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Shanghai Pudong New Area is located east of the Huangpu River, Yangtze River Estuary, west of a triangle area, located in the mid-point of China#39;s coastline and长江入海口the Interchange, the Pudong New Area area of 556 square kilometers, the region of 2.6 million resident population, population 180 household registration 000, the floating population 800,000. Household Registration natural population growth rate stable at -1%. The people#39;s living conditions and improve the quality of life, urban per-capita living area of 16 square meters per capita life expectancy of 78.5 years of age. As the history of the Huangpu Jiang Liangan no communication bridges and tunnels, although the bustling Pudong Shanghai Bund, Nanjing Road#39;s only one which is separated from, but economic development lags far behind the old urban area of Shanghai.
level of social security, urban social insurance rate reached 100 percent, rural social insurance was 92 percent of the registered urban unemployment rate at 4%. City to expand the area of 130 square kilometers. Public green area per capita reached 17 square meters.
1990年4 on 18, the Chinese government declared that the development and opening up of Pudong, Shanghai, the Pudong Development proposed to open as a leader, to further open up cities along the Yangtze River as soon as possible, the Shanghai into an international economic, financial and trade center, led the Yangtze River Delta And the entire Yangtze River Valley region for a new leap in the economy. Shanghai Pudong Development for the development and opening-up provided a historic opportunity. After more than 10 years to develop and open up Pudong high-speed economic development, urban amazing changes have taken place in the Pudong New Area, Shanghai has become the new high-tech industries and modern industrial base, Shanghai became a new economic growth point, China#39;s reform and opening up the 1990s the focus and Signs. Pudong, Shanghai, relying on long-term accumulation of economic and social and cultural foundation, Shanghai enjoys a unique geographical advantage, transport advantages, personnel and industrial advantages, the first to benefit from reform and opening up the first effect, and Zhengtongrenhuo social environment, the people at home and abroad Call: "China#39;s economy entered the door, the golden key to open the Chinese market, linking China with the world economy as a bridge."
the decade beginning of the new century, Shanghai Huangpu Jiang Liangan will fully promote the comprehensive development projects, high-quality to meet the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, International Data Bu to build a central city. River development of the Pudong development since 1990 of another century of work on the development of shoreline from Xuputaiqiao extending to the Wusong mouth, a total length of 85 km, covering 73 square kilometers, Pudong New Area, accounting for 50 percent more than 2010 Shanghai World Expo Site area of 400 hectares, of which 260 hectares in the Pudong New Area, accounting for 65 percent, holds an important position.