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PingLiang - GanSu

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Location: Pingliang in the eastern part of Gansu, Shaanxi, Gansu and three provinces in Nanjing district Interchange. East of Xianyang in Shaanxi, Gansu Dingxi with the West, silver, south of Baoji in Shaanxi, Gansu Tianshui, North and Guyuan of Ningxia, Gansu Qingyang adjacent. .

Area: total area of 11,140 square kilometers.

population: more than 200 million population.

Administrative Region of: Xianxia six counties and one city.

Huang Pingliang this land, the greater odds of Hope, has emerged in many Wentao Wu slightly, shines through the annals of the Governor Toshihiko Chester. China#39;s history, one of the 10 doctors, the originator of the Chinese acupuncture, the world#39;s cultural celebrities, the Eastern Jin Dynasty famous historians, philosophers, writers, medical scientists Huang Fumi; Tang Dynasty famous politicians, writers, had a third term Jie Du, the two As prime minister of the cattle Monk Confucianism, and Yue Fei during the Southern Song Dynasty famous of the famous anti-king, Wu P, Liu Qi, the Ming Dynasty, "Jiajing only one of eight" Zhao Chun; famous modern painter Wang if the South-of-yun, Lu was a vegetarian, such as Liu Fang-ming , Was born, grew up in Pingliang.


Pingliang "When the mouth of Long Hill, Ju risk Liupan Mountain," has always been the stronghold of eastern Gansu, is indisputable and military strategists. Cutting of Zhouwen Wang, Qin, Wong, Hanwuxunxing, general Mengtian journey festival, according to Ma Chao and stability of the city, famous Yuchi Gong, Jing Guo Ziyi across the state, the main summer Helian for Chen Di, the Northern Zhou Dynasty and the rise of the famous Yu Wentai "Tang fan of the AU," Mr Tang King Sukjong rehabilitation of the insurgency, have occurred in Pingliang. Lin Zexu, Zuo Zongtang, Tan Sitong and Feng Yuxiang, and other modern patriots, also left a Pingliang Hehe performance. October 1935, Mao Zedong led the Pingliang中国工农红军Fuyan An open base, the more the history of Pingliang added a glorious chapter of the chapter.


in a long historical and cultural origins and influence of the long nurtured the Jinghe River, Pingliang have formed a culture of the region#39;s characteristics, namely, A Yang culture, Kong Dong culture, Western culture of the Queen Mother, Shangzhouwenhua, Rui Ju culture, the Qin and Han culture, Bauhinia culture.


Pingliang mountains Yuxiu, unique scenery and the natural ecological landscape and landscape the length and breadth of human history, Xiangying Shenghui, is very rich in tourism resources. Iso9001 the city has an international quality management system and iso14001 quality management system certification area a double, 4 a national level and 2 a class scenic area three, national, provincial forest parks and gardens more than 10 Park Service.


well-known scenic spots at home and abroad of the main attractions are: the first world Taoist mountain - State aaaa-class tourist destinations Kong Dong Shan, the Queen Mother of the first world Palace - Jing-Shan Wang Mugong back , The first human Kaiyuan city - the birthplace of Fuxi Jingning-old Ji, China#39;s first festival of Hope - Zhouwen Wang built by the cutting of Guling Taiwan, Qin, Han Yan Emperor worship, the Huating Dili two yellow lotus Taiwan, Gansu East famous landscape gardens Liu Hu, the "Silk Road" and "sister Cave," "Two-Pearl", one of the South Temple Grottoes, Longdong "natural bonsai" Shung Shun Longquan Temple, and Long Hidden Temple, Zijing Shan, the Ming Dynasty pagoda, Huangfu Mi Lingtai and Western Zhou Dynasty, the tomb cattle Monk Confucianism, and other scenic spots and cultural relics, Zhuanglang terraced fields, such as reforestation of the Jinghe River ecological construction is Wenmingquanguo. Pingliang - The "Silk Road" Tourism online gold pearl, are increasingly emitted dazzling glory.