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QiQiHaEr - HeiLongJiang

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Code: 0452

Zip code: 161000

Area: total area: 42,000 square kilometers.

population: more than 500 million population.

divisions: Longsha, Angang Xi, Tiefeng, Jianhua, Fulaerji, Nianzi mountains, Meili Si Daur, Nehe City, Fuyu County, Baiquan County, Gannan Xian, Yi Anxian , Keshan Xian, in Tailai County, Kedong Xian, Longjiang County. Code: 0452

position: Qiqihar city, located 122 to 126 degrees east longitude, latitude 45 to 48 degrees, Songnen Plain in northeast China, Daqing City and east of Suihua area, Baicheng of Jilin Province in the south, the Hulun Buir League of Inner Mongolia Xikao , North and the Heihe River, bordering the Greater Xing#39;an Mountains.

Qiqihar Heilongjiang Province in northeastern China, rich in tourism resources, the distinct features, snow and ice resources堪称most of the country. The province#39;s mountainous terrain and the plains to broadly based, the Greater Xing#39;an Mountains and Xiao Hinggan Mountains are located in the west and north. Woodland area of 190,000 square kilometers, 41.9 percent forest coverage, the vast majority of natural forests, in forest tourism is a good place. Aspect of rivers throughout the province, the provincial water resources of the first Habitat north, Heilongjiang, Songhua River and Wusuli River, the Nenjiang River and Suifenhe five major river systems, Jingpohu, Wudalianchi, and other large rivers and lakes momentum. A unique variety of human resources, folklore, rich people, ethnic minorities history goes back to ancient times. Heilongjiang Province is the Northern Wei Dynasty and the Liao, Jin, the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty. China#39;s minority nationalities since ancient times as the proliferation of interest-bearing areas has been found that 4.2 million years ago the ancestors sites - GaXian Cavity, Tuoba Xianbei ancestors living in the first Old Market sarcophagus. In the very characteristics of ethnic minorities, living in the Hezhe fishing, hunting for the industry to the Oroqen and animal husbandry-based Daur, and so on.

Qiqihar photos Human Geography Heilongjiang special topography and climate conditions in Heilongjiang Province constitutes a simple, primitive, the magic of tourism resources. Harbin, Daqing, Yichun, and so on a number of cities in the northern city with strong characteristics, beautiful mountains and rivers, forests grasslands, wetlands, rivers and lakes to offer eco-tourism. There is also the Northeast Tiger Park, the red-crowned crane habitat, Northern Lights, forests and crater large factories and mines, big agriculture, big oil field, such as engineering, agriculture, and Heilongjiang and Wusuli River in the two boundary rivers of the Russian border and transnational tourism. More tourism resources formed a Bingdengxuediao viewing, skiing for pleasure, hunting expedition, rafting tourism, leisure amp; Wellness, summer care, the environment, historical sites, national conditions and customs, such as the characteristics of cross-border tourism.

Qiqihar picture bird#39;s eye view from a height, in Heilongjiang Province in the mountainous terrain broadly based and plain. Da Hinggan Mountains and Xiao Hinggan Mountains are located in the west and north, south-east of the Changbai Mountain is a part of, including Zhang Guangcai Ling, Lao Yeling and Wandashan. Songnen Plain in southwest from the Songhua River and its tributaries from the alluvial Nenjiang River, located in the eastern part of the Sanjiang-principle by the Heilongjiang, Songhua River and Wusuli River from the alluvial. 2 Plain province are the main agricultural producing areas. Heilongjiang Province at north latitude 43.5 degrees partial north of the northern end of the Han River north latitude and 53 degrees in more locations, so long and cold winter, as long as long as seven months from November to the following day, March for the winter period, the average temperature in Celsius below freezing. In fact, like the Earth#39;s latitude of a temperature scale, the higher the latitude, the lower the temperature. Temperatures also depends on the level of solar radiation ground perspective. In the southern region, the ground around noon direct sun, the temperature soaring, the Han River sunshine angle of about 16 degrees Celsius only, thus day short night long, winter nights can be as long as 18 hours. From early September, the Siberian cold spell will reach the Han River, the temperature dropped significantly. Heilongjiang, Songhuajiang and Nenjiang Trinidad frozen, the Sanjiang Plain, Songnen Plain Xuepiao also Miles, the temperature below minus 10 degrees Celsius where more will appear Dishuichengbing-phenomenon.


conventional tourist routes are: Harbin, the Yabuli ski tourism (winter), Harbin, Daqing, Duer Bo grassland, the Zhalong Crane rural eco-tourism; Harbin, Jingpohu, Suifenhe, Vladivostok on the 9th Tour, Harbin, Wudalianchi, such as travel on the 4th.