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PuTian - FuJian

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Location: at latitude 25.2 #39;-25.46#39;, longitude 118.27 #39;-119. 56#39;, Mountain Mianhai, according to the provincial capital of Fuzhou City North, Northeast and the junction of Fuqing County, northwest and Yongtai County, Dehua adjacent to the southwest and Yongchun County, Nanan County, Hui#39;an County, bordering areas and Li Cheng. Southeast coastal, and across the sea from Taiwan Province

area: the city#39;s land area of about 3,781 square kilometers

Population: 3.23 million population

administrative divisions include: Putian County, Xianyou County, Chengxiang District and the Hanjiang District, the north shore of Meizhou Bay Development Zone, Meizhou Island National Holiday Resort

Zip code: 351100

Putian City in the West Bank of China Pacific coast of the East China Sea, Fujian Province in central coastal Fusha gold coast, 108 kilometers Beiju the provincial capital of Fuzhou, Xiamen Special Economic Zone from the South 190 km, and Taiwan across the sea from the Taichung Harbor only 72 sea miles. Putian City Land area of 4,200 square km, population 2.9 million. In a subtropical monsoon climate and oceans, the annual average temperature 18 ℃ -21 ℃, no cold winter and summer without the heat, four distinct seasons, mild moist.


Putian City Shicheng "Xinghua", has 2000 years of cultural history, Fujian is one of the ancient House, central Fujian since ancient times for political, economic and cultural center. 1983 to formally establish the level of Putian City, Xian Xia Xianyou County, Li Chengqu, Chengxiang, Han Jiang, Xiuyu and Meizhou Island National Tourism Resort.

Putian City has been re-teach Xing Xue, the history of talented people, known as "literature of state", "Zou Lu waterfront," Fitch. After new China was founded, in particular Jianshiyilai, won several national "Athletics villages," "Drama of the villages," "Painting Putian photos Home, "" martial arts village "and so on. Hailed as a living fossil South opera Puxian opera many times Jinjingxianyan, and was invited to Taiwan to perform, Yu man in Beijing and Taiwan.

Putian City R scenery, numerous monuments, is very rich in tourism resources. There are four major Buddhist Fujian jungle and "Top Ten Scenic Area" Millennium is one of the cadres-Huasi; "Fujian Sanjue" one of the Jiuli Hu Scenic Area; key national heritage preservation unit: built in the Tang Dynasty China#39;s architectural art of flower Xuanmiao Guan San Qingdian, water conservancy project Mulan Song Yi, Song-art architectural art and rock carvings of the Buddha relics as one tower; famous Shaolin Temple in southern China; known as "the world does not , China rare "natural Sham Xiuyu Meizhou Bay in Hong Kong harbor; existing domestic Gulou one of the most complete, built in the early Song of peace between the ancient Qiaolou;" Merlin Buddhist country, "Mei Feng Temple," clean Shan Fang Shi "folder festival thatched cottage, the magnificent scenery of the beginning of Ninghai, clouds of smoke wind around the sarcophagus, tree-strange and surprising of Wing Hing Yan Zi Xiao Yan, elegant solemnity of the East Gate Shifang, fantasy Millions of Dongshan Xiao-xu .. .... These pieces of land area is like a microcosm of the art of carved and embellished in Putian between the rivers and mountains.

Putian is the sea goddess Matsu#39;s hometown of peace, on Meizhou Island in the Tin Hau Temple in Meizhou is the world#39;s more than 20 countries and regions over 1500 at the Matsu Temple Gongmiao, with more than 200 million followers , Only Taiwan has more than 800 temples, with more than 14 million followers. Meizhou Island to the mainland is Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese largest, most concentrated in one place. The natural landscape on the island Junxiu Putian picture more funding, Teana the ring for the Lantau Chao Yin Mei, Guifushengong the Qifengyishi, an oasis in a golden beach, reviewed thousands of domain-green promenade,堪称tourist destination. Meizhou Island in 1992 by the State Council as a state-level tourist resort.

Jiuli Hu, also of nature given to the city of Putian, a major Shengjing. Jiuli Hu in Xianyou County, about 25 kilometers Dongbei Yu-shan of the top 000, here to the lake, Tung, waterfall, 40-odd known, particularly for the most Feibao, has since "Carp Lake Feibao singular world." Fitch. Ming Xu Xiake of the largest travel home with the Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Yuhua Tung said, "Sanjue." Legend has it Han Wudi, a Ho nine brothers in this Liandan, after the inter-Lei Shengxian, Jiuli Hu hence its name. Local also spread a lot of 9 cents on Ho and historic Shannanxinnv to come here and "Aw Dream" story. Jiuli Hu dangqen Yang Tsui, is a beautiful natural lake, surrounded verdant forests, spring-Huguangshanse of both Lin-sheng, is breathtaking. Within the area in the mountains around the Cliff that moment, this is history Wenrenmoke look after the left-Exploring the poems.

the Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan Province and the echoes of the southern Shaolin Temple in Putian City, Lin confirmed the site of the demonstration, it is China#39;s martial arts, Buddhism and archaeological circles in recent years the major achievements of archaeological research. April 25, 1992, approved by the Fujian Provincial People#39;s Government, the Great Hall of the People in Beijing Putian city government held a news conference. Solemnly declare the reconstruction of the South Shaolin Temple envisaged by the Party and state leaders, experts and more than 120 Chinese and foreign reporters highly valued. South Shaolin Temple in Putian site about 18 kilometers northwest of the Jiulian Hill. Over the past few years through various efforts, South Shaolin Temple site redevelopment project has been completed. Inlaid with Mr. Zhao Puchu wrote the "South Shaolin" huge Church of the gate, and the Main Hall, Wang Dianwu days of Hall, Exhibition Hall, reception hall, car parks, and other major facilities have been opening to the outside world.

Putian City Corporation rich, prosperous fishing industry, is the famous "Yumizhixiang", abounds in rice, sugar cane, peanuts, jute and tea, where the lychee and longan, loquat, seedless pomelo is the four were Chimingzhongwai Fruit. There are eel, shrimp, Ma Jiaoyu, Barracuda, sturgeon, razor clam, sea oyster, seaweed and other marine products Yinyu characteristics both at home and abroad, favored by tourists.

Putian City Road traffic is very convenient, 324 National Road, Fuxia seven national highways and secondary roads, a "three vertical and three horizontal" in the framework of the main highways, 2,841 km of公路总里程. Sea transport is also very developed, the existing Xiuyu, three Jiangkou, Feng Ting, Meizhou, Southern Japan, and other ports. Xiuyu Meizhou Bay in Hong Kong for a port state, and the world 15 countries and regions have cargo exchanges. Taiwan 3,000 tons Meizhou Island Ferry Terminal has been officially opened.