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PingXiang - JiangXi

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Hailey  Date: 07-14 2008  More Attractions
Code: 0799

Zip code: 337000

position: located in Jiangxi, Hunan junction, adjacent to Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, docking long-Fujian, Jiangxi, is opening the door of the West

Population: 1.8 million

Area: 3,827 square kilometers

divisions: exemptions on the chestnut, Luxi, Lotus and Anyuan County, three, two and eastern Hunan Economic Development Zone, Pingxiang

Pingxiang in Jiangxi province west, is a 1,700 years of history of the ancient city of culture, Provincial-level exemptions to the city. Pingxiang is the source of China#39;s labor movement and the Autumn Harvest Uprising source, is an important industrial base in Jiangxi Province, Su said, "Jiangnan coal are" galaxy of talent, hailed as Jiangxi cultural bastion of the West.
Pingxiang beautiful natural scenery, numerous human landscape. Gangnam, one of the three major powers Shan mountains, magnificent scenery, unique alpine meadow is charming; Buddhist mountain resort Yang Qi of China#39;s Buddhist 5 7 in the birthplace of Yang Qi, one of the "underground art gallery" justice Longdong known as "the world No. Hole "is also available in Confucius Temple, Hoshakuji, Wang Longdong, and many other sites, all visitors feast for the eyes, Liulian in time.