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QiTaiHe - HeiLongJiang

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Zip Code: 154600

code: 04640

total area: 6,221 square kilometers

population; 834,000

administrative divisions: peach mountain, emerging areas, eggplant River and Bo Lixian

location: Qitaihe City in Heilongjiang Province in the east, the Japanese are willing to upper reaches of the river. Ranked longitude 130 ° to 131 ° 44 #39;, latitude 45 ° 16#39; to 45 ° 37 #39;between the territorial area of 6,221 square kilometers. East and Mishan City, Bao Qingxian border, Yilan County, connected with the West, South and Linkou Xian, Jidong Xian staggered, with the Huanan Xian adjacent to the North.

Qitaihe Qitaihe City is a new industrial city, she just like a bright pearl, and inlaid in the Northeast on the land. She and the vast adjoining the Sanjiang Plain, for the industrial city of Mudanjiang province, the traffic要冲Jiamusi, 460 kilometers from the provincial capital Harbin, and the Russian Federation last point 130 kilometers, rich in mineral resources, for the protection of the four major coal base of development, With gold, graphite, and other resources to be developed. The waters in the region, vast grasslands and fertile land, development and utilization of land resources to be nearly 700 square kilometers, the development of agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and fisheries have great potential, the 17 main rivers, both through the trunk river program is willing to import River Songhua River, Formation reservoir is now 26, Momoyama reservoir storage capacity to 264 million cubic meters, ranking second in the province. The area in a three counties (Boli), the total population of 820,000. For the province and municipalities.

Qitaihe yesterday, was once the cradle of entrepreneurs. Since reform and opening up to the resource advantages of Qitaihe that ushered in the spring of her beautiful, "market-oriented and rely on science and technology, in-depth development and coordinated development," the local economy overall development of the strategic concept  Qitaihe photos , under the guidance of seven Taiwan River businesses have made considerable progress, the state-owned enterprises through reforms, restructuring, transformation and activation of funds, production scale, product mix, management of water entering a new average grade, production and management technology in the process of growth factors markedly improved, Adapt to the market mechanism and operation of modern enterprise management mechanisms achieved initial success, to the coal industry as the mainstay, coal deep-processing, construction, food industry, chemical industry, the service sector and other branches of industry groups for the preliminary formation of the private economy in recent years due to liberal policies Improve the investment environment and a more rapid development, the end of 1996, the city#39;s industrial and agricultural output value 2.23 billion yuan (same price); individual and business income reached 1.54 billion yuan, local economic development become an important pillar at the same time, with #39;s Rapid economic development, urban construction Mianmaoyixin, business and cultural district is prosperous, tourist attractions increased year by year, improved sanitation, education, sports, medical care, transport, post and telecommunications, water supply and drainage and urban and rural public power supply等项Cause significant increase, folk customs and simple, life to live and work, showing one group businesses are flourishing, the prosperity of the people jubilant scenes.

Qitaihe picture CPC Qitaihe city party committee established for the implementation of secondary development strategy, speed up the coal, chemicals, power, "three-city" building and promoting the reform of state enterprises, vigorously develop non-coal industries and non-state-owned The economy, strengthen the basic position of agriculture and the implementation of "science and technology Xingshi" strategy, improve the quality of laborers, the realization of economic system and fundamental change in the mode of economic growth, and strive to achieve 2000 GDP 4 billion yuan, total economic output on a recycling Qitaihe , 2010 before the economic development of the overall strategy. Can be sure that by strengthening the leadership of the way and extensively mobilize the enthusiasm of all aspects and give full play to the wisdom and strength of the broad masses of people, fully tap the economic growth potential, give full play to its advantages in resources,广纳talents and wide-financing, Tai Hing Education, Tai Hing technology, Qitaihe tomorrow will inevitably become more prosperous and thriving. In accordance with the "three favorable" principle, the city will actively adjust the investment structure and improve the strategies introduced to the most preferential policies to encourage Waibu, foreign-invested commercial operations, develop special policies, support the establishment of high-tech, export-oriented enterprises.

Qitaihe Qitaihe city party committee and government hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory, take economic construction as the center and the implementation of the "secondary development, enriching the people Xingshi" strategy, one hand and push forward the reform of state enterprises and strengthening the non-state economy Development, the city set off introduced, opening up and development, vigorously develop the non-state economic boom. And loudly made, depending on investors to God, as referring to the hero, government officials are willing to investors of public servants, for the vast number of investors to provide the best environment, the most preferential policies, the best quality service. Qitaihe industrious and hospitable people warmly welcome people of insight at home and abroad to show this treasure land ambitious. Let us join hands to seize opportunities and make concerted efforts to forge ahead and work together to create brilliant and splendid tomorrow in Qitaihe.