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PuTuoQu - ShangHai

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Kevin  Date: 08-13 2008  More Attractions
Putuo District of Shanghai is one of the city centre, the regional area of 54.9 square kilometers, population 830,000, administered 12 streets, three towns, 293 Habitat (Village) Authority. Putuo District of Shanghai land northwest of the main road traffic hub, Shanghai is the road linking the two provinces, one of the important channels, with the Yangtze River Basin to the economic advantages of radiation transport. Shanghai#39;s building of free trade and national ministries, provinces and municipalities and all regions of the more than 300 offices located in Shanghai in the region, with the provinces and cities to facilitate the direct contacts and exchanges.
developed commercial industrial area, Shanghai is the traditional industrial base and new business centre, and material Trade Center; institutions of higher learning gathered, the information industry and private high-tech industry became the Putuo District of features and focus on the development direction of one of the tourism resources Rich, mature residential area planning, improving the quality of life for residents, improved the living conditions of residents and living environment.
According to Shanghai#39;s economic development and overall strategy in the Putuo District of Shanghai building materials trade, commercial office, cultural and entertainment center position, Putuo District will play a strategic location, road transport facilitation, economic and strong radiation, Planning and Construction Room for adequate contrast display of large comprehensive advantages, the development of industries have been developing new industries, to the nation, the Shanghai show to the world, "West hall," the charisma!