushui close to the mountains, back to peak hold water, plus or minus more than 200 Road Bay, more than 200 beaches, a King Wan Bay, the beaches are interesting, colorful composition of a natural gallery. - An Giang canyon, the two sides steep rock Xiaobi, high-Luan show, monkeys Panzhi jump. Paragraph 33 on the waves, currents fast, choppy; under the surface of a smooth, Shuiguang Lan Ying, with the dark scenery. Long Ao River "show the world of" reputation, along stalagmites, columns, Shek Man Shek Pik Gaoxuan the two sides, or Zachenanpang or standing in the cave-mouth, a different state. 8 cities and counties across the state throughout the Qingshui River, the two sides Pinnacle wins mountain range, lush forest, with its clear Bitou named for the river. Liujiang all, eight boat because the river scenery is beautiful and Liulian in time. Qiandongnan high mountain and water, and pouring down from the cliff on the water, forming large and small waterfalls. Some such as Baichou hoisted, Wang Yao-Gone with the Wind, Congjiang Dragon King Lake three waterfalls, the gap 68 meters. Falls from the top of Yashangfeixie Tan Zhong, a Hong Ran loud noise, sonic booms Valley. Ma River-Lake Falls, about 70 meters high, dry season, Zhuangruoyudai weeping into Tanzhong; flood season, like Baidi linked cliffs, beep Zhentian, spray flying, fog Piaofu.